End of World’s Businessman Chapter 2.1

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Chapter 002.1: The End of The World [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Lkjfsday1, EPM


【…the virus has been removed.】


【Environmental scanning finished. The current world has been completely infected with D virus. D virus will continue to evolve for 1 year and 6 months. Opening Doomsday Mercenary Mode; host’s survival rate is less than 1%.】


【Warning, there are a large number of infected people approaching… 1500 meters ahead.】


【Converting beginner rewards, proceeding to wake up the host.】


【Your sister!】Wu Ye woke up with a jolt of electricity, back aching, almost as if he had been run over by a big truck several, no, dozens of times. Every fibre of his being felt sore. Slowly, he opened his eyes and found himself lying on the ground. The sky was misty and gloomy, shrouded in a thick haze that not even the sharpest, brightest or thinnest of the rays of sunshine could pierce through.


Where is this?


Wu Ye had just woken up and he was still confused. As he struggled to sit up, his hand seemed to touch something cold and sticky. He looked at it closely and exclaimed, “–Oh!” What his hand touched was a badly rotten arm. His hands was smeared with dead paste and the back of his hand also itched. He saw a few fat maggots crawling on top of his hand and a horrible stench hit his face.


“Shit, what–!” Wu Ye jumped away, retching and shook his hand as hard as he could, trying to throw them off, not wanting to deal with the nauseating mess. “This, what is this all about?” Wu Ye’s eyes redden with obvious fear. He was a timid guy since he was a child. Only when he accompanied Wu Li to watch horror movies and played some horror games, did he develop enough courage to come out in the middle of the night alone.


Now though, when this happened, he realized that he was not brave at all; in fact, he was scared to death. He looked into the distance in horror and found that he was in a desolate wilderness covered in withered yellow grass. Amid the grass, lay a few mutilated bodies covered with maggots. Aside from that, he also saw a lot of bones; he could not tell if they belonged to animals or humans. Farther away, there were a few ramshackle houses that looked like farmhouses, and there were also some rusted cars parked on the country lanes.


Wu Ye’s heart was beating frantically. It was hard to take in this view. “Where on earth is this place?” Wu Ye was not dull enough not to notice that there was something wrong. This place didn’t look like China– China was a society ruled by law. Who would dare to throw corpses covered with maggots out in the open so arrogantly, and not get noticed?


【A large amount of infected people are approaching from the front. Host, please prepare to battle or escape as soon as possible!】


“Who, who’s talking?” Wu Ye looked around and found that no one was around him. He listened attentively and found that there seemed to be some sound coming in the distance.


【This is last free warning for beginners: There are a large amount of infected people approaching, host, please prepare for battle or escape as soon as possible!】


Did the voice come from my body?


Wu Ye looked down at himself. He wore a light grey T-shirt, black casual pants, a cool limited edition sneakers, and his cell phone already nowhere to be found in his pockets. So, where did the voice come from?


What did it even mean by beginners? What was the warning? What did infected people mean, host…the host?!


There was a lingering rancid smell around him, his sticky hands, and the pain that came from all over his body, were telling Wu Ye that he was not dreaming.


Did he transmigrate to another world?


What was with ‘host’? Was it the currently popular novel system?


Wu Ye has loved internet novels for ten years already, he was not unfamiliar with the current situation–just because he had read similar novels– but for god’s sake, why did such unscientific things happen to him? His greatest dream is to live a happy life and be free rice worm! Even if he had to transmigrate, couldn’t he transmigrate to somewhere similar to modern world or cultivation world? Why did he have to transmigrate to an apocalypse world?


Shit, there’s a zombies ahead! Living corpses! A horde of zombies!


Wu Ye swore that those zombies are absolutely one thousand times more stimulating than the 3D zombies he saw in World War Zombies at the cinema!


Run! Don’t get paralyzed with fear, RUN FASTER!


At this time, there was another mechanical electronic sound in his ear:【Mandatory Mission: Escape from the Zombies. Accepted by default.】


Wu Ye did not pay attention to what the voice was saying at all. He only rushed desperately away from the zombies. His legs, stimulated by adrenaline, completely surpassed human limits.


The zombies that probably didn’t have adrenaline anymore, but still when they smelled food, they’d became one hundred times more powerful than someone who’s taking X’s medicine.


Death was on Wu Ye’s heels as he heard the roar of the zombies behind getting closer and closer along with their particular stench becoming stronger. He had one thought in mind. He had to run, he absolutely could not fall and be surrounded by zombies.


In desperate situations, the more fearful a person is, their mind would either became sluggish or clear. Wu Ye finally knew that he belonged to the latter.


Looking at the zombies at the back, Wu Ye finally saw a glimmer of life. There was a farmhouse with small yard on the hillside ahead! There was also a large iron door that was half-open!

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