End of World’s Businessman Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 011.2 — A Man Called Professor Li [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

“… Boss, Boss, lunch is ready. Come out for lunch quickly,” Ji Yun shouted helplessly as he looked at the scorching sun up in the sky.

Wu Ye opened his eyes and found that his body pains were all gone, just like how he felt better after meditating. He could clearly feel his mental and physical states were exceptionally good.

[My good karma has finally paid off!] Wu Ye laughed so gleefully, he could be considered a ‘show off’.

The system knew when to rub salt to an open wound, and at the most critical of times. [Someone once drew out the first-rate reward by completing a G-rank task.] Top rewards are classified into four categories: Heaven, Earth, Mystery, and Yellow. Rewards in the yellow categories can already overturn rivers and seas.

T/N: Overturning rivers and seas means overwhelming or earth-shattering

Wu Ye forced a stiff smile and asked, [What level of skill is the Basic Breathing Technique?] [It has no grade.] [What does it mean to have no grade?]

Coldly, the system spat out three new words it learned. [Common, basic goods.]

F*ck me!

The system ‘saw’ the way the host choked at this information and did not want to hit him even more. Thus, it decided to explain things. [Before the first gene chain is unlocked, you need to constantly strengthen the gene. By practicing the ‘Basic Breathing Technique’, you could improve your chances of survival in this world.

Wu Ye’s wonderful fantasy was broken and asked feebly, [What is my current rate of survival?]

Less than 1%.

The system sensed that if the real data was given to this stupid host, he would immediately demand to go back to his own world. However, this world had lots of specific energies they both needed. It did not really want the host to leave this world. But according to the third law of operation, keeping the host here now was already interfering with the host’s decision. Then again, if it didn’t say anything, then it shouldn’t be against the law, right?

After the system forced activated, its core program stored some data about cosmic mercenary system. It wasn’t sure if it’s an illusion or not, but according to the sparse data it had, it seemed that this system was not the same as the others. It seemed to have something more. Could it be infected with a virus program?

Once again, the system was in deep thoughts as it ran a self-check program in utter silence.

Outside, Ji Yun was knocking at the door shouting, “Boss! Boss!”

“Wait a minute. I’ll be out after I wash my face.”

Although the slum house was not very good, it was at least connected to the water network. The former owner knew how to live a good life and even assembled a shower with tin buckets. Feeling sticky, Wu Ye decided to take a cold bath. However, he realized he had forgotten to bring toothpaste and toothbrush when he was already in the bathroom. Fortunately, trading for these two items were not expensive. A large tube of toothpaste and two toothbrushes, together with a pure cotton towel only cost 1 point and 1 crystal nucleus. Since Wu Yue had saved a small amount, he immediately waved a big hand and bought the whole set, so he could come out clean and refreshed.

When he reached next door, Professor Li and Ji Yun were already sitting at the small table, waiting for him.

“What about Wuhua?” Wu Ye asked.

“Qin-ge went to Zombie Hunters’ Union to take some tasks. He had gone out with others to some time ago. He also said that when you wake up, I should accompany you around Lan Cheng Base so you could familiarize yourself with its environment.

Wu Ye was actually curious about Lan Cheng base. After a meager lunch, he watched the student-professor duo debug their ‘zombie detectors’ for a while, then he set out with Ji Yu around sunset.

Talking to Ji Yun, Wu Ye learned that there was no basic national policy and family planning here like in his own world. People here still follow the olden belief that having more children would bring more prosperity to a family. It’s no wonder the population had already exceeded the 2 billion mark, reaching 2.4 billion people.

According to the history book he read, when Opium War started, the Qing Dynasty was overthrown, and the middle-class population took over. After drastic reforms and two world wars, China, with its abundant human resources and massive market, was able to go head-to-head with the elites of the United States. However, the similarities between both worlds could be terrifying. When he found out that Grandpa Mao was also the Chinese president in this world, he exclaimed that some people are always destined to be heroes.

However, history had made cruel twists at some critical points that would cause the entire world to experience drastic changes.

Without even finishing to explore Lan Cheng’s trade market, Wu Ye had already concluded that the technology in this world was at least 10 years ahead compared from his own.

While people back in his world were proud of their little discoveries on artificial intelligence, people in this world had already invented artificial intelligence and had even made the technology accessible to the public.

“Hey chap, you’ve stared long enough. Aren’t you buying?” The owner would have kicked Wu Ye had he not been quite a looker. It was still okay to look around his store and touch products like a nerd, but this guy even started playing on the latest model of a tablet computer.

This tablet had a light and compact finish. Wu Ye switched it on and navigated through its interface. He then held its flat panel against the sun for half an hour while playing with it. Surprisingly, the tablet did not even turn warm after playing with it for some time. In fact, the battery was still fully charged. When Wu Ye heard the stall owner spoke, he put down the tablet. However, a hologram of a person sprang out from the middle of the tablet and looked at him tearfully. With a sticky voice, it called out, “Master, buy this prince! This prince is very capable.”

Damn, did you now how shameful acting cute is?!

“Master, please, won’t you buy me?”

Second young master Wu Ye was speechless.

“Master, this prince have lots of good games saved in it.”

“…Boss, how much is this?” The second young master was definitely not attracted to the games. He just felt that this AI was too pitiful.

The stall owner looked around and saw that there was no inspector around. Then he lowered his voice and said, “I don’t sell this stuff.”

HEXIE: I’m going AWOL for next week. FINAL is finally here.

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