End of World’s Businessman Chapter 11.1

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Chapter 011.1 — A Man Called Professor Li [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

Although the ingredients Ji Yun bought were quite ordinary, the Professor’s exceptional cooking skills were far beyond ordinary. Even the pot of typical potatoes and roasted meat the professor made, could whet Qin Wuhua’s appetite so much that he ate until he was unable to get up from his chair.

“Professor Li, your cooking skills are superb!” Don’t even mention those awful-tasting nutrients he had been forced to eat for days. If possible, he wouldn’t eat those ever again, especially after tasting Professor Li’s expertise. Eating the food he cooked was absolutely the best.

Professor Li was getting older. As he aged, he became more fond of the younger generation. Wu Ye appeared and behaved like one from an influential family. His honeyed tongue sure could spew out sweet words effortlessly. He might be Xiao Ji’s boss, but his rare lack of pretentious air, made Professor Li adore him more.

He laughed and looked much younger. “Well, life is all about drinking and eating well. To be able to cook this well, I studied under a famous chef. My master even said that even if I didn’t teach in the future, I would never grow hungry.”

“My parents had always said I was a foodie. But compared to you now, I can see I’m still far from such status, Professor,” Wu Ye said as he patted his bursting belly. Why didn’t he meet such a lovely old man when he was in university? Had he did, perhaps he would have turned into a good student. Wu Ye’s personality was like this. To put it nicely, he was pretty laid back. To put it bluntly, he was careless and had no plans for the future. In this world, both points were considered detrimental.

If the person who had transmigrated was someone else, and not Wu Ye, he would have been worried to death, unlike Wu Ye who could still joke around with people.

“Pei, what foodie? I’m a gourmet.”

“Wait, there’s no difference between the two right, Wuhua?” As thick-skinned as always, he had no qualms in acting familiar with people. He felt that addressing Qin Wuhua using only his first name, sounded more intimate. If you think about it, Wu Ye, Wuhua, didn’t it sound like they’re from one family?

Qin Wuhua, who had been motionless since the start of the meal, nodded in full view of everyone.

“Haha, see? See?”

Even though Professor Li was old, he could still be petty like a child. He got so angry and glared at them, saying, “Today’s children really did not know how to respect their elders. The moral state of the world had been in a real decline!”

Being a troublemaker at heart, Wu was anxious to stir up mischief, that he playfully countered, “You pride yourself on being a senior, when the truth is you’re just capitalizing on your old age!”

“Hey, you little brat!”

From time to time, playful bursts of laughter were heard from the slum area, making the cruel night somehow lighter and warmer.

The population in the slum area is quite large. Some people move away when they manage to earn a fortune, some were driven away for not being able to pay for accommodation, while some others were unable to return after leaving the city. In short, there were very few people who could live in this place for a long time. That was why, when Qin Wuhua registered for accommodation near Ji Yun’s house number, he easily got the one right next to Ji Yun’s house. It turned out, their neighbor had made a small fortune two days ago, and used it to move to an apartment building.

So, after getting the house, Wu Ye pushed open the door and went in. At a glance, the house was much cleaner than Ji Yun’s. After all, Ji Yun and Professor Li worked on small inventions tirelessly, so their house was filled with all kinds of fine (broken), dense (copper), and iron (rotten) instruments. Besides, the former owner of the house cleaned up the house well before moving out. It looked like the former owner hit it big since he left almost everything behind, a good fortune beyond Wu Ye’s expectation.

Still, he had some grievance. “Why is there only one bed? Where will you sleep?” Actually, the twin bed was spacious enough to fit two grown men.

Qin Wuhua looked at him with an expressionless face. Fine, I couldn’t be inconsiderate to my younger brother. He shouldn’t have the same judgement that I have, Wu Ye thought with a guilty conscience.

“My sleeping habits are not good. If you don’t mind that, you can sleep on the bed.” Using an imposing aura of a young master, he generously gestured to the bed, completely forgetting that the owner of the house was not him in the first place.

Maintaining his ice cold expression, he retorted, “Is it merely no good?”

“……” After being hit by countless invisible arrows, the second young master could only kneel down and crumble to the ground.

This man is simply too hateful! He just can’t play around at all!

The second young master held his breath and decided to ignore this bastard. But half an hour after the “bastard” laid in bed, a naked fellow crept up into his arms. In the dark of the night, Qin Wuhua finally mustered a slight smile.

Wu Ye slept throughout the night, and did not wake up until 10 the next day. When he woke up, he was alone in the room. While rolling on the bed, bored, he suddenly remembered he had just completed the mandatory mission [Going to Lan Cheng Base]. He pulled up the system control panel and clicked on the task button. The task page indicated that he had completed the mission with and E- rating.

[System, make sure to give me a good reward.] Below the [Do you want to receive the task reward?] prompt, Wu Ye nervously pressed ‘accept’.

Points: 50, <Basic Breathing Technique> x 1

Suddenly, obscure texts flashed in his Wu Ye’s mind. At a glance, it was obviously an unfamiliar language, yet he was able to understand each word clearly. It was as if these words were engraved in his mind. Wu Ye meditated on the meaning of these words again and again. And while he was doing so, he unconsciously took the standard ‘five-mind posture toward the heavens’ pose, as he unknowingly adjusted and slowed down his breathing. After a long interval, Wu Ye could feel a weak force wandering around his entire body, sometimes smooth, sometimes sharp. Although he was not aware of the time, he noticed that the already smooth flow became even smoother, the sharp flow had also become smoother, and the weak force flow seemed to have grown a little stronger.

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