Hundred Flowers Slaughter: Subduing a Gentleman’s Heart Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Demon is not Here, Please Return

On the second day, the first person Baili Nian wanted to see was the millennium-old demon. The man who had mistakenly eaten the poisonous grass and was rescued by Baili Nian’s father. He was also blessed in the art of disguise and had acquired an undying body. To figure out all these matters, the old demon may be the only person who would know.

But in the woods that went to the demon cave, someone followed her. She opened her mouth, looked up at the tree and said, “Who are you? Following me since last night are you not tired?”

The woman hiding in the tree turned pale, who would expect that the person she was following would know she had been tailing her since last night. She hesitated, unsure if Baili Nian truly knew or was just testing her.

Bili Nian heard the person atop the tree did not respond and said: “As for why I have not told you to come out, you should know the reason, right?”

The woman did not speak, Baili Nian smiled and said: “Although I was brought back to life by the young man yesterday, he seemed to have been injured and did not see me, yet you… have seen everything!”

“You are the only one who knows my true identity and origin, so you should understand the matters of the flower Gu.” Baili Nian raised an eyebrow, “I see you just keep following me. I’m curious, are you not afraid I will kill you. I still have many things to do … don’t follow me anymore. Otherwise, I will kill you.”

After a glance, Baili Nian jumped atop a tree and soared off.

The woman believes what Baili Nian had said. After all, she knows that she is not able to fight Baili Nian, and she is not to be enemies with her, not to mention that she only knows her identity, and she believes that she can find a way to make sure that Baili Nian will no longer reject her. Thinking of these, she sighed and turned away in the opposite direction that Baili Nian went.

“Is it a demon? Why… is the demonic aura so heavy?” Baili Nian’s steps slowed down, “Last night’s demonic aura was also released from her body?”

How can there be monsters in this world? Baili Nian shook her head, laughing at herself: “Ridiculous, I was frozen for a hundred years, is my mind degraded? How can there be monsters in this world? Just…why is there such a strong demonic aura in the woman but not a hint of murderous intent? Forget it, seeing the old demon is her top priority…

Passing through the layers of woods, there is a cave covered by vines at the innermost part. The cave is engraved with the words of the demon cave, but it has been covered by vines. There is a wooden sign hanging on the green vine, and Baili Nian gently whispers the above words: “The demon is not here, please return.”

Baili Nian Smiled: “This old demon is still the same as ever.” One had to know, he never cared for the wooden sign.

After being on the road for a while, Baili Nian saw the cave. It was open and clear. Fine water turbulence; golden flying butterfly dancing; a wooden house with green trees as a companion, the peaks of the mountains. The most refreshing thing is all kinds of exotic flowers and plants in front of you, the world’s most beautiful is absolutely here!

If one is separated from the world! Walking into it will make people think of Tao Yuanming, there are also willow trees here. There is a treehouse in the middle of two tight-knit willow trees. The people here also love wine, but their fear of love is not as high as Mister Wu Liu!

  • Tao Yuanming – a Chinese poet who lived during the Eastern Jin dynasty, spent most of his life in seclusion, his poems depict idle life, farming, and drinking

A sly figure was drifting among the flowers, basking in the sunlight. Baili Nian looked at the surrounding environment and smiled. Compared with a hundred years ago, there was no difference except for the flowers and trees. She walked towards the person who was among the sea of plants ——

She approached the old man and silently watched him. The old man saw a pair of shoes in front of him and coldly snorted: “Get out, didn’t you see the sign hanging outside?” Once this man spoke, it seemed he had a great temper.

Baili Nian sighed and said “Smelly old demon!”

There was a vicissitude of life in those words; there were tears of bitterness; there is a familiar feeling… The old man’s eyes fixed this body shape, this voice…? His stood upright, an old face of about sixty years old is in front of Baili Nian, the old man stared at the eyes, the braided hair and the three beards followed the master’s surprise standing on end.

The old man’s face was filled with surprise: “Second… second young lady?”

The birds sang in the branches, and the fish played in the shallows.

In the demon cave, Baili Nian and the old demon have had a confrontation. A person who has died for a hundred years suddenly appears in front of him, will scare anyone to death. The first thought of millennial old demon is that the person in front of him is not a hundred-year-old person, so he had various doubts: Was she sent by the Nanrong family? Was she sent by the Muzun Palace? Or is she sent by the major families?

Although he still had doubts in his mind, but two sentences from Baili Nian proved her identity!
Baili Nian Said: “It’s been a hundred years, except that you still have a second person who knows what it’s like in the past. Old demon, you have this undead body because when you studied botany, you accidentally ate the poisonous grass and almost lost your life. It was my father who saved you, right? And it’s only you who would address me as the second young lady and not second young miss, right?”

Yes, yes, yes! Everything she said was true, the old demon suddenly burst into tears pulled in Baili Nian, and cried, he did not care for a gentleman’s demeanor. Snot and tears soaked on to Baili Nian’s clothes, as Baili Niani’s smile stiffened, she couldn’t stand his temper.

“That year, after I returned from my travels, it had already been a few months after the war. The Baili family was already gone. At that time, I rushed to Nanrong Mountain Villa to talk to Nanrong Qin. I thought that even if I died, I would also level his Nanrong Villa as well, but…” The old demon looked into Baili Nian’s eyes, his eyes filled with guilt, “Nanrong Qin broke his hands and feet in front of me to redeem for what his brother did. He said that if I want to kill him, I could, but he only hopes that I will spare everyone in the villa. He does not want to see the scene of blood flowing again. ”

“I… I am soft-hearted… I know that it is all that Nanrong Cheng has provoked. There is really no reason to place the blame Nanrong Qin’s head. Besides, he has already broken his hands and feet. I am unreasonable when I am aggressive. Second young lady, I am sorry to the Baili family.”

“But… the man who brought you back, is he really Zhan Ling?” The old demon asked.

Baili Nian did not hear what the old man said as her mind was immersed in what he had told her. It turned out that Nanrong Cheng was dead in the past. The reason why the Nanrong family did not perish was that the Nanrong family still had a second villa owner, Nanrong Qin who was not advocating for the two great families against the enemy. Baili Nian had ignored the existence of the second villa owner who did not come out very often.

“Old demon, last night, Baili Villa experienced a large battle, do you know what’s going on?” Baili Nian asked.

A light flashed within his eyes: “Twelve years ago, a witchcraft sect in southern Xinjiang found me saying that the demise of the hundred-year-old family had a secret behind it. Even if I didn’t avenge the Baili family, I would have to reclaim the Flower Gu for the Baili family. I am also interested in this matter. I sent a person to infiltrate the Nanrong family, but that person was actually influenced by Nanrong villa after twelve years of living in Nanrong family, he is now unwilling to help me check the things of that year.”

As old demon said that he sighed and looked up and smiled. He said: “Perhaps today’s Nanrong family is really not the Nanrong family of that year, and I have now confirmed that the matter of twelve years ago was fake.”

“The witchcraft sect is the Muzun Palace, a year ago, they came to the central plains and were able to conquer many families in the Wulin circle. Later, they spread rumors that the Flower Gu was in the hands of Nanrong Villa, then there was the rumor of a map in the Flower Gu. Therefore, the great families gathered together, now the situation of the Nanrong family is very sad.”

“The real purpose of the Muzun Palace ts to get the true witchcraft scripture from the Flower Gu!” Baili Nian frowned, “It was a good idea to start acting twelve years ago, to pull all possible powers to their side!”

“Second young lady, don’t just talk about the deceit of Muzun Palace, what are your plans?”

“I have a difficult time to overcome, that is, my body is maintained by constantly replenishing the essence, but for a long time, I am afraid that the essence I need will be more and more only human beings can give, old demon can you help me? I want to find a solution to this problem. I don’t want to kill such innocent people in order to survive if so, I will really become a monster.”

BLOSSOM: I am not sure if I would continue to translate this, but this is the second chapter to the first teaser that I put out a few months ago. I’m honestly not sure what to do, should I drop World of Chaos and work on this, should I work on both of these, I’m at lost of what to do.

Tell me what you think.

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