End of World’s Businessman Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 002.2 : The End of The World [2]

Wu Ye took a deep breath and rushed desperately towards the farmhouse.


However, there was someone behind him who rushed faster than him.


Yes, it is a human.


Wu Ye chased the man’s back and ran as fast as he could. Obviously, the man’s target was the same farmhouse. Right now, the situation is urgent, and Wu Ye couldn’t think too much. He only know that he must keep up with the man. He must not let that man shut him out, otherwise, he would die.


Wu Ye almost gave up the strength to breath, still a few steps behind the man. Behind him, the zombies were only ten meters away, and he could almost them biting his throat any moment now.


Finally, the man rushed into the farmhouse. He turned around and started to close the door. Wu Ye wanted to rush in but at the last moment, he tripped over a stone under his feet and fell heavily on the ground.


It’s over.


Wu Ye closed his eyes in despair.


Someone tugged his clothes, and a cold voice said to him, “Hurry up, do you want to die?”


Of course, Wu Ye didn’t want to die. With the help of the man, he got up quickly and rushed into the yard. However, the fall just now had delayed him, and the zombies had flocked to him. Wu Ye felt his neck go cold, and the smell of zombies went straight to his mouth and nose. At that moment, he heard a sigh and saw that the man was actually blocking the zombies mouth with his own arm, shocking him.


In the moment of life and death, Wu Ye’s potential burst through, he picked up the hoe that fell in front of him, turned around and slammed it on the head of a male zombie. The Zombie’s head was smashed but it did not fall, only stunned as his mouth loosened and turned.


Wu Ye, with the man at the end of his strength in one hand and a hoe in the other, rushed into the small yard and fastened the large iron bolt behind the door. The zombies roared and hit the iron door frantically.  Even if the door looked thick, but if the zombies kept hitting it like that, it would only be a matter of time before it gave in.


What should I do?


Before Wu Ye could find a way out of this tense situation, half of a female zombie unexpectedly crawled out of the house. Yes, it was only half of her body. The clothes that she had worn before she died had already broken to its last threads. Her intestines are exposed to the air and dragged along with what was left of her hair, spread messily behind her. Her face had been gnawed beyond recognition, with half of her gums exposed, she roared with excitement as she crawled towards Wu Ye.


Wu Ye had almost never fought with anyone in his life except for the dead bodies he had just smashed. He had never killed a chicken, let alone a man. Even if the zombies are no longer alive, they were once living humans. Even if their current appearance was like that of a ghost, that was still human face. Wu Ye’s hand shook violently once that life and death moment passed.


Qin Wuhua didn’t expect to save such a soft guy before he died. The outbreak of D virus had lasted for more than a year, and yet there were still fools who couldn’t kill the zombies. He really did not know how this man survived, but seeing as he’s dying anyway, what did it matter to him if this man could survive or not?


Wu Ye suddenly heard a bang and turned his head to see that the man who has just saved his life was lying on the ground. Only then did he discover that besides the injury the man got from saving him, there were still many other wounds on his body, some of which has already turned black with pus and blood.


Wu Ye’s heart clenched. He gritted his teeth and stopped hesitating. He steadied the hoe in his hand and went to the dead woman before he smashed her head hard. He smashed it more than ten times until the dead woman’s did not move anymore, not only to ensure his survival but also to vent. Wu Ye’s eyelids hung over his eyes as he gasped for more air.


“Hey, are you alright?” Wu Ye went to Qin Wuhua and tried to help him up. Qin Wuhua shook his head gently and pushed Wu Ye’s hand away.


This man is his life-saving benefactor, and Wu Ye still has some conscience with him. He wouldn’t leave him alone if he could help it. Therefore, he ask, “You’re badly hurt. Do you have a vaccine?” Viral vaccines are a very important item in ‘Resident Evil’.


Qin Wuhua who has always been cold hearted, didn’t expect to meet such a funny fellow before he died. Vaccine? If he had that thing, would he still be chased around by the zombies?


“Hey, don’t close your eyes, you have to talk.” Wu Ye is really anxious, not only because the man in front of him is his lifesaver, but also because he knows that he could not survive in this world of zombies alone. He didn’t have food, weapons, or survival equipment, and the most deadly thing was that he did not even know where east and west are. Where could he run to?


If it’s playing online games, there’s no need to care for fallen NPCs. There were always replacements from the little geeks who are happy to play without even asking. Besides, in cyber games, losing their lives meant nothing as they could always be resurrected indefinitely. Now though, if the group of zombies outside rushed in, he estimated that he would not even have the chance to become a zombie. He would be eaten until nothing was left.


Qin Wuhua felt that his body was getting colder and his consciousness was fading away. He thought that it was not easy to see a person who sincerely does not want to die at the end of his life. From the age of sixteen, he had paid for the Li family, giving them the necessities that they needed for twelve years. In the end, he was abandoned as a waste. He was going to die, only, it was a pity that he did not know the state of the brothers who accompanied him in life and death. He did not know how many of them would survive after this time, but they were harmed by their own choice.


The things I owe to my brothers, I’ll pay them back in the afterlife, so now let’s help this person one last time, “…Kill me and throw me out. Go east. There’s a base…” Qin Wuhua’s voice grew faint, and before he could finish speaking, he had already fallen unconscious and fell to the ground


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