Black Bellied President Chapter 29

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29 —- Eldest Daughter Returns

Jing Yichen looked at the silently endured resolute on Shangguan Ning’s pale face. He was suddenly unsure of whether or not to tell her the answer.

The truth is often cruel, the lies are often beautiful.

But if he didn’t tell her, he was afraid that Shangguan Ning would get the worst out of the situation as everything was hidden from her.

“I asked Guo. Following what he said, I found the middleman. He said, someone was paying a huge price to help him.”

“Who is it?”

Jing Yichen stayed silent, but eventually responded: “Shangguan Deputy Mayor.”

As these words came out, Shangguan Ning’s heart immediately fell to rock bottom. She subconsciously yelled: “This isn’t possible!”

Jing Yichen couldn’t bear it. He knew that if one’s own father was to harm oneself like this, no one would be able to accept it.

But after they asked the people of the Red Night Triad today, they only received an answer like this.

It should not have been wrong.

Shangguan Ning’s heart ached it until it was impossible to hurt even more, yet she still couldn’t believe it.

“This isn’t possible. Even if he doesn’t think of me as his daughter, even if he hates me, he wouldn’t do this to me. This doesn’t give him the least bit of an advantage at all.”

She mumbled to herself, slowly returning to reality from her distress.

AdvertisementThis issue was becoming more and more odd, every bit of it exhibited a sense of strangeness. The person behind this most certainly wanted to ruin her.

Shangguan Zheng was her father. If he were to trade her for a business deal, there would definitely be benefits for him.

Yet this event had no avantages for someone who was about to compete for the position of mayor. Having a sl*tty daughter would have greatly tainted his reputation.

According to her understanding of Shangguan Zheng, he would never do something like this.

When she thought about this, Shangguan Ning abruptly lifted her head, looked at Jing Yichen, and asked: “Did you get something wrong? “

Jing Yichen looked at her eyes that were as clear as water. That pair of clean, gorgeous eyes reflecting his appearance made him sense the beauties of life.

He didn’t quite understand Shangguan Ning’s matters at home. Listening to the way she spoke just now, the initial resolute in his heart began to sway.

“Maybe I misinterpreted, I’ll ask again tomorrow.”

Shangguan Ning nodded with appreciation, yet she felt that she was troubling him too much and couldn’t help saying: “I can ask myself, you have already helped me a lot.”

Jing Yichen glanced at her: “All you have to do is wait for the news, no need to go yourself.”

Shangguan Ning knew that there was no room for discussion. She smiled at him before turning around to leave the study.

Her smile was warm and comfortable, like a ray of sunshine after a rainy day. Her ray of sunshine settled under his eyes, evoking a ripple in his heart.

Dinner was abnormally sumptuous, taking up the entire marble tabletop.

Jing Yichen noticed the astonishment in Shangguan Ning’s eyes. He was delighted in his heart, and the corners of his mouth curled into a faint arc: “Not sure what you liked, so I told them to make extra dishes. Try it out.”

Shangguan Ning was indeed shocked. These dishes were enough to feed ten people.

She never liked to waste food and was custom to finishing all the food she was offered. If there was a surplus, she would always feel uncomfortable. This problem had already become a form of OCD.

As she looked at the table full of food, it became more difficult for her. She wrinkled her delicate eyebrows: “There’s too much. What a waste if we don’t finish it all. Don’t make this much next time.”

Jing Yichen observed her pure and naive manner, only considering the food, not knowing that there was something wrong with her words. His spirits were uncontrollably lifted.

Looks like her subconscious mind was looking forward to their next meal together.

His consideration of making them prepare so much food did not go to waste.

After the two of them silently finished their dinner, Jing Yichen drove Shangguan Ning home.

Shangguan Ning originally wanted to decline, but Jing Yichen did not give her chance to open her mouth. He stuffed her into the front passenger seat, sat in the driver’s seat, and started the car without hesitation.

Unaware of why, Shangguan Ning had no urge to reject his overbearing actions. Didn’t she always loathe people who thought for oneself and acted accordingly?

She shook her head gently in her mind and spoke to Jing Yichen: “Please drop me off at Qing Shi villa district.”

Qing Shi villa district was developed by Jing Sheng Corporation as a high-quality neighbourhood. Everyone living there were high-ranked officials and influential families, which was why the secrecy and security of the neighbourhood was the best in all of City A.

Jing Yichen was on the verge of assuming control of Jing Sheng Corporation. He already knew City A as if it was the back of his hand. He also knew that Shangguan Deputy Mayor’s family lived in Qing Shi villa district.

He glanced at her and gently nodded his head: “Alright.”

He parked his car outside the neighbourhood and Shangguan Ning stepped out of the vehicle. She caught a glimpse of the tall staircase at the gate as sorrow and bitterness filled her heart.

She turned her head towards Jing Yichen and reluctantly revealed a smile: “Thank you for bringing me here, be careful on the way back.”

Jing Yichen nodded his head slightly, and drove his car away shortly after.

Shangguan Ning watched as the silver-white car disappeared. She fixed up her mood, and with a calm complexion, she made her way up the flight of steps.

She had not been back for over four years. The old neighbourhood security guard was replaced with a new one, spending quite a long amount of time verifying her identity before letting her enter.

She just reached the doorway of her home when the servants inside noticed her, and immediately ran to report: “Da Xiaojie is back, da xiaojie is back!” [1]

Shangguan Ning took a deep breath and walked into the place she would rather never return to in her life.

In the extremely elegant and spacious living room, the family of three were currently sitting on the sofa, warmly and pleasantly drinking tea and eating fruits. Shangguan Rouxue seemed to have said something that made Shangguan Zheng’s face expose an affectionate smile.

Such a beautiful and peaceful act immediately pricked Shangguan Ning’s eyes.

This used to be her perfect home, housing her mother and father who loved her dearly, not these repulsive, disgusting, and heartless people!

Once Shangguan Ning entered, the laughter and cheers of the three people in the living room immediately disappeared without a trace. The substitute was a stiff and cold atmosphere.

It seemed like she was the outsider, she was the superfluous one!

Her stepmother, Yang Wenshu, was the first one to snap back to reality, her face hung onto a concerning expression: “Lil’ Ning is back. That’s great. It’s been a long time since you’ve come back home. Quick, come sit, don’t be too restrained.”

Shangguan Ning let out a grim sneer: “Madam loves to crack jokes. This is my home, why would I be restrained? What, is my surname not Shangguan?”

Yang Wenshu did not think that she would have been choked by Shangguan Ning just as she opened her mouth. The hate in her mind was gnashing one’s teeth, yet the expression on her face was dim and sad, precisely the same as as Shangguan Rouxue’s: “Why, this will always be your home. Your dad and I were always hoping for you to come home.”

After more than four years of not seeing this sl*t, she had unexpectedly become more quick-witted with her speech. Her words became more and more unpleasant to hear.

Humph, in the end, she was still driven away by her. Shangguan Ning began to despise her more and more.

She took care of a vegetative human for nothing all these years, yet it the end it became a convenience for her own daughter! Xie Zhuojun simply looked down upon her!

Not having anything at all, let’s see how much longer her arrogance will last!

Shangguan Rouxue immediately ran to Shangguan Ning’s side and hugged onto her arm as she noticed the atmosphere becoming worse. She exposed a pure and innocent smile, and spoke in a happy tone: “Sister, you are finally willing to come home. The reason I went to find you last time was because I wanted you to come home. Sister, don’t be mad at me anymore, alright?”

[1] “Da xiaojie” is a term referring to the eldest daughter of the household, generally for affluent families. “Da” mean eldest, while “xiaojie” is a term used to identify the daughters of a wealthy family.

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