Goddess Medical Doctor Prologue

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Upstairs at dusk, the apricot flowers are cold.

A pair of swallows, two lines of geese, the sounds of drumming.

The window in the east, tears in the spring.

Like an old friend, filled with autumn waters, sunlight shining on the green mountains.

— 《Qiu Bo Mei》(Poem of Northern Song Dynasty)


A purple light pierced Chang Zhuan palace and into the imperial city. The palace had already been in a state of chaos. The Empress, after a day and a night of struggle, finally gave birth to a baby girl with skin as pink as a jade carving. However, this baby girl did not cry or make any noise, looking at the crowd with a pair of light brown eyes. Holding the Emperor in astonishment, the child was determined to be fine. This child had a faint orchid imprint on her forehead. The small body exudes an ancient scent of orchids. The Emperor rejoiced and gave her the name of “Yue Xin’er”, and the title of “Princess Gu guo.”

  • 月芯兒 Yuè xīn er: Name, Yue means moon, Xin means heart/core
  • 固國公主 Gù guó gōngzhǔ: Her title Gu means strong/solid/firm, Guo means country


A year had passed and not only could Yue Xin’er walk, she could also run. She had a small face with a drunken smile, you can foresee that in the future, she will be a gorgeous woman. Yue Xin’er ran with her feet in front of her, and her two-year-old big sister chasing after her. Perhaps she was heated from the running, there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, her face was red, the fragrance exuding from her body was getting stronger. The emperor and empress were pleased with this pair of children, after the birth of Xin’er, they were reluctant to have another child, after all, after having such a daughter, what else can you ask for!

A servant came forward and whispered something into the Emperor’s ear, and the Emperor’s expression held great joy and stood up to welcome the man who was stepping into the imperial garden. The man was dressed in white, he seemed about 40 years old, he had a friendly appearance, an aura of an immortal and his posture was not of the mundane world.

“Yun Zhongzi, You are finally willing to meet with Zhen?” The rejoicing expression on the Emperor’s face, it seems that his relationship with this person is very profound.

  • 雲中子 Yún zhōng zǐ: A name, Yun means cloud
  • 朕 Zhèn: How an Emperor refers to himself

However, the person’s face was very clear, he not like to see other people’s pretending gestures, saying: “How can pin dao dare, Your Majesty is very busy, can you blame it on Yun Zhongzi?”

  • 貧道 Pín dào: How someone who devotes their life to god, Taoist, or Buddhism would refer to themselves, it also means this impoverished one

The Emperor smiled a bit and suddenly shot up and attacked Yun Zhongzi, after a flash Yun Zhongzi was a few yards away. Once again, the Emperor set forth his palm, but he did not even manage touch his clothes. Two people fought back and forth, the plum blossoms in the imperial garden floated down like a scene from heaven. After a while, the Emperor stopped and sighed: “I did not think your martial arts would progress so fast. I can’t even touch your clothes.”

Yun Zhongzi smiled: “You already have the position of Emperor, why do you want to play as such?”

The two good friends smiled.

Not far away there is a small figure, looking at the two men, she opened her hands towards the Emperor, and her mouth murmured: “Imperial father, hug!”

The Emperor accepted the soft doll-like child and showed his kindness. The royal ruthlessness, how many royals and their grandchildren have lost the affection that ordinary people can enjoy in a palace that eats people without throwing out the bones. Yun Zhongzi looked at the little girl in front of his eyes and nodded while stroking his beard. “This is the Princess of the country. She really is a dragon and a phoenix. Her future is bound to be endless.”

Somewhat strangely watching Yun Zhongzi, : “I have never heard you say such things when you first saw Feng’er and Qiang’er. I have never seen you praise someone as such, what is it today?”

“Hahaha, Your Majesty, could you be jealous of the little Princess?” Yun Zhongzi asked.

The Emperor’s face turned a bit red he felt shameful, his wife next to him was also the same way, they both didn’t have any face, “Who says I was jealous? I just found it strange.” It seems the Emperor was a bit shy.

“Yes, yes, you were not.” When Yun Zhongzi likes something, he will accept it, he only deliberately pretended to be perfunctory, he saw the little girl staring at him, stretching her little hands to hug him. He gave a glimpse then an unpredictable laugh and took a look at the little Princess who was like pink jade, and quietly told her: “Little Princess, from now on you will be my disciple okay?”

Yue Xin’er wrinkled her small jade-like nose, her pair of phoenix eyes stared at him, she stuck out her tongue, sniffed at him and nodded. Yun Zhongzi was dumbstruck by these actions, and gave a laugh, “This doll-like girl is very interesting.”

Yue Xin’er also giggled at the sight, her laughter was like that of silver bells, crisp and sweet. After a while, Yue Xin’er suddenly ceased laughing, and cried, “Master”. Yun Zhongzi smiled more openly and straightly praised: “Truly a goddess ah!”

Later, Yun Zhongzi notified the Emperor by saying: “Xin’er is not an ordinary person but is descended from the heavens, she will have to go to the mountains to practice. In the future, she will be able to protect the country’s well being.”

Although the Emperor was anxious, he still reluctantly sent Yue Xin’er to Xiyun Mountain.

  • 汐雲 Xī yún: Name of the Mountain

BLOSSOM: For those who know Chinese characters, the title cover on the project page does not really belong to this novel if you were wondering why the cover does not match the title, it is because I feel the cover does not really do the novel justice (Also, Vin did it for me, because I am terrible at coding/ technology). The covers may vary if you are on a different site (other than isohungrytls).

Anyway, I thought this side project would be fun to translate, it is quite short, 15 chapters.

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