I’m Really A Great Director Chapter 0

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Chapter 0: Movie Buff

If there ever exists a kind of power in this world, dubbed as the power of neet, Li Fanxi will definitely be an individual with enormous and unlimited strength.

In this town, as far as the power of neet is concerned, if Li Fanxi declares himself as the second most powerful person, no one will dare to claim themselves to be above of him.

He is capable of locking himself in a small house, and continuously watch movies for three days and three nights in a row.

Whenever his good friends that were unable to tolerate his actions anymore, lamented to him: “What’s the point of watching so much movies when you won’t ever be a director?”

Li Fanxi would just smile, and clicked his cursor to play the next movie.

He simply likes watching movies, and the stories depicted in the movies. Whenever he watches a movie, he would get 10 times more immersed than anyone else as he wandered into the film world, experiencing the lives of the characters that were far different from his, one after another.

Although he could not depend on doing this sort of thing as a means of livelihood, but Li Fanxi truly likes to watch movies from the bottom of his heart, and he couldn’t stop himself from doing so.

For the sake of watching movies, he had —

gave up on his social life.

gave up on finding a job.

even gave up on living a proper life.

So, here’s the question, if Li Fanxi is an orphan, how does he provides for himself without a proper job?

The truth of the matter is, he writes movie reviews for a public account, and a few short scripts to earn enough living expenses for him to scrape by every month.

As a superneet, the money is sufficient for him to cope with his life after reducing all his costs to the minimum.

Today, he had enjoyed the movies that were kept in his folder collection all over again, after watching non-stop for 12 hours.

For ordinary people, after they finished watching a movie, they may never pick them up again a second time.

But Li Fanxi was different. Not only would he watch a second time, but he would keep watching for the third, fourth and fifth times until he could strongly remember all the scenes and editing in his mind by heart.    

However, there were some issues with his physical condition today!

All of a sudden, Li Fanxi could only see darkness in his eyes, and his head felt dizzy.

“Oh shit! It’s a feeling of sudden cardiac arrest… My eyes are refusing to be opened, I better get some sleep now.”

Li Fanxi fumbled about and try to find his way to his bed.

But right at the moment that his butt left the stool, his legs went soft, and he collapsed to the ground!

In a hazy state, he heard a voice:

“The game is loading…”




“Game Start!”

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