End of World’s Businessman Chapter 8.2

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Chapter 008.2 — Misunderstandings [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Ji Yun and Wu Ye were dumbfounded.
However, Ji Yun had been thoroughly tempered, so he quickly corrected his attitude and cried crisply, “Boss!”
The plot changed too fast that Wu Ye’s brain could not catch up. After he discovered that evolved people possessed great abilities, he was read to beg for nothing else but to hold his thigh. But Ji Yun beat him to it, and it made him a little angry. But even before he got mad, he instantly got two younger brothers! Is he going to be the legendary domineering sidekick?
Wu Ye is at least almost a qualified young master as had seen the big world. After being stunned for a bit, he quickly regained his composure. Copying the male protagonists from X-Dian, he put on a noble air and pretended to speak with a deep, domineering voice. “Rest assured, as long as you stay with me, I’ll make sure you’ll be able to eat meat.”
Seeing the pretense on Wu Ye’s doll-like face, Qin Wuhua’s ice cold face cracked a slight smile.
Ji Yun was shocked. He immediately salivated upon hearing the word eat’ and ‘meat.’ It’s not that he was that cheap, but, it had been a year and a half since apocalypse happened. It hasn’t been easy for ordinary survivors to have a full meal, let alone eat meat. Was he kidding? Could ordinary people even afford that?
That’s it. It should be that canned pork that Wu Ye had exchange before. It was also in Wang’s private stock.
Ji Yun’s mind raced. He had not seen Wu Ye shoot, but he could tell that his skill was not that good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been scared of Wang He. However, he now has an evolved person like Qin Wuhua, who could turn second-rank abilities into coal, under his wings. He himself possessed an zombie repellent, he hasn’t heard of. This boy must have a great power behind him!
Ji Yun’s logic was rather grand. The more he ponder about of it, the more convinced he became of his thoughts. Although he felt that Wu Ye seemed a little ‘stupid,’ he tossed his contempt away. He felt thrilled to realize that he was able to finally get close to a big shot.
Thus, a beautiful misunderstanding occurred.
Wu Ye and Ji Yun were both ordinary people. The last two days had been too tense and it zapped out all their energy. Once the danger had passed, their tight nerves finally relaxed as they felt exhaustion and sleepiness set in. They took off their wet clothes and fell asleep on the broken mattress.
Qin Wuhua just woke up and suddenly had to use his awakened ability in a life-and-death situation. He was also exhausted and sleepy. He stared at Wu Ye and Ji Yun for a while before he decided to lie down between them. Afterwards, he squeezed Ji Yun out. Qin Wuhua himself was confused why he did it but decided to ignore it. When he was about to close his eyes, he felt a warm body crawl on top his. Finally, he fell asleep assured and satisfied.  
The apocalypse had honed Ji Yun’s biological clock to be punctual. At the first ray of sunlight climbed above the horizon, he opened his eyes and immediately turned his head to Qin Wuhua’s direction. What met him was a pair of eye cold eyes that numbed his scalp. He saw how Wu Ye has ‘hugged’ him and still soundly asleep, and realization dawned on him. It turned out they have this kind of relationship.
He can’t help but regret his actions. Had he known of their relationship beforehand, he would not have slept in the same room as them. He only wished this pair wound not blame him for disturbing their ‘good deeds’. Although he resented being glared at like that, who told them not to inform him earlier?
Long before the outbreak of apocalypse, many members of the Parliament of China had proposed to legalize same-sex marriage. But before it received its approval, the apocalypse broke out. From this time onward, women’s survival rate plummeted.  In a  high-pressure and panic-filled environment, it was not unusual for two men to live together. 
Why didn’t these two warn him? Did he looked that old-fashioned?
However, Ji Yun would only dare speak such scornful words in his heart. Outwardly, he clasped his hands together apologized to Qin Wuhua. Then he left the room quietly and closed the door.
Qin Wuhua did not say a word.
The truth was actually very far from Ji Yun’s imagination. Wu Ye was simply used to sleeping like an octopus, unknowingly wrapping himself around Qin Wuhua’s hands and feet. As for why Qin Wuhua, who had great strength, did not kick away, Qin Wuhua himself was not sure.
This was the first time Wu Ye had a long, comfortable sleep after coming into this apocalyptic world. When he woke up, he found a pair of sharp, fierce red phoenix eyes staring back at him. Second Young Master Wu’s face flushed, sat up next to Qin Wuhua, and defensively said, “What are you looking at? I just like to hold things in my arms when I sleep. What’s wrong with it?”
Qin Wuhua stood up with a blank expression on his face on answered coldly, “Nothing much.”
Wu Ye kept silent.
He soon discovered the benefits of having a younger brother. 
Ji Yun was very diligent. He got up early, washed, and aired out Wu Ye’s wet clothes, trousers, and shoes. He also went upstairs to checked the few supplies left by Wang He, cooked a pot of porridge, and heated a plate of oil cakes. After he surveyed the neighborhood for some wild vegetables Wu Ye did not know, he stir-fried them. Ji Yun ended up cooking three dishes with simple and crude seasoning. Although it didn’t taste good, in this apocalyptic world, this could be considered a very sumptuous breakfast. Wu Ye, who had been eating sour and pungent nutrient for days, was naturally satisfied with this breakfast.
Qin Wuhua silently swallowed a cold salad full of earthy taste, and watched Wu Ye eat happily by his side, as if he had encountered something amazing. He felt dejected and thought, ‘Do these dishes even taste delicious?’ 

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