Just the Two of Us in this Vast World Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 13

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Chapter 1 — The boundary line, the marriage between a girl and a wolf. Part 13

“I can’t just go to class in leggings now, can I?”

I diligently searched through the entire changing room but I couldn’t find my clothes anywhere.

Outside, there were far too many places to search, so I was completely at a loss. I had an idea of what had happened, but this was still very bothersome.

And if I couldn’t find them, I should at the very least make them give me a refund for my uniform.

For how bizarre their background seemed to be, they probably had a lot of money, but a uniform was still quite expensive.

I liked the black sailor uniform, and since Shiro had also said that black suited me, the loss was even more regrettable.

When I left the changing room, I spotted Budworm outside. And like always, Mouse was standing behind her, as if being shielded by her.

“Yo, you are looking for your uniform, right?”

She laughed triumphantly when I nodded my head.

“It fell in the toilet.”

She said, then stuck her chin out and walked as if guiding me while I followed her from behind.

A bit further behind me, Mouse followed us with her hunched back and cowering steps.

Her downcast eyes had a hint of anxiety in them all the while, and her braid swayed lifelessly behind her.

Just as Budworm had told me, my uniform was in the toilet.

Or to be more precise, it was submerged within the toilet bowl.

Maybe I’d need to take it to the laundry service.

Who knew how Budworm took my silence as I pondered about what to do in this situation, but she suddenly started talking happily.

“Look now, that right there is what you call divine punishment. Poor you. But still, it can’t be helped, since you are too cheeky for your own good. No one can stand you, you know?”

She chuckled the whole time as she spoke. It grated on my ears.

I forcefully turned around, my hair drawing arcs behind me, and stared at the two of them.

“Hii–…” Mouse let out an anxious cry, her shoulders twitching, and after wrapping her arms around herself, she looked away.

“What’s up with you?”

Budworm stretched her hands out while she glared at me, moving a bit, as if trying to protect Mouse.

I brushed my hair away and smiled coldly.

“Try not to bore me too much.”

“…Huh?! What are you trying to–”

I ignored her puzzled inquiry and continued:

“I’m just telling you that this isn’t worth my time. Do you really think that these silly attacks of yours will bother me even one bit?”

An announcement, a verdict and a declaration of war.

“So you want to end this with that sort of attitude?”

Budworm’s face flushed beet red as her gaze turned even more pointed, and she raised her fists.

It was at that instant that the sound of breaking glass could be heard.

A silver figure sprung forth, ignoring the shards of glass, and stood on the floor.

“A dog?” Budworm murmured subconsciously after seeing Shiro.

Then, a swing of his claws ripped through her face while drawing a faint shining arc.

Blood started gushing out after a slight delay, and at the same time, two shrieks resounded.


For once, Mouse let out a shrill scream, and she stumbled around to flee from the bathroom.

My ears hurt from that scream which was even louder than Budworm’s, whose face had been lacerated.

Seeing that she had been abandoned, Budworm floundered on the floor while covering her face.

Shiro walked towards her, as though getting ready to to finish her off.

Then the sound of high heels striking the floor could be heard from outside.

Taking notice of them, he left Budworm where she was and escaped through the window.

At the same time, a female teacher ran into the toilet, with Mouse hiding in her shadow.

Mouse’s face was beyond pale, almost white, and a large teardrop was forming in her timid eyes as she observed Budworm bleeding profusely on the floor.

The teacher just stood there with her mouth open, dumbfounded after seeing this scene.

“Miss?” I called out to her.

Coming back to her senses, she screamed.

After hearing three screams one after the other, I wished that I would just get used to it.

My eardrums had gone almost numb from the throbbing pain.

I brushed my hair again and shook my head.

“How troublesome…”

Seriously, this world is so annoying.

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  1. She’s right, these bullies are boring. And why pick on her? They’re bored? Bored and boring. smh Well at least Shiro’s cool 🙂 hehehe Though she’ll probably get blamed for cutting that girl. I hope not. :/ It doesn’t seem like she’d care too much though. Interested to see what happens 🙂

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