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Chapter 57 

Bai Jing believed that since some people had already plotted against them, things would not just end like this. They would definitely make another move. Currently, the enemy was in the dark while they were out in the open, and even if they escaped, they were being watched by others. If they didn’t deal with that psychic ability user, they could forget about being safe.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up later.” Bai Jing’s eyes were cold as he looked at the sea of fire behind him, a fierce light flashing across his eyes. Since the level one zombies had sent themselves to his door, he must make sure to obtain all the crystal nuclei.

“Nonsense.” Xiao Sa’s face was gloomy; he’d known that this fellow would be unwilling. He kept his tight hold on Bai Jing’s hand. “Let’s go.”

“Let go of me.” Bai Jing frowned, unhappy. He disliked Xiao Sa’s arbitrary tyranny the most, but found he couldn’t get angry. Helpless, he began, “Listen to me -“

“I won’t allow it no matter what you say.” Xiao Sa’s face was hard. There was no room for discussion.

This time, not only him, but also Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei disapproved. Cao Lei was direct, “We can get the crystal nucleus in the future, but right now we have to leave promptly. There will be many zombies for you to play with as you like later.”

Bai Jing’s face was full of black lines. Did he really appear to be such a clueless person? He had been reborn after so much hardship, and naturally valued his little life. He saw that his words were ineffective, and simply grabbed Xiao Sa head’s to kiss him on the cheek. Then he leaned close to his ear and muttered a few words in a low voice.

“The answer is still no.” Xiao Sa frowned tightly, and his cold eyes became sharp. He hesitated for a moment, but still categorically refused. Even though Little Jing’s theory was plausible, he nevertheless could not rest assured, let alone it had only been a peck on his cheek. Little Jing’s safety was at stake; even if he kissed him on the mouth, he would still disagree.

Bai Jing was frustrated. He pushed Xiao Sa aside, then simply turned around and told Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei, “You guys go first, I’ll bring up the rear.”

Wang Xuebing was about to retort, but Cao Lei nodded his head and agreed. Although he did not know what the young master had said to Xiao Sa, as long as he thought carefully, Cao Lei was more convinced that his young master would never take his little life lightly and his concerns disappeared. Anyway, they had only acted according to their orders before, and their young master was a lazy person who really valued his life. He felt that he should have more confidence in him. Moreover, Cao Lei’s eyes shone brightly as he recalled suddenly that the young master could teleport. If he couldn’t win, he could still get away.

Xiao Sa pressed his lips tightly together and glared at Bai Jing. His expression was extremely unsightly.

This silly man. Bai Jing’s heart softened. He sighed, and comforted: “Don’t worry, I’m also a man. I promise I’ll be okay. I’ll be sitting in the car where the zombies can’t reach me. It’s not only you that wants to protect me. I want to protect you too. Wait for me up ahead, okay?”

Xiao Sa was silent for a moment. A few shots rang out nearby; two more zombies came rushing out of the sea of fire and were eliminated. Bai Jing saw that the steel barrier was beginning to give way, and also became anxious: “Hurry up and go.”

“Make sure you come back intact.” Xiao Sa hugged Bai Jing fiercely before letting him loose and turning around to go. He didn’t look back, and directed the group of brothers: “Go—”

Cao Lei carried Yu Yue, and the group of people quickly went into the mountains, Xu Xiaobo was wavering from the back of the group; Yu Yue had saved his life, but Cao Lei was holding him like he was carrying livestock, which made him feel some heartache. Although he really wanted to go and help, he had weak arms and small legs. He had a good grasp on his own strength, and probably couldn’t carry Yu Yue. Just as he was thinking about what to do, something came flying over. Xu Xiaobo caught it reflexively only to stare foolishly. There was a big living person in his arms! When did he get stronger?

In fact, Cao Lei had just casually thrown him over. He had long been disgusted with Yu Yue and his troublemaking. He had noticed Xu Xiaobo’s look, and would much rather hold his own lover. Knowing that Xu Xiaobo had developed an ability today and would have no trouble carrying a person, he carelessly threw Yu Yue over like a rubber ball.

On Bai Jing’s side, after everyone had left, he took out the most damaged car from his space, collected everything that was still in the car, and opened the skylight. He held up the grenade launcher and opened fire on the zombies rushing out of the sea of fire.

Seeing more and more zombies, Bai Jing quickly returned to the car and closed the window. Although the car was badly damaged, Xiao Sa had spent a lot of money on it. Even if the zombies were fierce, they simply could not break through. Bai Jing drove straight to the sea of fire, seeming to be sending himself to death.

AdvertisementAs the sea of fire drew closer and closer, Bai Jing smiled strangely at the sky, as though greeting someone, stepped on the throttle under his feet, and rushed directly into the sea of fire. Then…

“Boom! Boom! Boom! ” The sound of the explosion shook the sky, and in that instant the mountains trembled as an intense and dazzling light erupted several feet high. The center was white, then golden, and the reflected light was blue-green. Then, the huge shock wave stirred up a storm as rocks collapsed, the ground broke apart, and everything within 500 meters was flattened.

Even the people who had left could feel the heat waves. The ground was shaking, the rocks were rattling, and people almost lost their footing When they looked back, they were all stunned and left with their mouths open. This… What kind of scene was this…

Xiao Sa assessed the situation, first looking around in all directions, ignoring the impact of the heat wave, and found a sorry figure in the distance. He finally relaxed, and then sniggered, amusement suddenly rising in his heart.

Bai Jing glanced at him once before dropping down to the ground awkwardly. His originally white cheeks were covered with ash, and he was now black all over. Other than his eyes, there was no color to be found anywhere on his body.

“We’ll rest here, I want to take a bath. When the fire goes out, send some people to go and clear out the crystal nuclei. Make sure that not even a single one is left behind.” Bai Jing was furious, and he was very angry right now. Damnit, that was so dangerous, there had been too much power, and he had almost been unable to escape. He glared at Xiao Sa and demanded, “Why are you standing there in a daze, shouldn’t you come over and lend a hand?” His legs were weak right now, but this guy didn’t even care. 

Xiao Sa held down his laughter, but did not disdain him for being dirty. He slowly came over and lifted Bai Jing into his arms, directly ordering Xu Lei and Qin Hao: “Follow me.”

After finding a depression in the mountains, Bai Jing took out a bathtub and two buckets. After filling them up with water, Xiao Sa called Liang La over to warm it up, and then sent everyone away. He held Bai Jing in his arms, and he found that his throat was dry. “Should I help you wash up?”

“Get lost and stop dreaming. Go to one side and keep guard.” Bai Jing smacked him, and struggled a little. Xiao Sa placed him on the ground, dragged up his tired body and began to undress him. When only his underwear was left, Bai Jing turned his head and glowered, “You still haven’t left? Oh right, send people to explore around. They had the guts to plot against us, once we catch them we’ll destroy them completely.”

Xiao Sa was somewhat regretful, it seemed that there would be no chance to get an eyeful today. “Relax. Cao Lei and Qin Yi have already gone, they were originally army scouts and are more experienced with these things than we are. We also sent people to search around. We’ll receive news soon.”

Everyone had already discussed it before the explosion. They had suffered a big loss today, and there was no way they would just let it pass. But Xiao Sa had never expected that Bai Jing would use that thing. It had not been easy to buy, and he had only managed to get five of them, though they seemed worth it…

Bai Jing nodded, and the neckline of his undershirt loosened, revealing a white neck. His dirty face contrasted with the whiteness of his neck, and he did not speak, only wrinkled his brows slightly as he looked calmly at Xiao Sa.

Xiao Sa touched his nose, turned around and left quickly. He directed his men to clean up the scene in an orderly manner, and called over Wang Xuebing and Xu Xiaobo. The two of them were earth ability users, and their efficiency was twice as high.

At this time, in a place unknown to them, within a former military garrison, two men who had had their eyes closed suddenly shouted and collapsed onto the ground, foaming at the mouth and convulsing all over. One of them, whose situation was more serious, was even bleeding from the eyes, while the other who had gotten off easier was pale and silent, having difficulty forming words: “Ex… explosion…”

Within the room, their leader’s expression became heavy, “What happened?”

“Big bro, they fainted.” A young man went up and checked out people on the floor.

The leader’s gaze was fierce as he turned his head to look at a good-looking woman who was also in the room. “Speak.”

The woman’s expression became a little flustered, but she quickly calmed down and straightened out her thoughts: “I told you earlier, they have weapons and ability users. I even suspect that they have a space ability user.”

The leader watched her closely, as though judging the truth. He was silent for a moment before frowning. “Wake them up.” Their priority now was to learn what the situation was over there. They could ignore this woman for the time being.

Someone laughed and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, big brother. There were so many zombies, even if they grew wings they wouldn’t be able to fly away. We just need to take it easy and wait, then go over and collect their things later. I heard that their weapons are pretty good, and my hands are itching.”

The leader nodded and thought it was reasonable, but he just couldn’t figure out what had happened. He glanced at the two men on the floor, “Why would they faint? It’s still better to be careful.”

That man sneered disdainfully: “They also had power users, and it’s not surprising that they were attacked. They must not have guarded themselves; we were definitely noticed back when we exploded their retreat route. The two of them were just unlucky. Everything was already in within our grasp, and we said there was no need to continue watching. Who told them to not believe us?” Don’t think that he didn’t know that those two were just showing off their powers.

The leader muttered under his breath, and his eyes flashed. His voice was light when he spoke: “Fine. When the zombies have scattered, bring some people and see what you can find.”

The man showed a happy expression and promised, “Don’t worry big brother, we won’t let you down. But you need to leave a grenade launcher for this brother. Fuck, those guys were fierce.”

Someone next to him heard and spoke up, “So what if they’re fierce, they’re still not a match for big bro who is experienced and wise. Only, it’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to catch the space ability user.”

The elder brother listened to them gossiping and also relaxed. He laughingly scolded, “Enough, don’t be greedy. With their weapons on top of the army’s ammunition, as long as we guard the base well, you’ll have nothing to fear.”

“Big brother is right. You still have the most vision. We just need to sit back and enjoy the results, why should we risk ourselves for some little things?” What’s more, as long as they had level one powers, nobody would be able to compete with them.

On that side, they were full of confidence, but they had no idea what kind of danger was approaching.

After taking a bath, Bai Jing put the bathtub and buckets away and returned to the place where everyone was resting. Other than the power users who had gone out to investigate, there were some people who swept through the scene of the explosion, while others looked for firewood. The people left behind were those who had been injured, and they were lazily seated on the ground, with people dressing their wounds. Now that the heat wave had passed, the temperature dropped sharply and snowflakes drifted down from the sky, the cold air drilling straight into their bodies.

After taking out pots, pans, bowls and vegetables, Bai Jing also found a spot and sank into his thoughts. He believed that when the explosion happened today, the enemy’s psychic powers users would have been attacked by the strong light and would be seriously injured even if they did not die. But what he still couldn’t figure out was why they had been watched in the first place, and even after he had filtered through everything that happened on the road, he still had not come up with a reason.

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