ISIWBYA Chapter 36 Part 2

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Chapter 36.2 – The Hurdle of Happiness (幸せのハードル)


“Sweet dreams.”

Marin smiled to her sleeping master who was softly breathing in small puffs. Instead of her usual luster, the person who slept in the big bed had a fleeting sacredness.

The world of dreams was surely more gentle for Violette than reality. The madness she experienced in reality could hurt her much worse, even if her dream was a nightmare of the past. Violette’s sleeping figure looked as if she was swirling in relief and anxiety.

Marin sent her master to sleep every day, and prayed many times that there wouldn’t be any expression on her face.

Maybe she had a happy dream. Not a nightmare about her past, but an illusion with no sorrow. She hoped that even if it was only in the land of dreams, Violette could laugh from the depths of her heart.

Today’s Violette would surely have good dreams.

Her small, rounded sleeping posture was no different from the usual.

But this was not the urgency of holding herself and desperately trying to protect herself. It was more like she was hugging an important treasure, sleeping in peace.

As if she was digesting the happy things that had happened today.

“…For now, that’s one step in the right direction.”

To Violette, Yulan was someone that unconditionally loved and accepted her affection. The partner whom she could accept love from without doubting him.

It was within the category of the so-called family love, but at present, the only person other than Marin who Violette could act spoiled to was only him.  

The only one who could make Violette happy was only him at the moment.

Marin knew where Violette’s heart was going, and she hoped that love would bear fruit. But surely, Violette herself also realized that what she felt towards Yulan was not really love.

If this was a hopeless love in every sense, she believed that her master should marry someone with whom she truly fell in love and who could make her happy.

The best way to achieve this was to direct Yulan to Violette’s heart and have him win her as her fiancée, not her lover.

Violette already had clear affection for him, so the problem was just how to shift it afterwards. It was easy to say, but not easy to do. Probably, Yulan knew this the best. That’s why he had acted as her little brother until now.

If Violette was happy, Marin had nothing to say. If Violette was sad or hurt, she was prepared to resort to physical censure, but Yulan was more concerned about her feelings than anyone else, and Marin could trust him with that completely.

But then, Marin was not willing to help Yulan since Violette hadn’t fallen in love with him.

It wasn’t like she did not acknowledge Yulan, she even supported him in her heart, but this was a different story.

Marin knew well how bad excessive love, a one-way love, an impassioned relationship, and blind couples could result in. They had experienced the worst examples of the complexity and simplicity of love.

That’s why, she didn’t want to force Violette to be happy.

(In the end, I’m relying on him to attain my objective.)

Being of the same gender, Marin couldn’t announce her candidacy or even dream to make Violette happy. Even beyond the era when homosexuality was taboo, nobles would have loveless marriages even when they loved someone of the same gender.

Then if she was a man, would she have tried to take the spot and make Violette happy?

The answer was… no. If she was strong enough to do so, she wouldn’t let her important master stay in this mansion, even if they had the same gender.

Even if Marin had been a man, no matter how much she cared about Violette, she would just dream of the day when her master would be happy with somebody else, not having any power or courage to do it herself.

That’s why, she wished for it. She imagined the smile she hadn’t seen yet, because she could never reach it. Marin wanted Violette to obtain the ideal family that was once destroyed here.

“Well… I won’t let anyone have her so easily, though.”

They wanted her beautiful, lovable, intelligent, and beloved master. Of course they have to face reasonable hardships and make efforts. Marin had to do her best to repel those stupid idiots that were attracted to her. 

But if Marin, and most importantly Violette, found someone who they deemed wonderful, she would use all of her power to prepare the best chair for that person.

Marin didn’t know if the person who would sit on that chair was Yulan, or a wonderful prince that she hadn’t seen yet, though.


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