Hundred Flowers Slaughter: Subduing a Gentleman’s Heart Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Cooperation with the Devil

Of course, Ming Yue Yao also noticed the murderous aura emanating from Baili Nian. Her eyes condensed: This woman’s murderous aura is no less than her own! She smiled: “Don’t be so nervous, I am not here to fight you.”

The old demon took a step forward and said: “I understand the meaning of Palace Lord Mingyue, but this old demon has no interests over the disputes of the major families.”

Ming Yue Yao’s face turned unsightly. Could it be that her coming here personally was not enough for the old demon’s face? Ming Yue Yao coldly said: “Is the old demon looking down on our Muzun Palace?” With this, the atmosphere suddenly froze.

Looking at Ming Yue Yao’s appearance she could start the fight at any moment if the old demon continued speaking, it seems that it would be difficult for the demon cave to survive. Baili Nian also calmed herself down, after she woke up, she had yet to stretch her muscles.

At this time, a white pigeon suddenly landed on Ming Yue Yao’s shoulder. Ming Yue Yao carefully removed the strip of paper tied to the white pigeon’s claw. After reading it, she smiled: “I have good news, I don’t know if you two are willing to listen.”

“What? Yun’er was captured? When did this incident happen?” Chen Huanyu heard Chu Tianye say such shocking news early in the morning.”

Chu Tianye hurried to cover his mouth: “Quiet, the villa owner doesn’t want this matter to spread. Even the eldest young master does not yet know. Originally we were to discuss this matter together, but you were sleeping, I didn’t think it was a big deal, who knew…”

  • Da gongzi translates into Eldest young master

It was because of the strange dream last night that Chen Huanyu didn’t sleep well, but after dawn, he slept like a corpse. Chen Huanyu asked: “What is the villa owner’s meaning?”

“Yun’er was taken away yesterday, we guessed that it should be the people of Muzun Palace that did it.” Chu Tianye said, “The villa owner wants you to make a plan and save Yun’er secretly. I will continue to prepare for the family meeting.”

“It wouldn’t be so.” Chen Huanyu smiled. “I think it is better for you to protect that flower. Maybe after the hero saves the beauty, Yun’er will look at you in a new light.” Chen Huanyu raised his eyebrows.

Chu Tianye’s eyes are dignified: “Now is not the time to joke, this is the arrangement of the villa owner, and this is his intention. We are doing it.”

However, outside the window of Chen Huanyu’s room, the Nanrong family’s eldest young master Nanrong Jinpeng’s sinister eyes are staring at the two, his mouth raised into a malicious smile.

In the demon cave, Ming Yue Yao looked at the two people and said: “I know that although the old demon does not want to cooperate with me, you have always wanted to find out where the descendants of the Baili family are. Do you not think this is a great opportunity?”

This is indeed a good opportunity for Baili Nian, who is still trying to find a way to enter Nanrong Mountain Villa. But can she really cooperate with these people?

Ming Yue Yao takes a step forward: “Enter the Nanrong family as the benefactor to the second young miss of the Nanrong family, and I believe it will be easy to gain their trust.”

“You are so kind? Even if this matter will benefit you.” The old demon paused. “But do you really trust us? Are you not afraid we will renege on our agreement after entering the Nanrong family?”

Ming Yue Yao smiled with confidence: “I am naturally prepared for this. I want your word on it, are you willing or not?”

“If you want to implement this plan, the old demon cannot do it. Only I can.” Baili Nian said solemnly.

Ming Yue Yao nodded: “Yes, because everyone in the Nanrong Villa knows the old demon, only with you going will they have no doubts.”

The old demon looked at Baili Nian and whispered: “Second young lady?”

Baili Nian filled his sight with a smile indicating he would not have to do anything and that she knew what she had to do. She looked toward Ming Yue Yao and said affirmatively: “I promise you. Let me meet the second young miss of the Nanrong family, Nanrong Jinyun.”

Nanrong Jin Yun was captured by Muzun Palace put in the dungeon. From the moment she entered the prison, she kept screaming, even if one was outside, the faint sounds of her screaming could be heard. Baili Nian and Ming Yue Yao stood side by side on the roof, Baili Nian gave a grin: “She really is an energetic lady.”

“Yeah, this is said to be the Nanrong villa owner’s favored second young miss.” Ming Yue Yao sighed, “So this second miss has developed a spoiled behavior that no one can manage it. This is the case that of a person running away from the manor regardless of safety. Naturally, there is only such an end.”

Baili Nian looked at the glory of Ming Yue Yao’s face. She asked: “If I don’t regret cooperation after entering the villa, you will definitely threaten me with the life of the old demon, right?”

“Yes.” Mingyue Yao replied frankly. “In addition, I will arrange an unexpected plan for you. It will definitely make our cooperation very exciting.”

“I hope so.” Baili Nian chuckled, then looked down, “I will go now.”

Saving Nanrong Jinyun is just a play, so that everyone, especially Nanrong Jinyun herself, feels that she is truly saved by Baili Nian. So there is no difficulty in anything. It’s easy for Baili Nian to save Nanrong Jinyun from the depths of the prison.

Along the way to the countryside, the two ladies only stopped to take a breath.

Nanrong Jinyuan gasped and looked at Baili Nian asking: “You, you were sent by father?”

Baili Nian calmed her breath, shaking her head: “No. I just can’t stand the faction of Muzun Palace.”

“Ah?” Nanrong Jinyun was shocked as she took a clear look at Baili Nian, it seems that those eyes were very deep.

Baili Nian is not used to being looked at by people. One must know that she was also a young lady. However, the girl in front of her eyes was pleasing. She smiled and said: “I have heard the name of the Nanrong family for a long time. I have always wanted to visit. Unfortunately, there is no chance. I don’t know if the second miss can take me to see the villa owner.”

“Of course, no problem.” Nan Rong Jinyun is a very righteous woman. She said as she patted her chest, “You can call me Yun’er no need to call me second young miss, besides you are my savior, it is father who should thank you.”

Baili Nian helplessly smiled, Nanrong Jinyun asked: “Oh, right, I still don’t know your name.”

Baili Nian’s eyes flashed and she whispered: “My name is Bai… Bai Nian Ling!” Baili Nian smiled at the white clouds in the sky, a remembrance of Ling, who knows if Zhan Ling could feel it.

  • The Nian in her name means remembrance or thought

“You can call me Xiao Nian, a long time ago… that was what they called me.” Baili Nian said with a smile.

  • Xiao Nian: Little Nian

Nanrong Jinyun smiled sweetly and held Baili Nian’s hand: “Sister Xiao Nian

Ming Yue Yao’s Chamber——

The blue silk curtains overlapped gently blowing, there was a fragrant incense burner next to the Palace Lord’s throne, emitting a fine and transparent smoke. The four sides of the window were open to the wind, the room filled with the scent of the incense burner. Xuan Ruo entered the room, and Ming Yue Yao dismissed the two disciples who were holding large fans behind her.

After listening to Xuan Ruo’s report, Ming Yue Yao leaned on the throne and chuckled: “Bai Nian Ling?”

Xuan Ruo said: “Palace Lord, this name must be false.”

“Do you need to explain?” Ming Yue Yao gave her a glance, “A person was rescued from our Muzun Palace, shouldn’t we react a little? A fake play should have a few points that are true.”

“Palace Lord’s intention?”

“I want to make sure their road back to the villa is not smooth, You go and spread the news to the major families. First, in order to make a play, second, of course, I want to test the strength of this Bai Nian Ling.”

“Yes.” Xuan Ruo accepted the Palace Lord’s sacred order. Ming Yue Yao turned to look at the man dressed in black who stood silently at the window: “What do you think?”

The man smiled lightly with a smile that seemed to light up the entire room: ” You said that Bai Nian Ling makes you feel like your skill is closely matched, without knowing who is better, and such a person you never encountered since you became Palace Lord. It seems that I have to find a chance to meet her in person. ”

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