My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 — Bought It All

At 5:55, Mu Xiaoya turned off the computer and came to the coffee bar outside, waiting for Bai Chuan while making coffee.

Since moving here, she always calculated the time of when Bai Chuan would arrive here at almost all of her working days, made a cup of coffee in advance, sit in front of the window while waiting for Bai Chuan to knock on the glass.

They didn’t know how they got into this habit; Bai Chuan won’t enter the door first after he got off the car, instead, he had to knock on the window before entering.

He’s coming.

A taxi was parked under the steps, Bai Chuan, who was wearing a black down-jacket, came down from the car, his bright eyes immediately fell unto Mu Xiaoya in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. At this moment, Bai Chuan would always smile subconsciously, and then quickly walked over and tapped the glass gently to announce his arrival.

After Bai Chuan came in, Mu Xiaoya handed him the coffee that she had brewed earlier.

“Take a sip, warm up.”

“I’m not cold.” Although the mouth said that he wasn’t cold, but of course he has to drink the coffee brewed by his wife.

“Are you tired from work today?” Xiaoya asked with concern.

“Not tired.” Bai Chuan shook his head, “What do you want to tell me?” Bai Chuan cared more about what Mu Xiaoya wanted to tell him than work.

“It’s nothing, actually.” Mu Xiaoya paused, and finally said after organizing her words, “I have a matter, hesitated for two days, and I still don’t know whether I should give it up or not, so I want you to help me and give some advice.”

“Don’t give it up.” Just after Mu Xiaoya’s words fell, Bai Chuan immediately gave his opinion.

Mu Xiaoya blanked for a while, “You still don’t know what matter it is ah.”

“You still haven’t decide anything after two days of hesitation, that must be because you actually don’t want to give it up ah.” Bai Chuan said as a matter of course.

“But… if this happened, there might be serious consequences.” Mu Xiaoya wanted to tell Bai Chuan about all of her concerns, but she didn’t know what to say about her illness. She had an unexpected genetic disease, even her mother didn’t realize that there was such a disease in her family, because when she went to the hospital for examination, all her physical signs were normal. Under this kind of circumstances, even if she didn’t plan to hide it, saying she’s sick, who would believe her? [T/N: her family usually has mild symptoms of this genetic disease, while Xiaoya, as we know it, has the serious symptoms, so her mother also doesn’t know that this genetic, hereditary disease can get serious like Xiaoya.]

“Don’t be afraid, I’m with you.” This sentence ‘I’m with you’, Bai Chuan didn’t even said it with genuine concern, his tone was plain, as if asking Mu Xiaoya what to eat tonight. But Mu Xiaoya knew that every sentence that Bai Chuan said to her was a sincere commitment.

“What if… you have to deal with this alone?” Mu Xiaoya asked.

“Okay.” Without much hesitation, he wasn’t even clear what the matter was, but for Bai Chuan, as long as Mu Xiaoya wished, he would definitely agree to all of them.

“What are you saying? You can say that it’s okay if you can handle it.” Mu Xiaoya can’t help but laugh, she sometimes envied Bai Chuan, she didn’t have to think about the future and only simply live in the moment.

Perhaps, she should learn to become like Bai Chuan and not worrying about those uncertain futures.

She likes children, so because of that, she can’t just give them up. If it weren’t for her hereditary disease that would definitely come in due time, Mu Xiaoya felt that she would definitely have more children with Bai Chuan. She can even foresee how those mischievous children would continue to mess up Bai Chuan’s study, and Bai Chuan who has OCD would keep on tidying up the study in vain, and finally, his face would turn red in anger, at a loss of what he should do. Maybe after a few years, Bai Chuan’s OCD may even be cured without medicine ah.

“Then I won’t give it up, I’ll just let it happen naturally.” Mu Xiaoya decided.

If there’s a child, she will let it be, and if there’s no child, then everything will stay the same.  The only thing that Mu Xiaoya felt fortunate was that her genetic disease was really rare, practically an atavism, so even if she had the disease, it would be unlikely for her children to inherit it.

“En.” Mu Xiaoya’s mood became better, and Bai Chuan also brightened up.

The two person left the studio and went home together. When they arrived at the neighborhood, light snow suddenly began to fell down the sky. Mu Xiaoya who had relieved the knot in her heart, reached out with joy and wanted to catch a snowflake or two in her palm.

“There’s heat in your hands, you can’t hold it.” Bai Chuan reminded.

“I know, I just like the feeling when the snow fell down on my hands, it was so cool, very comfortable.” Mu Xiaoya said.

Bai Chuan nodded thoughtfully and then stopped his steps, standing quietly while waiting at the side for her. He looked at Mu Xiaoya with her head up, happily circling in the snow, slowly evoking some memories from long ago.

“It’s snowing, it’s snowing!” Little Xiaoya looked like a little snowball as she picked up a few snowflakes floating in the air and then stuck it on the face of the ignorant little boy. Shocked by the sudden cold, the little boy woke up from his own world, staring blankly at the little girl in front of him.

“Brother Bai Chuan, you woke up!” Little Xiaoya saw that the little boy wasn’t in a daze anymore, she then pulled him from under the eaves into the snow, but then a voluminous snow fell down on the boy’s head all of a sudden.

“It’s cold, doesn’t it seem like the snowflakes are kissing our faces?”

At that time, Bai Chuan’s perception of the outside world was still very vague, so he couldn’t understand the meaning of ‘kiss’, but now Bai Chuan understood. He looked up at Mu Xiaoya who was letting the snow fell on her face, and suddenly, he leaned in and kissed those pair of enticing red lips.

Mu Xiaoya, who was suddenly kissed, widened her eyes in surprise, but she very quickly sunk inside this intimacy as she was used to his kisses in each passing day.

“Xiao Chuan…” Mu Xiaoya felt that Bai Chuan’s kiss this time was somewhat different from the past. The man’s chin was pressing against her shoulder, gasping in a rugged breath, while his taut arms firmly circled her waist.

“I’m just gonna hold for a while, don’t push me away.” Bai Chuan said in a hurry, his tone was full of self-reproach. “I don’t know what happened to me recently, I always want that.”

That… what’s ‘that’?

“I know you’re not willing, but don’t push me away, okay? I haven’t slept well these past two days.” Bai Chuan said with a bit of grieve, “We can just hug like before.”

This is…

Mu Xiaoya didn’t know if she wanted to cry or laugh, her cheeks were gradually reddened by the hot breaths from Bai Chuan. In love matter, a man’s self-control was always weaker than a woman’s, let alone Bai Chuan who only had one taste for the first time ever, but… it’s not that she didn’t want to, it’s just that she was really in a bad mood because she was worried about the matter of pregnancy.

“It’s not that you can’t…” Mu Xiaoya knew that Bai Chuan was afraid of being rejected by her, so she had to take the initiative now.


“We have to buy something before we can do that…” Mu Xiaoya nearly pasted herself to Bai Chuan’s ears when she whispered this, although it was almost dark, but it nevertheless was still outside ah.

“What thing?! I’ll go and buy them!” Bai Chuan asked excitedly, his face glowing like never before. It turns out Xiaoya doesn’t dislike doing that with me, but it’s because I didn’t prepare the things.

At the 24 hour convenience store on the side entrance of the residential district.

Mu Xiaoya stood at the door and let Bai Chuan entered alone.

The clerk was a little teenager in his twenties, tall and thin. When he saw Bai Chuan coming in, he greeted him enthusiastically, “Handsome brother, what do you want to buy?”

Bai Chuan walked straight to the cash register and looked at those circle things on the shelf, hesitating which one to take.

“Oh~~” The clerk followed Bai Chuan’s line of sight, and suddenly, as if they have a tacit understanding, he sent out an ambiguous sound. They’re all men ah, and there were no people in the shop, so the younger brother promoted fervently, “Handsome brother, these models are good oh, what size do you want?”

“Size?!” Bai Chuan froze, Xiaoya didn’t say anything about size ah.

“Yes, big or medium?” The small ones won’t be chosen ah, after all, no man will admit that he has a small size.

Bai Chuan was at a loss for a moment, he really didn’t know what size was suitable for him ah, after all, he only heard about this for the first time. He hesitated and glanced at the door, thinking about whether to go out and ask Xiaoya.

“What are you looking at?” When the clerk saw Bai Chuan not answering and just glancing at the door, he also looked curiously. Right at this moment, they met with Mu Xiaoya’s eyes who was probing inside with a guilty conscience.

All of a sudden, the expression in the little clerk’s eyes became even more ambiguous.

When Mu Xiaoya saw that she had been found, her face immediately became so hot. However, she had already been found ah, it made no sense to hide anymore. Mu Xiaoya froze her face, and then walked in fearlessly.

“Have you bought it?” She saw Bai Chuan looking out the door just now, so she thought that he must have encountered some difficulties.

“I don’t know which size I should buy.” Bai Chuan asked for help.

Seeing Bai Chuan answering like this, the little clerk looked at Bai Chuan with a shocked expression as if he was looking at a fool, how can such words be said to his girlfriend ah?

Mu Xiaoya didn’t like how the clerk looked at Bai Chuan, she frowned and grabbed all the TTs on the counter and said in an extremely domineering tone, “They’re all the same, we’ll slowly try them later.” [TT: c0nd0m]

“…” The little clerk had never seen such a bold move, furthermore, it came from a woman ah, he can’t help but be stunned for a while.

“Settle the bill ah.” Mu Xiaoya urged with displeasure.

“O-oh…” Little clerk hastily returned to his senses, used the machine to scan the code and packed them up.

After paying the money, she received the shopping bag. She was greeted by the little clerk’s shocked expression. Mu Xiaoya decided to just put a thick face and said, “What are you looking at? You haven’t seen anyone buying TT for the first time?!”

After saying this, Mu Xiaoya dragged Bai Chuan to walk out the door. After making sure the little clerk couldn’t see them anymore, Mu Xiaoya stomped on the snow from embarrassment, she really couldn’t believe what she had said in the convenience store just now.

“AAAAA!!! I won’t go to this store again in the future! Ever!!”

The next morning.

Mu Xiaoya looked at the packing bag scattered on the carpet beside the bed, recalling how Bai Chuan tried one size after the other last night, she can’t help but sighed: ‘Sometimes, doing things seriously isn’t necessarily a good thing.

She got up, squatted barefoot, and then picked up the things on the carpet. When she was about to throw them away, Bai Chuan who just came back from running, hugged her from behind.

“You returned?” Mu Xiaoya looked up, her cheeks rubbed against the fine beads of sweat from Bai Chuan’s neck, the touch was too similar to last night when they were at the most intimate time, so Mu Xiaoya struggled unconsciously to avoid him, “Go and take a bath ah, you’re so sweaty.”

“En.” Bai Chuan replied, but his long arm went and took something across Mu Xiaoya, “This is the most comfortable one to use.”

Xiaoya didn’t allow him to speak when he was doing that, so last night, he didn’t have the time to tell Xiaoya what he experienced.

“I know which one to buy the next time I go to convenience store.” Bai Chuan knew that he didn’t understand many things, but he was willing to learn and he can learn quickly.

“You…” Mu Xiaoya was teased until she’s dying to explode right then and there, but she knew that Bai Chuan honestly wasn’t trying to tease her, “Okay, go take a shower now.”

Mu Xiaoya snatched the box in Bai Chuan’s hand and pushed him directly into the bathroom before her heart calmed down slightly. She then continued to collect the garbage on the ground, except for the box snatched from Bai Chuan, all the others were thrown into the trash can.

After tidying up, Mu Xiaoya looked at the contraceptive box that was left alone, then smiled silently.

Author’s NOTE:

Little brother clerk: I’ve seen it before ah, but I haven’t seen someone buy a pile and then try them one by one like this. Lady, you might be the bravest* lady in all of my clerk career. [T/N: it’s written as a woman who’s not lacking compared with man in terms of ability, bravery etc]

Every now and then, Bai Chuan could be seen coming to buy a specific size and brand.

Little brother clerk: Have you tried them all?

Bai Chuan: En.

Little brother clerk: … (A very magnanimous couple.)


Crab: I will write about the illness next time. The plot is a bit stuck and crab is still fighting, so there will be fewer updates… (um… how can I keep Xiaoya from dying?)


Panda likes befriending thin-skinned people, it gives panda a good dose of joy teasing them until they explode ಠﭛಠ

Next, Xiaoya’s illness… (´・_・`)

Side note: I wanted to post the next chapter immediately, but my stomach is killing me and I don’t want to proofread anymore, so wait tomorrow for 2 chapters release. (;´Д`)

Translator: MadPanda

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My Husband With Scholar Syndrome Chapter 66
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