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Chapter 61

Xiao Sa was left very speechless, suddenly feeling a little frustrated. His stomach was full of angry fire that had nowhere to go and disappeared with a trace. He couldn’t be angry, couldn’t laugh, and could only regret that he hadn’t eaten his fill earlier. If he’d known, he wouldn’t have been soft-hearted. He thought about it, and then mercilessly kissed Bai Jing to see if that little mouth could still spout nonsense.

Bai Jing was currently very conscientious, not daring to resist. He clung to Xiao Sa’s neck and let him drive straight in, their lips and tongues sticking together, the tips colliding as silver liquid leaked out from the corner of his lips.

“I… I can’t breathe…” After the deep kiss, Bai Jing powerlessly collapsed in Xiao Sa’s arms.

“Now you know you were wrong?” Xiao Sa looked at him indifferently, but his hand made no movements. If he had been following his usual routine, he would have grabbed Bai Jing’s waist long ago.

“I didn’t mean it.” Who told him to hit him, Bai Jing thought bitterly, but dared not refute out loud. Under Xiao Sa’s cold gaze, he finally pouted and nodded. “I know.”

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it clearly.” Looking at his unwilling appearance, Xiao Sa considered in his heart whether or not he should just eat the bewitching, exasperating little devil now, to save himself from being angered to death.

Bai Jing was very resentful. It was obvious that Xiao Sa was deliberately making trouble for him. Wasn’t it just that he had said something wrong? He opened his mouth, hesitated, then finally weakly repeated, “I know.”

“Good. Then, who am I to you?” Seeing that the kitten was being so obedient, Xiao Sa felt that even if he could not eat him, he should at least make their relationship official.

Bai Jing hesitated for a moment. “Friends…”

Xiao Sa frowned and did not speak. Would friends kiss like that? What the hell!

“My man…” This should be enough, right? Bai Jing bit his lips as he cursed fiercely in his heart.

“Hmm…?” Xiao Sa lengthened the sound, not agreeing, but not denying it. Although being his man was correct, he was still unsatisfied.

Bai Jing became angry. Feeling that his body had recovered some strength, he turned his head, pushed Xiao Sa aside, stood up proudly and looked down at him as though he had been the one who had captured the other party instead. “Lover!”

Xiao Sa’s heart was happy, even though Bai Jing looked like a fighting rooster with its feathers all ruffled up. In fact, his heart had gone soft as soon as he woke up; how could he possibly be truly serious about this? Only, it was necessary to give the kitten a lesson, so that he really wouldn’t be angered to death by him one day.

“Good. Remember, you are my lover.” Xiao Sa was very satisfied with this answer, and ignored Bai Jing’s furious expression. He simply picked him up and sat down in the chair with Bai Jing settled on his lap.

“What are you doing?” Bai Jing blushed. He was already an adult, but this was still his first time sitting on someone’s lap. He felt uncomfortable all over, and he was restless, twisting and moving as though there were needles under his butt.

“Don’t move!” Xiao Sa’s voice was deep and husky as he tried his utmost to suppress his passions. Although he really wanted to do the little kitten on the spot, he was currently more concerned about the sudden levelling up of his little kitten’s ability. He could not rest assured until he was certain that there was not even the slightest danger.

Feeling the protrusion under his butt, Bai Jing went stiff, and no longer dared to move. He wanted to cry, but his heart could shed no tears. He clearly remembered that Xiao Sa had suppressed his desire earlier.

But honestly, who could control the size of that thing in the lower body at any time?…

After Bai Jing was settled, Xiao Sa toyed with his hand as he inquired about what had happened that day.

Bai Jing felt wronged, and did not try to hide anything. He grumbled as he glanced at Xiao Sa; if he had known that the crystal nucleus was useful for him, there was no way he would have put them in his space. Moreover, he would not have worried about promoting his strength at all.

Xiao Sa also understood a little bit after listening. No wonder Little Jing had such a big reaction – Xiao Sa had mistakenly blamed him based on his preconceived ideas. Only, Xiao Sa’s forehead wrinkled. He was only worried about one thing – would it always be like that every time Little Jing powered up?

“No, I can feel that the conflict in powers occurred because there was too much negative energy entering the space from the nuclei the first time, which caused the coma. As long as I’m more careful in the future, it’ll be fine.” Bai Jing finally realized that he had not tested his powers ever since they upgraded. He blamed Xiao Sa for this – who asked him to be so deliberately ambiguous, making it so that he had to be so wary and careful about angering him that he had forgotten about important things.

“If you want to use crystal nuclei in the future, you must make sure that I am by your side.” Xiao Sa’s voice was final, and could not be refuted. He had decided in his heart that he would definitely have to find more jade for Little Jing in the future in case the crystal nuclei caused accidents again. He had always maintained a wait-and-see attitude towards somewhat risky things that he did not completely understand.

Bai Jing did not care much one way or the other and quickly nodded his head in agreement. In any case, he would be with Xiao Sa in the future anyway, and they would be together when he used the crystals. He suddenly wanted to try out his new powers, and flexed his will.

Xiao Hao only felt that his arms were suddenly empty as the person who had been sitting in his lap disappeared in an instant and reappeared at the other end of the room, looking at with a proud look as he showed off. Xiao Sa really wanted to pounce and bite, but he forcefully endured and told himself to calm down as he would be the one on the losing end if he lost his temper. He asked lightly, “How many times can you teleport?”

Bai Jing pouted, feeling that it was no fun. He had wanted to show off, but he just knew this man would be uninterested. Hmph. He would make sure the man had no chance to take advantage of him in the future – teleportation was a useful skill.

“We’ll know if I try.” Bai Jing’s voice had just fallen when he once again appeared in front of Xiao Sa.

Xiao Sa caught him and did not let go. Teleportation? Let’s see where he can shift to.

Bai Jing was dissatisfied. He discovered that Xiao Sa was too cunning, and he was not a match at all. He glared at him and said, “Why are you grabbing me?”

Xiao Hao was very calm. “Don’t be in such a hurry, try your attack ability first.” He would only rest assured if Little Jing improved his ability to protect himself.

Following that, the two of them passed some time together. Although Bai Jing was also a level one ability user, he had more spirit power than others. They could use one ability three times, but he could use his six times. Although their power levels were similar, if they were competing on endurance, whomever could persist for longer would win.

At present, Bai Jing only had four skills: space knife, teleportation, space isolation and space tearing, but he wasn’t anxious. Sometimes, developing new skills required luck. It was just like how he had unexpectedly developed teleportation. There were still many long days ahead, and he already had four skills with which to defend himself; he was very satisfied.

After Xiao Sa’s power ranked up, he became more skilled in controlling metal and had more finesse than before. Although he still couldn’t say it was as easy as a walk in the park, it was absolutely not a problem to gently pick up a car and place it back on the ground intact. Over the past few days, his power had come in very useful as a lot of highways had been blocked or broken up, forcing him to use his powers to help them across. If it had not been for the stormy weather, he believed that they would have reached their destination in less than three days.

Bai Jing only discovered after he asked that they had already arrived in L Province, which was only a short distance from Pingyuan County. Communications had been interrupted, and the only way to learn outside news was through the radio. Earlier, they had passed through several survivors’ bases, but they were all in a mess. The two teams staying in the yard next to them were also on their way to the survivors’ bases, and only temporarily stopped here when they met with the snowstorm.

When Bai Jing heard this, he pulled a face and asked with interest, “Those survivor’s bases, are they saying that as long as they hand over half their materials, they can get the base’s protection?”

Xiao Sa glanced at him, relieved that his Little Jing actually knew about a lot of things. Being able to guess the situation was not surprising. He said lightly, “You are too benevolent. They have to pay 70%, and space powers have to be checked before they can enter.”

Bai Jing pouted. “Having many people together will attract zombies. Those survivors’ bases sound good, but aren’t they just tricking others for their materials? When it really comes down to a critical moment, they’ll pack up their things and run faster than anyone else.”

“So you are also able to see things clearly.” Xiao Sa laughed and joked along. In fact, the day before yesterday, they had gone to a survivor’s base. Little Jing was unconscious and the snow had been falling heavily, so it was really not ideal to push on. They wanted to rest for a few days before moving on, but even before they had made up their minds, they had been accosted by a team who came up with an exaggerated tale while eyeing their car the whole time. Xiao Sa was impatient, and moved to discourage them.

Nobody had thought that before long, they had encountered people who came over trying to rob them, but ran off like a swarm of bees as soon as they pulled out their weapons. That feeling was really, how does one describe it, officers and soldiers on patrol that ran into an uprising by refugees; they were angry, but it didn’t make sense to kill them, and ultimately just left people speechless.

Then, after they had continued on for another night, they found the place where they were currently at now. They had arrived yesterday afternoon, but now it was difficult to even walk out of the courtyard because of the heavy snow. The snow on the road was too thick, every step left a big indent, and in some deeper places, an entire person could end up buried under the snow. The only advantage was that there were fewer zombies.

Bai Jing’s frown locked in place. There were benefits to the snow, but after the weather cleared up, there was no way that the zombies would remain unchanged by their forced hibernation.

“What’s wrong? Tell me about it?” Xiao Sa asked with a smile as he rubbed his head.

Bai Jing stared directly at him. There was no more joking around at this time. He was very straightforward and confident.  “Nothing much, I’m just worried about what will happen when the weather clears. By the way, what’s the situation at Pingyuan County? Has the prison been occupied?”

Xiao Sa thought about it. “At this point, no. There has been no report of it on the radio.”

Bai Jing nodded, understanding the meaning behind his words. People who had built bases would be eager to take in survivors. If the prison was occupied, they would certainly publicize it. He thought about it, and then a light flashed in his eyes as he asked, “What are we going to do now?”

Xiao Sa saw that he had an idea and cooperated consciously: “Do you have a suggestion?”

Bai Jing nodded fiercely, his eyes bright: “I have snow sleds. We can keep going.” He had planned for anything that could happen at the end of the world. Other than living creatures, he had prepared for everything and had all the things they would need. He refused to believe that, other than the zombies being too strong and killing him off, he would lose face by being unprepared with one year of advance preparation.

Xiao Sa was left speechless. He only felt that there was a crow flying over his head, and his heart was full of admiration. If he had been the one who had to prepare things, even if he racked his brains, he was afraid he would not have thought of sleds.

But, this was really a solution. The earlier they established their base, the earlier they could relax as trouble had a higher chance of occurring the longer they delayed. Prisons were mostly filled with violent inhabitants, and when the zombies advanced, it would definitely be troublesome. Xiao Sa did not hesitate for long before quickly saying, “You’ve just woken up. Let’s rest for a day before we depart. Everyone else is also tired.”

“Okay.” Bai Jing couldn’t wait. His own base, his own house, his own forces… Right now, he just wished that they could get there earlier.

“Relax, in the future I will definitely build you a stable home, a home that belongs to us…” Xiao Sa laughed low and gently held Bai Jing, sweeping away the fatigue accumulated over the past several days as he created a blueprint for the future…

translator: xiin
editor: alamerysl

alamerysl: awwwww Xiao Sa is such a provider!
xiin: *busy squishing tsundere Bai Jing’s adorable cheeks*

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  1. I really hate it when he calls Bai Jing as “kitten” . That is beyond degrading and humiliating, not to mention for a man. Seriously wish he would stop that.

    1. Really? I really hate the fact that Viktor from YOI calls Yuuri pig or piglet as I find that beyond demeaning compared to Kitten. Don’t you agree?

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      2. What’s wrong with you? Did I say I hate this novel or something? Why would it affect the translators by me merely mentioning the ML habit of saying kitten? I don’t like it because sounds like ML is not taking him seriously. I can’t change anything but that doesn’t stop me from giving my opinion, does it? Why else is there a comment section? Ffs

  2. Brother Sa, you think you’re fast but it’s been 61 chapter before you got your lover identity XD XD XD Hurry up and eat meat! lololol.

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