Back to the Apocalypse Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 

Once the idea was confirmed in his mind, Bai Jing did not delay. He told Xiao Sa, and then teleported out of the house.

“Who is it?” There was a loud shout.

Bai Jing had just arrived next door, and had not yet stood still before he was pointed at with guns from all directions. Bai Jing calmly raised his eyebrows and looked around. No wonder Yu Yue said they were not simple. This kind of formation shouldn’t be underestimated.

The lighting in the room was weak. There were only a few flashlights, and except for the woman with  barely concealed grief in her eyes holding her child, everyone else in the group was vigilant. Most importantly, they all had weapons in their hands. The end of the world was just beginning, and very few people would have this kind of toy. If not the army, police, or arms smugglers, then that could only mean bandits. Obviously, these people belonged to the latter group. Bai Jing was a bit familiar with the first man – he was  very rich, and often appeared on TV.

“Oh… Who are you? I seem to have a some impression of you.” When Bai Jing saw that they were treating him like some great enemy, he suddenly felt an impulse to be playful. He teleported over and sat on the sofa, and in a flash, the figure that the gun muzzles had been pointed at disappeared.

Except for the man sitting at the window and the woman, everyone else’s expressions changed.

The man waved his hand and signalled for everyone to back down. Although some of the woman’s men hesitated, this was not their territory, and they slowly put away their guns and kept guard.

The man stared at Bai Jing for a while, his sharp eyes hiding a sense of probing. “I am Leng Han. Congratulations on your recovery.”

Bai Jing frowned. He could tell that this person was a villain as soon as he spoke. He hated dealing with people like this the most – there were too many twists and turns involved, and it was tiring and annoying. Bai Jing ignored the other person’s probing and asked, “Leng Han? That name seems very familiar. How did you know that I was recovering?”

Leng Han stilled, his eyes darkening slightly as he relaxed his guard a little. It had just been a guess, but now he was certain that the youth in front of him was too simple and straightforward. It seemed like this child, this kind of person, would have no malicious intent, so he smiled slowly and said, “I guessed.”

Bai Jing did not have the patience to deal with him. He really hated those who purposely withheld information to make things difficult. He directly turned towards Sister Lian, and pulled out several bottles of medicine and injections from his space. “This is for you. You guys have doctors and should know how to use it.”

Sister Lian raised her head. Her eyes lit up instantly, and she was thrilled and happy as she held tightly to her child’s hand, no longer able to force herself to be calm. “Thank you.”

“I’m leaving.” Bai Jing nodded, and it could be interpreted as his acceptance of her thanks. He did not look at Leng Han, and simply ignored him. Everyone only saw a flash in front of their eyes as the youth left the same way he arrived, teleporting away.

“Big Brother…” A man beside Leng Han began to show his displeasure.

“It’s nothing. In the future, be more careful with the people from that side. It would be best if we could establish good relations with them.” Leng Han was not bothered by this at all, and he only felt that it was interesting. It was the first time that someone ignored him so thoroughly, but it made him even more clear that the people in the courtyard next door were not that good to provoke. The most important thing right now was to be cautious. He never made mistakes when it came to details, but it seemed that he had used the wrong method just now. He also had not thought that the teenager would also play his cards out of order. He had originally thought that the youth would try to get to the bottom of things with him, which was why he had purposely made things difficult.

In fact, the reason for guessing that the youth had just recovered was very simple. First, they had not seen the youth the day before yesterday. Secondly, the courtyard next door changed a lot yesterday, and it was impossible for them not to be aware of it. Third, and this was the most important point, was that the youth had displayed a space ability just now. If there had been generators next door the whole time, they would not have waited until yesterday afternoon before using them. All these suppositions added together to suggest that the youth must have only just recovered.

After Bai Jing left, Sister Lian hurriedly passed the medicine to Liang Yi, adhering to the principle of caution. “Take a look, see if there’s anything wrong with this medicine.” Although she did not believe that the youth would purposely set her up, benefits that came without rhyme or reason did not let people feel assured.

Liang Yi took the medicine, looked it over, and nodded. “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s all cold, fever and anti-inflammatory drugs. If they work, young master will wake up tomorrow.” Only, he could not understand. Clearly, that youth had not been so good towards them when they were at his door earlier.

Others also could not understand and asked, “Why did he suddenly deliver medicine?”

Sister Lian gently looked at her child and did not think too much about it. “Regardless of why, I accepted this kindness. After Chenchen wakes up tomorrow, we’ll go and thank them.”

“Yes!” Liang Yi quickly prepared the dosage and gave the child an injection, feeling ashamed in his heart. In fact, they had brought medicine with them, but they had not expected that the young master would fall ill so quickly that simply taking pills did not have any effect at all.

“Does Mr. Leng know anything about the people next door?” Seeing that her son was not so feverish anymore, Sister Lian was relieved, and turned to talk to Leng Han.

“Not much.” Cold shakes his head: “If I guessed correctly, they have rank one ability users, and a lot of weapons.” This was also why he had adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude. He had always been able to assess the situation ever since he was young. He had already gone over and greeted them when they arrived the day before yesterday, but the other party’s wish to stay separate had been very clear, and he would naturally go and test it out for fun.

“Rank one ability users?” Sister Lian was shocked, and then she clearly understood that she was very lucky that they hadn’t tried to force their way in earlier. No wonder it had seemed as though everything was covered by a layer of fog when they tried a psychic probe. Someone must have been shielding.

Leng Han nodded in confirmation. “It Is very obvious. The youth just now was a space ability user. Our team also has two space powers, but they cannot teleport, and have no attack power.” If they had not seen the youth taking things out of his space, they would have had no way to guess his powers. Even if such a person was not involved in world affairs, it was still better not to provoke him. The way he thought and moved was too bizarre, and difficult to guard against.

“Powers can rank up?” Sister Lian was deep in thought. Although they had enough guns and ammunition, there would still be a day when those things ran out. She could see that the world was becoming more and more chaotic, and she and her husband were both of one mind. Rather than believing in the country’s blind guarantees, it would be better for them to make their own preparations in advance. Those who came from the streets would never place their hopes on others.

After they heard this, someone else suggested, “Perhaps we can go and inquire, or bring some things over in exchange.”

Leng Han and Sister Lian both shook their heads at the same time. “Impossible.”

“It seems that Madame Yang also has the same thought.” Leng Han laughed lightly.

Sister Lian lowered her voice. “Boss Leng does not need to be so polite. You also know in your heart that they are not in need of anything.” She had offered an exchange before, but they had turned and left without another glance.

Leng Han no longer spoke. Although him and Sister Lian knew each other, they did not walk on the same path and had no previous friendship. Right now, they had not reached the stage of having a heart to heart. So, he changed the topic and said, “It’s not early, and Mrs. Yang must be tired from the road. It’s better to rest early. There is smoke from the fire in the room, which is not good for the child. There are several vacant rooms next door. You can pick from them as you like.”

Sister Lian understood in her heart that Leng Han was sending them away. He had already given them enough face by letting them share their lodgings. This person, Leng Han, although she had never dealt with him before, she had heard many rumours that he was a difficult person to get along with. “Thank you, Boss Leng. If you need any help in the future, just ask, and we will do our best to help.”

Leng Han nodded, not really taking it to heart. In the world now, there were very few things that could truly be helped with. The courtyard was only so big, and it was just a place that had no owner. They all understood that if they showed their strength, it was uncertain who would win, and it was still better to keep the relationships as smooth as possible.

That night, neither of them slept as they were filled with guesses and conjectures about their neighbours in the courtyard next door. They didn’t know who they were, daring to be so arrogant, with such well-rounded preparations. Not just anyone would be willing to use a diesel generator…

At this time, they still did not realize that there would still be more surprises in the future. Leng Han’s heart was heavy. If abilities could be levelled up, then zombies…

After Bai Jing returned, he did not realize how many conjectures he had aroused in people’s minds by his visit. Even if he knew, he probably would not care. Sometimes it was better to show his advantages in front of smart people rather than pinching and hiding. He wanted others to fear him. That way, he could plan and move as he wanted. In order to win over the ability users, one always had to take out some trump cards, otherwise nobody would listen. He didn’t understand conspiracy and trickery, but he knew that in the face of absolute strength, any careful planning still needed to stand aside. Only, that Leng Han…

“What are you thinking about?” When Xiao Sa saw that he sank deep into thought as soon as he returned and became curious. Did something happen over there?

“There’s a team next door. Their leader is called Leng Han, and his name is very familiar but I can’t seem to remember who he is.” Bai Jing did not try to hide anything. For him to find someone familiar, they definitely would not be a nobody. Regardless of whether he became an enemy or a friend in the future, he still needed to tell Xiao Sa in advance so that they could be prepared.

“Oh… It’s him? ” Xiao Sa pondered for a while. He had not thought that a small place like this would become so lively.

“Who is he?” Bai Jing widened his eyes and stared at him. He hadn’t expected that Xiao Sa would also recognize him. It seemed that this person was pretty well-known.

“He is the president of Leng Group. Lightning struck two of his skyscrapers before the virus outbreak. Back then, many people died, and the group almost went bankrupt. I heard that it cost them a lot of money, but the world turned chaotic before the matter was settled. Only, how did he end up here? That person is full of schemes. You’re not allowed to pay attention to him.” Xiao Sa was not happy that Bai Jing had paid attention to other men, and his words carried a sour taste.

Bai Jing rolled his eyes. He was amused watching Xiao Sa act like a grumbling husband. Did he think everyone was gay like him?

In fact, Bai Jing had guessed correctly. If Xiao Sa hadn’t known that Leng Hao was gay, he would not be petty. Anyone who had intentions towards Little Jing, or might develop intentions towards Little Jing, needed to be removed and left at least a thousand miles away.

Boss Xiao’s brain must have crashed. He didn’t seem to consider that the situation now was so tense that even living was difficult. Who else could be like him, having a cheat like Little Jing and able to afford the brainpower required to talk about love?

As they were talking, a cry of surprise came from one of the rooms.

Xiao Sa and Bai Jing looked at each other, and then the people who had just returned to bed all rushed out again, fixing their gazes on the door to the room from which the sound had emerged and kicked the door down. Originally, they thought that something important had happened, but in the end, they only saw a happy Li Yi acting foolishly around the room, hugging and kissing Little Meng while he danced around. Li Meng was confused, and looked like he still hadn’t woken up.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Sa frowned and asked calmly.

Li Yi was shocked to see everyone gathered at the door and scratched his head awkwardly. He was embarrassed, not having realized that he had caused such a big stir. He laughed foolishly and said, “I… I’ve developed powers.”

“What kind?” Liu Wei was very discontent. He could see that the sky was already getting brighter. It looked like nobody would be able to sleep properly tonight with things happening one after another in the middle of the night.

“Ha ha.” Li Yi gave a dry laugh, but could not keep the excitement from his expression. “Lightning, lightning! I’m a lightning power.” There were no lightning users on the team, and he now could fill in the gap. The most important thing was that his body now felt like it was full of strength, and he would have the power to protect Little Meng in the future. He no longer needed to look on as everyone fought desperately while he could only watch. Now that he had developed his abilities, he could sense the difference between normal people and power users. Without mentioning anything else, even just his vision and hearing ability had improved a lot.

“Okay, you keep watch for the next shift. Everyone else should go to sleep, and get up on time in two hours.” Xiao Sa ordered calmly.  Since Li Yi was so excited, he would probably be unable to sleep. Little Jing had already kept watch for most of the night and should rest for a while.

“Oh, oh, okay.” Li Yi had no objection to this. Although their big bro was taking out his revenge on him, it was true that he had woken everyone up, never mind that he was also no longer sleepy. He was full of energy, and wanted to practice his new powers.

Xiao Sa pulled Bai Jing back to his room while Bai Jing wavered. Sleeping together on the same bed with Xiao Sa was impossible, it was too dangerous.

Xiao Sa slid his eyes over him. He could tell at a glance what Bai Jing was thinking and mercilessly gave him a mental hit. “We have always been sleeping together these past few days.” The only advantage to Bai Jing falling into a coma was the disappearance of the team that had worked together to make sure he couldn’t take advantage of him after Wang Xuebing saw that he was holding Little Jing without doing any crooked moves. Other than taking that last step, he had already seen and touched every part of the person in front of him.

Bai Jing instantly froze on the spot…

Xiao Sa laughed lowly, grabbed his waist and hugged him tightly in his arms. “Don’t be afraid. As long as you’re obedient, I promise not to touch you for the time being.”

Bai Jing was indignant. What did he mean by ‘obedient’? Xiao Sa had already taken full advantage…

Regardless of what he was thinking, Xiao Sa was very crafty, and kissed him until he was dizzy. After removing his clothes, he hugged him tightly in his arms, keeping him close as he slept. He really did as he said and did not do anything, but Bai Jing did not dare to move at all. How was he supposed to close his eyes like this?

Hearing Xiao Sa’s even breathing, Bai Jing suddenly calmed down. He looked at the man’s sleeping face, closed his eyes slowly, and sent his spiritual energy into his space. He had slept too much over the past few days, and he was not tired at all now. He might as well continue farming. He would have a strong sense of satisfaction when he watched the fields fill up with harvest.

The next morning, after everyone got up and had breakfast, Xiao Sa organized the group to learn how to ski. The courtyard was crowded and boisterous, and some people were even laughing happily. Li Meng was excitedly bouncing and jumping, and the joyous atmosphere swept away the heaviness of recent days as they watched their teammates make fools out of themselves and listened to the relaxed laughter and light-hearted cursing. The darkness from the apocalypse seemed to gradually disperse from everyone’s hearts. From when they had left N City, it had been many days since they laughed happily, and their depression fell away as they relaxed and opened up to play and mess around.

They were having fun crazily over here, and unaware of how shocked the residents of the other three courtyards were. Sister Lian thought that she was the only one who had a mutant dog to help pull her sledge, and had never expected that others would be even more amazing, directly using an electric sledge…

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

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