Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 2


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One of the seven lords of the demon realm: Mo Jiu Shao, bearer of malign ‘pride’, looks that can overturn the world, unparalleled elegance, on the surface he looks pure and pristine, but in fact he is cunning and treacherous, shrewd to his core, and his intelligence is beyond one’s imaginations. But at the same time he despises human nature. He likes pushing people into the endless abyss with the gentlest means, and enjoys the desperate looks of those who had suffered betrayal at the point of their death.


Chu Mu Yun’s memory is exceptional, he won’t forget anything he’s seen, for such a thing that he himself wrote, he definitely would not forget.

Therefore he understood the sick interests of this beauty in front of him all too well.

Mo Jiu Shan leaned down, his black hair draped down, followed the faint scent of fragrance was the tenderness in his eyes reminiscent of a pool of water:”Don’t be afraid, I share a friendly relationship with your father, I am very sorry that such a thing has happened, but it was unfortunate that I had come too late, and did not get to save them, but fortunately they risked their lives to protect you……”

Chu Mu Yun listened attentively as he lied without even blinking.

Mu Jiu Shao’s fingers are long and pale, his sleeves lined with a pale blue looked as good as the pearls in the deep sea, he gently stroked this wolfish young man’s forehead, and continued:”Return with me, I will help you find the person who did this, how does that sound?”

Chu Mu Yun watched him with unblinking eyes, he had only opened his mouth after a long while, and weakly spat out a word:”……Okay.”

He was most clear about the son he had written himself, if he did not accept now, in the next moment his corpse would have to be separated, you should go wherever you should go, why is there any need to bring contempt upon yourself? Mo Jiu Shao could already be considered to be quite good, at any rate at least he would gently carry you to heaven before throwing you into hell.

Although he would die an even worse death if he fell in such a way, but this does not have a large connection with him, just wait until he left this place, he will definitely stay far away from this pervert, he will have nothing to do with him, and naturally nothing would follow after.

Although Chu Mu Yun felt very surprised as to why he would be sent to this world, but one should take things as they come, besides he was a single man free of all constraints, it was the same wherever he ended up living in.

When he heard his reply, a shallow smile spilled out from the corners of Mo Jiu Shao’s mouth, his pale hands reached out towards him.

His intention was to pull him up, when Chu Mu Yun lifted up his hands, only now did he realize that his hands were pitifully small, smudged with black and there was even some blood stained on his hands, compared to Mo Jiu Shao’s hand, the difference was like the bright moon and dirt, a difference of heaven and earth, as if anything he touched would become corrupted.

Chu Mu Yun paused for a moment.

However Mo Jiu Shao had wrapped his hand around his palm in the next moment.

A faintly hot sensation, warm like a piece of top-quality jade, delicate and smooth, and it seemed to keep one attracted to his grasp……

With some force, Mo Jiu Shao had carried his entire being into his embrace, the tangy fragrance wafted over, and the refreshing smell covered up the smell of blood, burning, and rotting in the vicinity, creating their own little universe, and it made the stiff body unable to resist relaxing.

Mo Jiu Shao came closer to the side of his ear, and whispered:”Your leg is injured, I will carry you for now, and I will treat you when we return.”

Chu Mu Yun’s pupils were filled with confusion, with some uneasiness he nervously replied:”Okay.”

His timid appearance made the smile in the corner of Mo Jiu Shao’s mouth even deeper, he gave him a pat on his frail back, and warmly said:”Close your eyes and rest for now, don’t be afraid, from now on I am here, nobody will bully you.”


Chu Mu Yun rested obediently on his shoulder, but after their eyes inadvertently met, those nervous and confused eyes turned dark in an instant, inside them were a field of coldness.

Just at the moment when Mo Jiu Shao had touched him, a beep abruptly sounded out in his mind, followed by an electronic voice that did not contain any warmth:”Locking onto the target, please collect information as soon as possible, complete the task.”

If an ordinary person had heard this voice they would’ve had their wits scared out of them, but Chun Mu Yun remained calm, on one hand he had an extraordinary disposition, and on the other he was already all too clear about Mo Jiu Shao’s person, this man seemed gentle on the surface, but if you were to make any mistakes in front of him, I am afraid that the consequences would be disastrous.

He had many doubts in his heart, but he endured it and refrained from asking, he only quietly leaned on Mo Jiu Shao’s body, and pondered about the current situation.

This place is the 《Demon Realm》, the man holding him is Mo Jiu Shao, but Chu Mu Yun can ascertain that he had never written this scenario, and that could only mean that this is the prequel to the ‘plot’. Based on his understanding of Mo Jiu Shao, it was quite common for him to wipe out an entire family, killing hundreds of people before kindly adopting an orphan, was one of the ways where he can satisfy his sick interests even more.

Originally Chu Mu Yun’s plan was to wait until he could leave this place before finding a way to stay far away from Mo Jiu Shao, but when he heard the noise in his mind, he guessed that things may not have been as simple as it seemed.


Mo Jiu Shao is one of the seven lords of the demon realm, he had exceptional abilities, but in the blink of an eye he had returned to the Temple of the Demon Lord situated atop the Thousand Phoenix Peak.

Similar to his being, the grand palace is located a wreath of a sea of clouds, with stairs of white jade, green jade as beams, fluttery like a paradise, not at all like something from the demon realm.

He walked in while carrying Chu Mu Yun, the head of his personal guards saluted him respectfully:”My lord.”

Mo Jiu Shao only gave him a faint response.

Chu Mu Yun pondered for a moment, and felt that it is appropriate to show some surprise, and so he lifted his head, and asked uneasily:”Lord?”

Mo Jiu Shao looked at him gently:”Would you be willing to call me father?”

Chu Mu Yun paused for a moment, what makes him hesitant is: The hierarchy is a bit of a mess, theoretically speaking, I should be your father.

But obviously Mo Jiu Shao would not think so, he caressed his back patiently, and with a warm voice he said:”There is no hurry, you have just lost both your parents, and rather for me to have mentioned this I have made you sad instead.”

If you really want to avoid making other people sad can you not wipe out people’s families? Although he complained in his heart, a grieving look remained on Chu Mu Yun’s face, and his eyelids drooped down desolately.

Mo Jiu Shao lightly sighed, then pressed him to his embrace once more.

Chu Mu Yun looked at the pale neck in front of him, and a sense of regret unexpectedly appeared, Mo Jiu Shao’s appearance is completely in line with his favourite type, if not for his terrible character, he really did not mind having a go at things with him.

It’s too bad that right now……thinking about this person’s disposition, he could only sigh in his heart: If he had only known that he would transmigrate into this book one day, he should’ve just set Mo Jiu Shao up to leave the man to his death.

As the thought flashed through his mind, that cold electronic voice appeared again, and in a monotone voice it spat out two words:”He he.”

Chu Mu Yun raised his eyebrows, but as usual he endured it, and did not open his mouth.

Mo Jiu Shao arranged a place for him to stay in the side hall, he cared for him restlessly for three whole days, and personally treated the injuries of his two legs, accompanied him as he ate, and coaxed him to sleep, his gentle and caring look is enough for anyone to let their guard down, and genuinely trust, rely, and even covet him.

This body of Chu Mu Yun’s is only about eleven or twelve years in age, and he was a pampered young master, for his entire family to suddenly be killed, he could only feel as if the sky had collapsed, and yearn for death. For Mo Jiu Shao to bring him back, and give him such care, and bringing him up, if it were the original owner, at any moment he would probably be dead set on regarding Mo Jiu Shao as his saviour from then on, and let matters drift, but he is afraid that he would have fallen completely to the villain’s palms within a few years, at that time…… Mo Jiu Shao will be able to have his fun.

Unfortunately this core had been changed.


Actually during Chu Mu Yun had been able to pass these three days quite comfortably, Mo Jiu Shao was born overly beautiful, and he especially liked to put on a façade of purity like that of a celestial being, and displayed it to Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, his every move was an attempt to lure him, fortunately this body is has not matured yet, if not he would have to find a way to quench his fire.

On the fourth day, Chu Mu Yun’s legs has fundamentally recovered, and Mo Jiu Shao was not an idler, to take off three days of his time for a mere toy is already considered to be pretty good, and the matter of nurturing him was not something that can be done just by sticking to him blindly, you had to show some distance by switching between going near and far, only by showing some reluctance can you grasp the core of one’s heart.

Mo Jiu Shao finally left, and Chu Mu Yun was truly able to breathe a sigh of relief.

He had been acting for three days, he almost started to treat himself as a genuine pitiful little white flower.

When the dangerous character left, he relaxed his nerves, and his black pupils suddenly became fierce, the soft juvenile voice brought a hint of lingering cold:”Who are you?”

There was nobody in the room, he was speaking to the voice in his mind.

The electronic voice sounded out stiffly once more:”You can call me Zero.”

Chu Mu Yun narrowed his eyes:”You’re the one who brought me to this world?”

“You could say that.”

“What is your purpose for doing so?”

“To have all the seven lords of the demon realm fall in love with you.”

Hearing this, Chu Mu Yun was also slightly startled, he felt that this was way too ridiculous:”And if I refuse?”

Zero was not surprised by this:”You do not wish to return to your original world, nor do you fear death, so if you are to refuse, you will experience the tragic deaths under these seven men one by one.”

Chu Mu Yun’s face darkened, this damn thing actually understood him so well.

But he never liked being chained down by anyone:”Nobody can force me to do what I am unwilling to.”

Zero was indeed very clear about his temperament:”If you can complete the task, you will obtain the object of your desires.”

Chu Mu Yun laughed:”How would you know what I’m wishing for?”

Zero paused for a moment, and mechanically replied:”You know.”

The words without feeling nor undulation had caused Chu Mu Yun to ponder deeply about it instead.

The object of his desires……indeed there was something he really wants……the thing that he has desired as far as he can remember……

After being silent for a long while, Chu Mu Yun finally opened his mouth, and responded,”……Deal.”

It was regrettable that there was possibly no one else in this world who understood those seven madmen as well as Chu Mu Yun did, after all, he created them, it is not at all hard for him to butter them up.

The only thing giving Chu Mu Yun a headache is the fact that when he was designing them, he had slightly substituted them with himself, so although Chu Mu Yun is born with such beautiful looks, it is a shame that he is a proper top, if he had really gotten on top of him, don’t even mention falling in love, he reckons that his corpse would probably be separated five ways in the next moment.

And so……if he had known earlier that he would be transmigrated, he would’ve written them as little fairies who wished to be fucked every day.

This is truly regretful!


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