End of World’s Businessman Chapter 8.1

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Chapter 008.1 — Misunderstandings [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

Like Wu Ye, Ji Yun was also shocked. However, he was not ignorant like Wu Ye. He had seen evolved people in action, and he knew full well the brutality of what Qin Wuhua’s power had done. In his eyes, Qin Wuhua looked like a monster. He had already spent a year and a half in this apocalyptic world, and had been in many teams with various evolved people of diverse abilities. Nonetheless, he had only witnessed people with second-rank peak ability awakening their powers. He had never seen anyone awaken with a different rank peak ability. This is his first time to witness awakened power that could kill in such a terrible way.

No matter how crazy his enemy was, he was still an evolved person with a second-rank peak ability. But this man in front of him could actually rival a second-rank peak ability. What’s frightening is that he only just awakened his power! Ji Yun’s heart jumped wildly.

In this apocalyptic world, strength is everything.

Ji Yun looked at Qin Wuhua with respect and reverence. A sudden thunderclap was all it took to make Ji Yun let go of his plan of seeking reward from the man.

Qin Wuhua’s gaze brushed past Ji Yun and settled on Wu Ye. He never expected that this little guy would refuse to leave him in such a life-and-death situation. Aside from his brothers who had followed him and died before the apocalypse, only this little guy is the one living being in the world who would do this for him.

But why? They obviously did not know each other. Qin is puzzled.

Wu Ye recalled the lengths he had taken to care for this man for the past 20 days. Looking at how he is now awake, he could finally see his ‘investment’ paying off. “Did you strike that lightning bolt just now?” Hurry up and nod your head.

Wu Ye’s bright eyes looked at him and made Qin Wuhua feel that his ear felt a little hot. He unconsciously turned his gaze away from Wu Ye and blankly said, “Get out of here first. The movement was too loud, so the zombies nearby will come over here soon.”

Wu Ye had many words to say and ask Qin Wuhua. But hearing that the zombies nearby will gather here soon, he kept them back and agreed.

“Wait, boss, this crystal nucleus is yours.” Ji Yun lived a tight life, so he will naturally not miss Wang He’s crystal nucleus. He had been used to doing this tail-sweeping work when working with teams in their missions, that he could be regarded as master in this field. Using a field knife, he skillfully pulled out Wang He’s crystal nucleus that is still hot in his brain. He washed it with rain water, and respectfully held it in front of Qin Wuhua together with Wang He’s pistol.

Wu Ye was silent as he thought, “D*mn it, aren’t you too professional at switching thighs to hold*? Your speed is lightning fast, it could even blind a dog’s eyes made from titanium alloy.”

T/N: “To embrace one’s thigh” is a Chinese idiom that means to find backing from someone stronger or more influential than oneself.

Qin Wuhua examined Ji Yun’s eyes. He is intelligent and his heart is not evil. This apocalyptic world didn’t lack intelligent people. However, warm-hearted men like Ji Yun, who did no flinch in life-and-death situations, were but a few. It could be regarded as fate to have met this kind of person.

“Things like that…” Qin Wuhua wanted to say ‘put it away,’ but he felt burned by a hot sight. Therefore, he swallowed his words back and said, “Give it to him, quickly.”

Wu Ye instantly smiled brightly and thought he really had not misjudged this person!

Ji Yun handed over the crystal nucleus to Wu Ye with the same respectful attitude. Then, the three men quickly returned to the farmhouse before the zombies arrived. It turned out, Wang He only broke the iron chain outside with his pistol and the big iron door. Thus, they could lock the door as usual.

Wu Ye did not hide anything from them this time. He took out the zombie repellent from the bag and sprayed its last spray on the door.

The three men returned to the room, and held their their breath, not daring to make a sound.

The noise they mad had been too loud and attracted a least hundreds of corpses, forming a small tide of zombies. Their mournful howls made Wu Ye’s scalp numb. As the zombie tide scoured around for more prey to eat, they found nothing. They grudgingly ate Wang He’s and the ‘stale’ corpses and left the infected part. Afterwards, they wandered aimlessly through the rainy night.

Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun had been read for a fierce battle. But they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the zombie tide receded just like that. They never expected this to happen at all.

When the sound outside turn silent, Ji Yun curiously asked Wu Ye, “What was that thing that you just sprayed?”

Wu Ye recalled how Ji Yun did not abandon him and even took the initiative to let him escape during that dangerous situation. How many of his friends from his ‘home’ could be this good to him? Wu Ye, then, decided to make Ji Yun his sworn friend as long as they lived. And towards sworn friend, he let down all his guards and casually answered, “zombie repellent.”

Ji Yun’s eyes widened. “What? Zombie repellent? Where did you get it?”

Wu Ye was worried about how to explain the complex ‘Mercenary System.’ Qin Wuhua’s eyes swept over the two of them before it landed on Ji Yun, and said in a cold voice, “You ask too much.”

Qin Wuhua, had slept for around 10 or 20 days. However, he would always wake up in the middle of the night and feel the outside word despite his drowsiness. It was inevitable for him to hear some of Wu Ye’s ‘self-talk’ when bargaining with the system. At first, he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming. But when he heard Wu Ye say ‘zombie repellent,’ he finally realized that it was clearly not a dream. Since the zombie repellent is real, what about the vaccine Wu Ye was talking about? Who did he trade it with?

Qin Wuhua knew full well the fickleness of man’s heart. His instincts told him Wu Ye’s secret must not be exposed to outsiders.

Wu Ye closed his mouth as Ji Yun’s heart jumped anxiously. He hastily said, “Boss, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean anything else, really!”

Qin Wuhua remembered that when he was still in a daze, he heard Wu Ye shouting about how he (Qin Wuhua) should accept being his (Wu Ye’s) number one young brother once he woke up. So, he pointed at Wu Ye briefly said, “Boss.”

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