Black Bellied President Chapter 31

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31 —- His And Her Life Are Exactly The Same

After the major havoc, Shangguan Ning, without turning her head, walked out of the house. This home no longer has a single place worth fondly remembering..

The young security guard outside the neighbourhood gates glanced at her with suspicion when she came out so quickly.

Shangguan Ning wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to the security guard’s look of suspicion, she was completely buried by coldness and exhaustion.

Water was still dripping from both of her cheeks. Her hair was messy, looking rather chaotic.

The northern wind, mixed with dried branches and dead leaves, whistled past, bringing bitter coldness that penetrated the bone.

Shangguan Ning walked down the stairs step by step. All the strength in her body seemed to have been stripped dry instantly. The tiny bit of hope at the bottom of her heart became desperation.

Her body was still full of bruises, the wounds on her head were also aching dully. These sorrows made her body weak and powerless. As her foot slipped, her entire body tumbled down the tall steps.

The pain she had expected didn’t appear, she fell into a warm and soft embrace.

Shangguan Ning’s instinct made her clutch his thick and broad waist. She raised her eyes and saw his familiar yet handsome face.

She endured the pain, managing a smile, and asked: “Why did you come back?”

“I never left.” Jing Yichen’s voice was deep, tangled with faint sympathy and anger.

In such a short period of time, Shangguan Ning was fine when she walked in, yet she came out entirely a mess.

Is her house a dragon’s home, a tiger’s den!? [1]

With a sweep of the hand, he held Shangguan Ning horizontally in his arms and carried her into the warm car.

Shangguan Ning did not struggle to free herself. She laid peacefully in Jing Yichen’s warm and steady arms, and a bit of comfort filled her empty heart.

How nice, he still didn’t leave.

Fortunately, he was still waiting for her.

But, why was she always so battered and exhausted in front of him?

She buried her head in his chest and suddenly began to cry bitterly.

Tears quickly soaked Jing Yichen’s clothing. He didn’t mind at all. He hugged her, merely feeling sorry for the pain she had to endure. Hepatted her back lightly, giving her silent comfort.

Maybe she was too tired, or maybe it was the pain on her body beginning to manifest. After sobbing for a while, Shangguan Ning lost consciousness.

When Jing Yichen could no longer hear a sound out of the girl in his arms, only the tender figure against his body, He immediately started the car, alarmed, and rushed to Mu Hospital.

Mu Hospital was brightly lit, Mu Qing was already waiting in the emergency room. He immediately stepped forward when Jing Yichen appeared with someone in his arms.

After Mu Qing carefully examined her, he released the breath he was holding.

“Everything is fine. She was injured yesterday and physically wounded by the intense medicine. She was greatly stimulated psychologically today, so she fainted temporarily. She’s normally in good health, so she should be fine after resting for some time. But she should be properly recovering for the next bit, don’t irritate her, otherwise she might leave behind some sequelae.”

After listening to his words, Jing Yichen’s heart released a breath. He nodded at him coldy, yet his wrinkled eyebrows did not settle.

Mu Qing was unsatisfied with his expression. On the way here, he called him with a rash and frightening tone. He thought that someone’s life was on the line!

Can he not make a fuss about nothing!

He was never like this before! This morning, he was so handsome when he messed with the people of the Red Night Triad! Look at him now, a spiritless appearance aroused by a woman, how embarrassing!

Could it be that the strength of love was really that powerful?

No, that’s not right. A person like Jing Yichen only knew how to put on a poker face all day, he’s completely a cold-blooded animal, he has no idea what love is!

He wanted to extend his hand and pat Jing Yichen’s shoulder when he remember that he disliked the touch of others. The last time he attempted to pat his back, he was thrown over the shoulder. The soreness and aching was still a lingering fear for him to this day. Without any better option, he patted his own thigh with the hand he stuck out.

“From my opinion Chen boss, it’s only a woman, is it worth it? Your brother had almost been tormented to death by you!”

“You don’t understand. You will understand when you come across one yourself in the future.” There wasn’t a bit of expression on Jing Yichen’s face. His tone was cold, it seemed like there wasn’t any difference between his usual demeanor.

But Mu Qing could distinguish that he was serious.

He couldn’t help thinking that it was ridiculous. The way he said those words, it felt as if he had a better understanding of affections!

But one must know that Jing Yichen’s relationships were completely blank. On the other hand, Master Mu had a rich history of love. Yet now, he was being looked down upon by an idiot who knew nothing about affections!

It was truly more than one could bear, yet he still had to endure it!

He couldn’t mock Jing Yichen, but he could still provoke him!

“Does she know that you like her? Her eyes had a sense of purity when I saw her this morning, she doesn’t look like she would like someone like you!”

He thought that with Jing Yichen’s arrogance, he would be ashamed into anger, but he didn’t expect him to think deeply for a moment, and respond while nodding: “You’re right, she doesn’t know yet, it was only my own wishful thinking.”

Mu Qing was so startled that he almost bit his own tongue off. Stammering, he replied: “You…. You….. Your IQ dropped to zero!”

It was such a shameful thing, yet he actually spoke of it with such a calm expression!

Wasn’t he the one that used to disdain those types of women? Wasn’t he the one that used to look down upon those that lost control of themselves for love?

He watched as Jing Yichen fished out his handkerchief and gently wiped away the droplets on the girl’s face. He carefully applied a layer of medicine——her pale face had a distinct handprint, which clearly revealed that she had been fiercely slapped by someone.

This was definitely not the Jing Yichen he knew.

From his impression, Jing Yichen was a grim, heartless pronoun. When was he ever so gentle and soft before?

He walked angrily out of the high-quality hospital ward. From one aspect, he thought that Jing Yichen ruined his grand and outstanding image in his mind. From another aspect, he thought that the scene was also extraordinarily beautiful.

Jing Yichen gently caressed Shangguan Ning’s delicate and pale cheeks. He paused for a second when he reached the handprint that shocks the eye and astonishes the heart.

Who slapped her?

Who dare slap her!

No matter who it was, he certainly won’t let him get away with it!

Shangguan Ning, who was fast asleep, wrinkled her brows lightly, as if there was something painful that kept on tangling her in her dreams.

His large hand gently soothed her slightly wrinkled eyebrows, hoping that she could sleep more peacefully.

Back then when he was still outside the country, he had already looked over the profiles of City A’s government officials since he was about to take over Jing Sheng Corporation.

Since Shangguan Zheng was the deputy mayor, he was ranked second out of all the officials.

He distinctly remembered that on Shangguan Zheng’s relatives list, besides from himself, he only had a daughter called Shangguan Rouxue.

Either the person who gathered the resources at Jing Sheng Corporation did not take the job seriously, or someone was intentionally suppressing Shangguan Ning’s information.

She was Shangguan deputy mayor’s honourable daughter, yet there were few people who knew about it. Instead, her younger sister, Shangguan Rouxue, was the deputy mayor’s eldest daughter whom everyone knew of.

Who could have had the ability to suppress the deputy mayor’s domestic affairs?

There was no doubt, it must be Shangguan Zheng himself.

After getting acquainted with Shangguan Ning, he regathered information regarding the Shangguan family.

Her mother passed away a long time ago, her stepmother, along with her daughter, burst into her home and dominated her father. Her younger sister snatched her fiance, forcing her to travel to foreign lands to study abroad.

Her life must not have been easy right? No wonder she always gives off a deserted, cold, and cheerless aura even when she smiles.

Hehe, her life is nearly identical to his!

Is this a rare type of destiny?

[1] dragon’s home, tiger’s den [龙潭虎穴] is a direct translation of a Chinese phrase indicating an extremely danger place, a place that you might be immediately killed.

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