Black Bellied President Chapter 34

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34 —- Chairman’s Assistant of Jing Sheng Corporation

It was a bit past midnight and Shangguan Ning’s phone that laid beside her pillow suddenly began to ring.

The ringtone woke her up from her dreams in alarm.

Shangguan Ning glanced at the screen, it was an unknown caller. Her mood after being woken up with the startling noise was not well, so she hung up without thinking.

But the unknown number kept on calling her nonstop. She wrinkled her eyebrows as she picked up.

“Hello, who is this?”

Xie Zhuojun’s flustered and exaggerated yell was transmitted through the phone: “Shangguan Ning why did you go to Shangguan’s home again! Can’t you calm down for a bit? Why are you so unwilling to see me happy?!”

Shangguan Ning was entirely awake when she heard that it was Xie Zhuojun.

She was woken up by someone in the middle of the night and showered with criticism. Nobody would have been happy with that, let alone the fact that this was Xie Zhuojun whom Shangguan wanted to hear from the least.

“You forgot to take your medicine today didn’t you. Why are you venting out at me in the middle of the night!” Shangguan Ning’s tone was cold, full of sarcasm and ridicule: “What does me going home have anything to do with you! I have no concern regarding how well you are doing, but I did say to not to disturb my life! I already let you guys off and I’m not going to continue bickering about the old problems. But if you guys continue to provoke me, then we’ll re-discuss the old and new debts!”

On the other side of the phone, Xie Zhuojun clearly blanked out for a second.

The reason he called Shangguan Ning was due to anger that sparked when Shangguan Rouxue was weeping to break up with him. But he didn’t expect that she would respond so fiercely.

Before, she would always stick around him and speak in a soft and delicate tone. She smiled from ear to ear everyday and she would never get mad at him, in fact, she was very thoughtful when she took care of him.

He was long used to the Shangguan Ning that worked hard without complaint. However from the last two visits, he felt like he didn’t even recognize her anymore.

Especially today. Her words had an indescribable coldness and distance.

While he blanked out, he heard her coldly ask: “How do you have my phone number? It was Shangguan Rouxue who gave it to you again wasn’t it? She has such great abilities, I just changed my number and she already found it! Why doesn’t she change her profession and become a detective!”

Unsure of why, Xie Zhuojun felt anger and pain swell up when he heard Shangguan Ning talk to him in this tone.

Once he was mad, the words that came out of his mouth became severely unpleasant to hear: “How I got your number is not important. What is important, is the fact that you went to her place yesterday to force her to leave me! You are truly shameless. Even without Lil’ Xue, I wouldn’t even look at someone like you twice! You’re such a vicious person, nobody would want you in your lifetime!”

Shangguan Ning’s heart felt painful and sorrowful, as if it had been stricken by a dagger. This was the person whom she painstakingly nursed for more than two years. When he was lying on the patient bed with nothing but weak and feeble breathing, all she hoped for was that he could open his eyes and speak to her, even if it was only one sentence.

When he talked to her now, the words that came out weren’t even human!

The originally healed wounds in her heart was once again teared open. She tried so hard to forget about the past, yet it emerged before her eyes again.

She will always remember returning home that rainy day and seeing the two of them in bed, closely embracing each other.

Her heart was bleeding, her entire body was shaking, yet she still responded calmly and rationally: “I didn’t pressure Shangguan Rouxue to leave you. I went home yesterday to find Shangguan deputy mayor so that he can help me deal with my dismissal from school. I only said a total of two sentences to your girlfriend, less than 10 words. You only heard what you wanted to hear, you were led by the nose, you didn’t even get the rights and wrongs of the matter clear before you came to question me. I really look down upon you! As well, if you guys continue to privately search for my phone number, I will not tolerate it anymore.”

Xie Zhuojun was indeed regretful after saying those words. After listening to Shangguan Ning speak, he was even more remorseful.

His father always said that he was credulous, easily impulsive when dealing with matters. He needed to properly self-discipline himself for a few years.

He wasn’t convinced before, but now, he had somewhat accepted it.

He didn’t believe what Shangguan Ning said, but his suspicion towards Shangguan Rouxue’s words began to emerge.

He had always believed without a doubt that Shangguan Rouxue was the most kind hearted, the most pure, and that she wouldn’t lie to him. But, did Lil’ Xue mistake Shangguan Ning?

Moreover, when Lil’ Xue called him yesterday, all she did was cry about wanting to break up with him, saying that she was going to return him to her sister. But she never mentioned anything about Shangguan Ning being fired from school.

Maybe Lil’ Xue was too broken hearted, so she….. forgot to talk about it?

Xie Zhuojun found a somewhat reasonable explanation with difficulty.

But why would Shangguan Ning be dismissed from her school with no cause or reason?!

He was about to open his mouth to ask what happened, but all he heard was a “du du du” sound being transmitted from the phone.

Shangguan Ning, how dare she hang up on his call!

She used to always wait until he hung up the phone before she did herself. She always had endless patience towards him.

Now, was she so unwilling to hear his voice?

Xie Zhuojun finally understood with hindsight, that one of the most important things in his life had disappeared.

But he still wanted the answer as to why Shangguan Ning was fired from school.

Since he couldn’t ask Shangguan Ning, then he had to ask Lil’ Xue. She would surely tell him.

But it was already very late. Lil’ Xue was likely already asleep. He had to wait until the next day to ask.

Shangguan Ning hung up the call, but for a long time, she couldn’t fall asleep.

It was clearly the two of them who owed her. How come in the end, it seemed as if she had owed them!

Shangguan Rouxue had excellent schemes and tricks, just like her mom who loved to steal other people’s husband. They really knew how to invert black and white.

She previously though that hating on others was a major form of torture for oneself. Therefore she was naive enough to let them get away with it, to also free herself.
Looking at it now, she shouldn’t have been so weak, and she could no longer hide from her problems.

She won’t try to snatch back the things she lost, but if someone was to tyrannize her, she will not swallow her anger anymore.

Shangguan Ning woke up slightly later the next morning since she couldn’t sleep well at night.

She just finished freshening up when she received a call from her uncle.

“Hi, uncle.”

“Lil’ Ning,” Huang Lihan’s tone was rather cheerful, ”I introduced some of your basic information to a friend and he was very satisfied with your background. He wants to recruit you as an assistant for his corporation’s chairman, but he doesn’t have the final say in the company. The board of directors still needs to approve it. But don’t worry, it’s just a mere formality, so they need a copy of your resume. Send me a copy when you have time and you’ll likely be able to start on the job next week!”

Shangguan Ning didn’t expect her uncle’s efficiency to be so high. In less than a day, he had already solved the problem regarding her job.

She couldn’t help mimicking his happiness when she noticed her uncle’s cheerful mood: “Alright, I’ll send you my resume in a while. Which company is it? I will definitely work well and I won’t let you down!”

Huang Lihan laughed out loud: “My niece is truly amazing, only winning honour for her uncle. If it wasn’t for your excellent background, they might not even accept you no matter how much I recommend you. So your entrance in was also dependant on your abilities. You certainly know this company, it’s Jing Sheng Corporation!”

What? Jing Sheng Corporation!?

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