Haunted Duke’s Daughter Chapter 59

Translated by: Niladri


While saying that, Ray shrugged. Although it was a familiar voice, it lacked the usual demureness. Lilia and Sakura were really surprised that he used such a tone against the prince.

「As you can expect, was my first time being bullied like this. I see, it indeed feels bad.」

「First of all, you were the one who created this situation. Why did you come to study so far abroad?」

「No, haha… It’s kinda hard to talk about it …」

Lilia was left behind as the conversation between the two proceeded. Of course it did not appeal to Lilia. Therefore, it was inevitable that Lilia would narrow her eyes and let her anger drip out.

The first person her gaze stabbed was the prince in front of her.

「Ah … Liliane? What’s wrong?」

The prince’s cheeks were stinging, but of course he didn’t know why. As Ray tried to look back at Lilia, Lilia grabbed his shoulder.

「Hi …!」

Rei let out a short scream, perhaps because he felt a piercing sensation. He slowly turned towards Lilia.

「Um … Lilia-san? What’s wrong?」

A deliberate performance that seemed to be somewhat hastily improvised. In response to it,

「I’ll give you a chance to explain.」

Even the prince, upon hearing Lilia’s anger-infused low voice for the first time, grew pale.

Lilia sat in a chair, and Ray sat directly on the floor opposite to her. He was trembling pitifully, but she just kept watching from a distance while giving off the feeling that she wouldn’t appreciate the prince’s intervention.

「Well, before anything else, a formal introduction is needed, right?.」

「Enough with the empty formalities. I am already very annoyed.」

「Yes! I’m sorry!」

He bent his waist and apologized loudly. Her complexion remained pale.

―I understand your feelings, but let’s be a little more gentle.

―But I am already as gentle as possible?

―Ah, ahaha … Yup. Just a reminder …

Lilia could hear Sakura’s bitter, acquiescing smile as, but Lilia ignored it. She put a lot of strength into her gaze at Ray and urged him to continue with the movement of her chin.

「Oh, uh … As I was saying … I’m Rayford Clavires. You know Clavires, right?」

「It’s a neighboring country. Does that mean that it’s your family name?」

「Yeah. I’m the third prince. I also have the right to succeed to the throne, but since my brother’s positions are solid, I’m like an extra spare.」

Even so, it seemed that he was a genuine royalty. Well, Lilia nodded and she stood up. She politely bowed her head and said-

「I was unaware, and I sincerely apologize for the rudeness so far, Prince Rayford.「」

「Eh … No, that’s Lilia-san, this isn’t it …」

「As this is a meeting between royalties, I’ll excuse myself first …」

「Wait, wait! I’m sorry I apologize for keeping it a secret, so please don’t go!」

He grabbed Lilia’s sleeve, and when she looked back, he tearfully begged her. Lilia glanced at Ray, she inwardly clicked her tongue so that it was clearly audible to the two men, and sat down on the chair again. Ray sighed with relief, and the prince covered his eyes with his palm so as to avoid a scene like this. Lilia aimed her gaze at her prince, and she glared.

「Your Highness」

「What is it?」

「Why are you acting like this doesn’t concern you? If you had introduced this person properly, it wouldn’t have turned out like this.」

「Well, that’s right. But Liliane, this was Rayford’s wish. He wanted to see what the school was like as an ordinary person. Well, as a result, he was harassed and stayed cooped in the library. But …」

「You couldn’t tell me either? It’s like that it’s like that, I see I see.」

Lilia smiled sweetly. And then uttered these words.

「I’ll keep this in mind.」


The prince was rendered speechless and stayed silent. Lilia wondered why he was trembling just because she said she would keep it in mind, but she moved her gaze towards Ray.

―Hey, Lilia are you for real? Do you really not understand?

―What is it? Suddenly this idiot is just trembling.

Sakura groaned while holding her head, but Lilia still didn’t understand why so she didn’t bother with it any more.

「So? How should we act going forward?」

Lilia understood everything and Ray answered with a tense smile.

「If possible, keep everything like before … Please …」

「All right, then I’ll do that.」

Ray, who heard it, let out a sigh of relief. Her “keep this in mind” seemed to be a sign of acceptance.

「If possible, I would like you to continue helping with my studies as usual …」

Her request was unexpected. Ray hurriedly nodded but then she frowned.

(Ray)>「Of course I understand you must be busy. If if you don’t have time, it’s okay …「」

「I don’t mind … I could hire someone else in your place to help with my studies.」

Thanks to Sakura, Lilia was able to gain her knowledge in her own way. But that didn’t mean she (Lilia) was good at studying. She thought it would be much more efficient to hire someone else for the job, but Ray vigorously shook his head.

「I like Lilia-san」

Rei spoke, looking straight at Lilia’s eyes. Sakura made a happy voice, and the prince widened his eyes in the corner of Lilia’s field of vision. Lilia saw those reactions and tilted her head.

「Well, that’s fine.」

That was it.

―Ah, yeah. It can’t be helped because it’s Lilia.

―What? What do you mean?

―It’s nothing. never mind.

She was not quite convinced, but even if she pursue it, the other person Sakura wouldn’t answer. She was a little concerned, but she gave up as well.

「But I was surprised too. I didn’t think Lilia-san was Liliane Ardis.」

「No, normally anyone would easily notice it.」

The prince said amazed, and Lilia reluctantly nodded with agreement. She groaned, because.

「I wasn’t born in this country. I can’t help if I don’t understand.」


Author’s note:

So? Ray sorry, Rayford was the prince of a neighbouring country.

However, he was the third prince, and of course the inheritance right was not high, so he could go to school in another country.

By the way, the reason why the prince didn’t help Ray was because he pretended to be a commoner.

The royal family cannot move for one common person. Tina? She is an exception.

I decided to write this reply to answer the majority of the comments in the dashboard.

I would be grateful if you could report any typographical errors or give your feedback.

See you soon.


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  1. Tina is an exception huh. Funny to see that this Prince has some common sense on how to publicly treat Rayford to pretend he is a commoner, but that all flies out the window when it comes to Tina. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say he has complete common sense because he really should have informed the really high ranking nobility what what going on. In this case, promising to keep this secret from absolutely everyone isn’t a responsible promise. For example, Ray should still have a security detail.

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