How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 19

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*correction- this arc has no such thing as saints (I think). Previous chapter’s “saint of the demon race” was a mistranslation of “sacred artifact of the demon race”.

Chapter 19: The peerlessly talented demon ba she (2)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


After driving away the young deer, Lu Heng turned around and returned to his seclusion area. The Demon King who had lived for tens of thousands of years did not care about things other than training. The seclusion area was a cave that was located at the top of the mountain. There was a cold-jade bed in the cave, a spring outside the cave, a stone table next to the spring, and four stone benches.


Lu Heng sat down at the stone table and spread open the sheet of paper. The paper bird turned into a black feathered bird, and opening its sharp beak, it started speaking: “Wuu~ Zheng, help, I was sneak-attacked by an unknown demon and got seriously injured, forcing me to change back into my original form. Fortunately, a disciple of Clear Spring Sect saved me, but they have no way to treat the demon race. Now they can only use my healing artifacts to temporarily stabilize my injury. Come take me back to the demon territory. I don’t trust others, I only want you to come.”


Once again, the paper bird began to repeat from the beginning. Bai Li’s voice was crisp and mellow, sounding like a pearl falling on a jade plate. She spoke very quickly and also sounded like a spoiled brat. Hearing her voice, Lu Heng’s temples started to throb. Lu Heng couldn’t bear it anymore and gestured with his hands. The paper bird started to burn up in the air and soon became a pile of ashes.


Really troublesome. Lu Heng pinched his eyebrows. Despite seeing a pit in front of him, he had to jump into it decisively. This feeling made Lu Heng somewhat uncomfortable. However, all he could do now was not to get injured too badly when he jumps.


Lu Heng decided to take an important prop, the sacred artifact of demon race. The sacred artifact has always belonged to the Demon King, but ever since Zheng became the Demon King, this sacred artifact has always been left in the forbidden place. Because, as the most powerful demon king in history, he was not too concerned about this kind of thing. His focus had always been on cultivating his own body. Most of the battles were fought directly using the tyrannical body of the demon race. His only weapon was a long whip made from refining his own skin that he had once shed.


[T/N: Thanks to Immortal dreamer for explaining this]


The forbidden land of the demon race was in the middle of the Zhaoyao Mountains. In fact, this was a land of corpses, and the remains of the fallen demon kings rested here. The demons who cultivated into demon kings, every part of them were treasures. Even if it was a scale, or a feather, if it was exposed to the human race, it would have caused a battle full of bloodshed. Therefore, this piece of land containing the remains had always been guarded by the most powerful tyrannical demon king, and only the demon king could enter safely without being restricted.


In the original world line, Bai Li wore a vest given to her by Zheng to obtain the sacred artifact. The vestment was made from skin that Zheng had shed, his own breath, and a mark of the Demon King that protected her life. This allowed the weak Bai Li to enter and leave the forbidden area smoothly.


It was a story of a farmer and a snake (1). Lu Heng shook his head. The Carlo in the previous plane also managed to successfully mess up things to a large extent.


{Are the children of fate always so subtle?} Lu Heng still could not help but ask the little assistant.


{The children of fate are always fearsome. It is easy to affect the people around them, and even a strong opponent will be defeated by their extraordinary luck. You will know when you see more.}


{Obviously, I have dug a big pit in front of me, and I am supposed to unhesitatingly jump into it. Really makes me want to light a candle for myself, but when I think about the client, a sense of duty is suddenly born within me.} Lu Heng made a fist in his heart.


{Come on, my pro, the future of my upgrade is tied to you. Please be sure to continue with this passion.} The little assistant paused, {Of course, it is better to not remove the CP. I received a pending last time, and it is still weighing on my mind.} [T/N: CP refers to the main couple in a movie/novel]


{Be reassured, I will definitely not interfere with the thread of love this time, and I no longer believe that the bond of love between the children of fate is unshakable…} The first mission remained inconclusive, and Lu Heng, who always had adhered to a high standard of work, was very unhappy.


When the conversation with the little assistant was over, the demon race’s forbidden area was in sight. Lu Heng gently swung his wide sleeve, and the thick stone door slowly opened to both sides. Adhering to the tradition of the demon race, it was a huge cave. Next to the door was a huge Peng bird roc. Its black feathers were darker than the night itself, and the top of its head had a single golden feather. The similarly jet-black beak was filled with cold light; looking carefully, there was a hint of dark red luster. If it weren’t for the combination of lifeless eyes and an unmoving body, anyone who saw it would think it was a living demon king.


da peng

The entire cave had many such imposing demon king skeletons, yet Lu Heng, since he was also a demon king, did not feel too much pressure, even feeling some kind of intimacy. Perhaps due to being a demon king who cultivated on the righteous path to the heavens, they were quite similar.


The demon race’s sacred artifact was stored deep in the  altar. Lu Heng forced out a drop of blood, and the pure and vast power contained in the blood was quickly acknowledged by the sacred artifact. The sacred artifact turned into a ray of light, just like a young swallow and jumped into Lu Heng’s hand.


Lu Heng carefully examined the sacred artifact in the palm of his hand, and his mood was somewhat complicated. This sacred artifact of the demon race was shockingly a soft, jelly-like thing, and even if it was radiating golden light, it couldn’t change the fact that it was a jelly.


Zheng was probably disgusted by this appearance and had always kept the sacred artifact in the forbidden place without having it acknowledge him as its host. Lu Heng too could not help but think the same way. Probably feeling the owner’s disappointment, the holy device gently shook a few times and slowly turned into a pair of tangled earrings then automatically settled on Lu Heng’s ears.


Sacred artifact Suixin. Just like its name- Suixin, when it was acknowledging the Lord, it would determine its magical power according the owner’s wishes. In the original world line, the owner of the sacred artifact was Bai Li. At that time, Bai Li only wanted to destroy the demon locking array and rescue Zheng, so its magical power was destroyed. Carefully analyzing the later events, Lu Heng’s mind started calculating, and he determined the magical power he desired.

[T/N: Suixin: to fulfill one’s desire]


Regarding Suixin’s  powers, Lu Heng was very satisfied, but there was one more thing. Lu Heng took out a water mirror and suspended it in the air.




The appearance of the person in the water mirror was very beautiful, and the black gold earrings hovering on the delicate ears enhanced his beauty, such that no human would ever dare look straight towards him.


The Floating Jade Mountain Range was a mystical place, and there was a small-scale spiritual vein underneath, so the mountains had plenty of spiritual power. Generally, with a spiritual vein of this scale, a large gate is constructed that guards one side of it. This was not the case with the Floating Jade Mountain Range. There were five medium-sized gates in the mountains, each of which were controlled by different sects, and there was a constant conflict between them for obtaining cultivation resources. These five sects were actually one family thousands of years ago, and they were one of the top sects of the world at that time, but they were split into five sects for some inexplicable reasons.


Clear Spring Sect was one of the five sects, but Clear Spring Sect has always been orthodox, and they wanted to retake the remaining four sects. The ambition of Clear Spring Sect was not without its basis. In its martial arts repository, there was a powerful demon locking array that was passed down thousands of years ago. It is said that when the demon locking array is complete, it could easily trap a demon king. Up to now, the demon locking array has never been used on a demon king. It wasn’t that the sect lacked the power to use it, it’s just that there has not been any opportunity to capture a demon king.


And this opportunity was now delivered into the hands of the sect leader of the Clear Spring Sect, Qing Kongzi.


“Senior Qing Kongzi, I have already sent a message to Zheng. At that time, do you really have a way to make him tell the truth about my parents’ death?” The girl who was screaming in a white dress, her face was round and her eyes were round and wet like newborn babies’. They looked extremely cute and lovely.


“Be reassured, as long as we have him trapped, I have a device here, and I can verify the facts spoken by the person.” Qing Kongzi laughed kindly.


“But, don’t hurt him, you promised me.” Bai Li bit her lip.


“If he has nothing to do with the death of your parents, I will naturally not harm the innocent. If he is the culprit, then as your father’s good friend, I will certainly not let off the person who hurt my friend.” Qing Kongzi gave a benevolent look and spoke virtuously.


“I still don’t think that Zheng was my father’s enemy. He has always been very good to me.” Bai Li still hesitated and glanced at the letter written in blood that was handed over to her. The handwriting in the letter and her father’s handwriting were exactly the same.


“Bai Li, you can’t recognize a thief as your father! In the past, your father possessed a valuable treasure and was chased by various groups of people. In the end, the valuable treasure disappeared without a trace. I received a letter written in blood that your father sent. After some inquiries, I learned that your parents were killed.” Qing Kongzi paused. “The Demon King may want to know the whereabouts of the treasure from you.”


“But I don’t know any valuable treasure…” Bai Li began to sway again. She always felt that Zheng’s behavior was incomprehensible to her. The highly-powerful and sovereign Demon King, how can he value her- an unremarkable rabbit demon. This has always made Bai Li feel very uneasy.


“All the facts, when he comes, will become clear. I will protect you.” Clear Spring Sect’s master patted Bai Li’s head.


“Leader, the important matter is not going well!” The voice of the disciples came from outside the temple.


“What made everyone so flustered?” asked Clear Spring’s leader, signaling Bai Li to go to the rear room of the temple at the same time.


The disciple quickly entered the hall and rushed to salute: “Leader, outside the ancestral temple is a demon, and he said that he came to pick up his people. The demon’s power is quite high, and the mountain guarding barrier could not stop him!”


“What is the appearance of the demon?” Qing Kongzi guessed it was supposed to be the Demon King.


The disciple’s face showed an absentminded look, but he quickly recovered: “His hair is very long, and his skin is very white. When he looked at this disciple, this disciple felt that his soul was going to be sucked out. This demon has surely practiced the arts of manipulating the soul of the deceased!”


“You retreat first.” Clear Spring’s leader commended the reporting disciple.


Upon hearing it, Bai Li came out. “It should be Zheng coming.”


“All according to the plan.” Qing Kongzi nodded to her.


Bai Li squeezed the letter of blood in the palm of her hand and wanted to give herself a little courage through this action.


It doesn’t matter, I just want to know the truth of that year. As a child, how can you ignore the truth about the death of your parents? If it was not Zheng, I will apologize to him again, he will not blame me. If it really was Zheng, then…


Bai Li didn’t dare to think about it anymore. She could only shake her head hard and let the restlessness in her heart be forgotten.


Things have already gotten to this point, one can only continue step by step.




[MTL]  The author has something to say: Thank you, Chu Ci, Lin, Yun, Mint, not cool, falling a few small angels, mine, love you~ [/MTL]


(1): A Farmer walked through his field one cold winter morning. On the ground lay a Snake, stiff and frozen with the cold. The Farmer knew how deadly the Snake could be, and yet he picked it up and put it in his bosom to warm it back to life.


The Snake soon revived, and when it had enough strength, bit the man who had been so kind to it. The bite was deadly and the Farmer felt that he must die. As he drew his last breath, he said to those standing around, “Learn from my fate not to take pity on a scoundrel”.


Moral: There are some who never changes their nature, regardless of how good we behave with them. Always stay alert and maintain the distance from those who are there only thinking about their own benefits.



T/N: Sorry for the late updates… as I said, due to my final year in college, I would not be able to update at the same speed as arc 1. Female ex-lead is such a b…. Anyways, if you guys find a mistake, do tell.

E/N: Personally, I don’t quite agree with Bai Li’s actions either. She could have actually asked Zheng (Lu Heng) himself. And apologizing for what is essentially betrayal is not going to excuse her actions. A few cheap words are not going to make events that have already occurred disappear.


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