Black Bellied President Chapter 33

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33 —- New Job

Shangguan Ning took a simple shower once she returned home.

She still had wounds on her body, especially at the back of her head, which kept on aching dully. Mu Qing advised her to stay away from water, so she had no choice but to simply wash herself.

Guo Shuai was real ruthless at the time, as if they had such deep hatred towards each other.

She was already cautious and solemn, but in the end she still ended up provoking a disaster.

Sometimes, there was no use in blindly cowering and stepping back. One must strike back when they ought to.

She settled down her emotions, trying to make herself happier. Now that she didn’t have to go to work, she could properly rest at home.

She wanted to take advantage of this time to quickly find a new house and move out, otherwise her aunt and cousin might come back to her doorstep and cause another ruckus.

She still needed to check on her coffee shop in the next few days. It’s been a month since she had last been there, she was unaware of how the operation was doing.

She had employed a group of specialists to manage her coffee shop, which had been an old store in operation before she left the country. There were a lot of regular customers and the business was generally well.

Running a comforting and romantic coffee shop to provide a quiet place for emotionally unstable people to relax was always her mother’s wish. Unfortunately, she never saw her dream come true even until the last moment of her life. Every second of her life was spent bustling for her husband and daughter. She was always giving to others without requesting for anything in return.

Once Shangguan Ning thought about her mother’s inexplicable suicide, the hatred in her heart grew stronger. Tears began to fall without control.

But she knew that her mother didn’t want to see her cry. Her mother loved her joyful, happy appearance.

Shangguan Ning pulled herself together. She wanted to find a new job, after all she had a doctorate degree after studying abroad, it was unlikely that nobody wanted to hire her.

She was just about to click on the web page to look at the job application when the phone rang.

The phone displayed the contact, her uncle.

She immediately picked it up.

Huang Lihan’s concerning and loving voice was transmitted through the phone: “Lil’ Ning, it’s your uncle, how are you doing lately?”

“I’m doing well, no need to worry about me uncle.” Shangguan Ning’s tone was purposely revealing a relaxed feeling, hoping to assure Huang Lihan.

But Huang Lihan’s following words immediately struck her back to her true appearance.

“I heard that you’re not working at the university anymore?”

Huang Lihan used the most tactful wording. In reality, he knew that Shangguan Ning was dismissed by the school. However he was unclear of the specific details as the school refused to leak out any intentions. It was evident that someone was tyrannically trying to keep it under control.

Shangguan Ning was not too surprised. Her uncle was always silently paying attention to her behind her back, so it wasn’t possible for him not to know that she was fired by the school, it was only a matter of time.

She lightly replied with an “en,” but she was afraid that he would worry, so she hurriedly let out a laugh and responded: “It’s fine, I wanted to properly rest for a bit as well. I lost my job, so let it be. Someone like your niece isn’t worried about being unemployed.”

But Huang Lihan was extremely angry: “How can that be, your uncle definitely won’t agree if the school doesn’t give an us an answer. Tell me, did you face any problems at school? Your father, Shangguan Zheng, doesn’t care?!”

Shangguan Ning’s heart felt slightly bitter.

It would be good if Shangguan Zheng didn’t care. She could make the problem worse and force those that framed her to come out and clear the rumors. But if he got involved, although the rumors may temporarily be under control, it would also verify that she was set up by someone.

“I didn’t face any problems. Don’t bother the school anymore, everything is in the past.” This issue, whether or not the truth was revealed, would harm her. She hoped that this event would quickly become the past. She had no desire to recall what had happened that day.

Huang Lihan distinguished the gloominess in Shangguan Ning’s mood. He immediately changed the topic: “How about this, your uncle will help you find a new job. Your mom has an allotted share in Huang’s Real Estate anyways, from now on, you can help your uncle manage the company! Why don’t you come be a deputy director?”

Shangguan Ning immediately stood up, alarmed, and shook her head despite being seperated by the phone: “Absolutely not uncle! You’ve managed Huang’s Real Estate extremely well. I won’t go to cause you any trouble. As for my mom’s shares, you can help me manage them! I will positively find a job, no need to worry about me.”

Huang Lihan knew that Shangguan Ning didn’t want to come to Huang’s Real Estate. She was always very thoughtful, refusing to cause him any trouble. If his wife, Lin Yu, could be more generous and care for his younger sister’s sole flesh and blood, his niece would have been more close to him and would have lived a more relaxed lifestyle.

He tried to persuade her for a bit longer, but Shangguan Ning refused to work at his company.

“If you don’t want to come, then forget about it. Your uncle will see if there are any other good companies and recommend you. No need to find a job yourself, just wait for your uncle’s news.” Huang Lihan was left without a choice. He could only let her off to work at another corporation.

Shangguan Ning still wanted to decline, but she was interrupted by her uncle’s serious tone: “Lil’ Ning, I’m aware of your abilities. It’s not difficult to find a job, but you must trust your uncle, give your uncle a chance to take care of you. I regard you as my own daughter, do you really need to treat me as an outsider?”

Shangguan Ning was speechless.

Of course she trusted her uncle. She just didn’t want to make anything inconvenient for him.

If she continued to reject, her uncle was truly going to be upset.

She smiled as a layer of warmth invaded her heart: “It’s so nice to have an uncle who loves me dearly, I don’t have to worry about anything! Then I won’t find a job anymore. If I can’t afford to eat, then you can support me!”

Her childish tone amused Huang Lihan, making his mood brighten up: “Alright, your uncle will support you! Have fun these days. Once I arrange a job for you, don’t whine about your hardships!”

The uncle and niece laughed for a bit, then hung up the call.

Huang Lihan sat in the spacious and simple office at Huang’s Real Estate and thought deeply about his niece’s job.

He should arrange for her a job where he can take care of her. His niece was not only pretty, she had an outstanding educational background and good work habits. He didn’t even consider the small corporations. He knew a lot of large companies, but there were only few that he could trust.

He thought for a bit and a flash of realization came across.

Not long ago, he went out for a meal with Jing Zhongxiu, the chairman of Jing Sheng Corporation. He distinctly remembered him mentioning that he was planning on giving his son authority of the company so that he could retreat behind the scenes and live in ease and comfort.

He saw Jing Zhongxiu’s son before, what was his name again, Jing Yichen. He was born with a grand appearance, even more outstanding than his father. He even praised the child at the time, using the saying that “the student surpases the master” to describe him.

The only thing was that his character was a bit too cold and detached, making others feel that he was not amenable to reason.

But it was often that the more calm and steady someone was, the more likely they would succeed. In addition, these type of people did not likely act hard on others deliberately.

When the moment comes, he’ll greet Jing Zhongxiu and ask him to look after her a bit, this way, Shangguan Ning’s life will likely be much better. At least she won’t have to endure more problems like being fired.

Once Huang Lihan thought about this, he immediately called his old friends and made plans to go out for a meal together.

This was directly related to his niece’s life, he needed to have a proper chat with his old mates.

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