Made of Money Chapter 24 Part 1

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Translator: Barb

Editor: WhitesRabbit


Chapter 24: Part 1 — This was the seat of Mrs. Jiang. Until the day she was sick of sitting here and did not want it, she would not let anyone snatch it.


The Jiang Company treated their employees extremely well. Not only in terms of salary but also at the canteen. Their food there was no different from those served in the high end restaurants. Sometimes even the high-level leaders also ate their lunch in the canteen.   


At noon today, many superiors from the top floor of the building got together to eat lunch. Since they were all alumni of the same graduating class, the atmosphere was considerably relaxed.


“Did you notice that recently CEO Jiang’s mood seems to be really good?” The Director of the Financial Affairs Department took a bite of spare ribs pickled in soy sauce and whispered.


The Deputy Director of the Marketing Department hurriedly replied: “Exactly. Previously, I dreaded attending a meeting with CEO Jiang the most. Although he doesn’t swear or curse at people, I still become indescribably fearful. Now it’s much better. The changes in the mood of the Boss directly affect our quality of life.”


Another high level person who knew a bit about the situation mysteriously said: “You don’t know? A friend of mine who went to Venerable Sir Chen’s birthday banquet a few days ago personally saw CEO Jiang come with Mrs. Jiang. My friend said that their relationship was completely different from the rumours. And CEO Jiang was with his missus the whole time, not even leaving for half a step. I feel that the fluctuations in CEO Jiang’s mood have something to do with Mrs. Jiang.”


Because Su Yan had come to the Jiang Corporation carrying food for Jiang Jingchuan, the news had already spread regarding Mrs. Jiang’s beauty; therefore, when this topic came up several high floor leaders immediately understood.


“That day a person from my department went downstairs for some work and saw Mrs. Jiang. When he came back, he said that Mrs. Jiang’s beauty was comparable to those TV stars; then I finally understood. It can be said that CEO Jiang likes beautiful women, but it’s okay. My days are very comfortable. Coming back to the topic, how do you think CEO Jiang’s mood is today? I have to go up there to give a report on the current situation. I don’t want to bump against a muzzle.”


The Director of the Financial Affairs Department quickly finished the meatball in his bowl before speaking: “When I went in the morning, CEO Jiang’s mood was very good. I was especially talkative today. If I had taken the same data last month, I’d have certainly gotten the cold treatment, but unexpectedly he didn’t say anything at all today. It’s amazing.” 


Many Directors were married men. After hearing that, they realised that this information was too big. Some laughed boorishly. 


“After all, CEO Jiang is an ordinary man, huh……” 


“It seemed that he was suppressing a lot……” 


“Hoping that Mrs. Jiang and CEO Jiang will love each other everyday.” 


Women weren’t the only one who loved to gossip, men were the same deep inside. While on this side CEO Jiang’s harmonious life was being discussed, on the other side Wang Siqi’s expression didn’t look good.


She reviewed the information that she received and frowned. It was really incomprehensible. In the past, Su Yan used to stay away from home. When she didn’t go looking for Shen Peiran, she went shopping. Su Yan never stayed at home all day, living like a recluse. But now, she couldn’t find any chance to have Shen Peiran meet Su Yan.


If Su Yan never went out or took anyone out, then the divorce between Su Yan and Jiang Jingchuan that she wanted would never arrive1?! 


Wang Siqi wanted to spit on Shen Peiran. If he really liked Su Yan and hated to break up with her then why didn’t he charge to the Jiang Residence. It would have saved her some work. Who would have thought that now Su Yan would be motionless and Shen Peiran would be soundless, leaving her to fret over it.


No matter how annoying Su Yan was, Wang Siqi didn’t take her as her opponent. But ever since the birthday banquet, she began to worry. She had liked Jiang Jingchuan for many years and probably knew more about him than he knew about himself. When she saw Jiang Jingchuan so absorbed in Su Yan, she became alarmed.


She had never seen Jiang Jingchuan looking at a woman like that. From that moment onwards, she felt as if she was awaiting her doom.


Wang Siqi carefully read the information. It said that Su Yan had quarreled with Shen Peiran due to a girl, from which it can be seen that Su Yan’s jealously wasn’t of small proportion.  


She couldn’t wait any longer.  


Wang Siqi locked the report in a drawer. She stood up and circled round her office. Finally, her sight fixed onto a rather classical hand operated coffee maker. It wasn’t that valuable, but it was special due to it’s antique shape. When Jiang Jingchuan had come over to discuss something she had boasted about this. She wanted to send it away but had later forgotten about it. It seemed like a heaven sent opportunity.   


Although Su Yan liked shopping, she was brought up by the Empress Dowager so she was no different from the well-bred girls from wealthy clans. Therefore, she stayed at home a vast majority of time. She also didn’t feel bored at home; she had TV dramas to watch. This sort of life was much better compared to life in the Imperial Harem.  


Auntie Wang was very satisfied with Su Yan’s present condition.  She occasionally went out to shop or went to the Ancestral Jiang Mansion to hold thighs. Most of the time Su Yan stayed at home, which was how Mrs. Jiang should be.  


Previously Madam loved to go out and have fun and didn’t come home for several days.  


Su Yan and Auntie Wang were sitting on the sofa watching a palace drama. When this palace drama aired on TV a few years ago, it was said that the whole nation watched it. So even though Auntie Wang had watched it several times, she still watched it today with pleasure. 


“This Emperor is too promiscuous, one second liking this, the other second liking another. I don’t think anyone likes him.” Auntie Wang condemned him while eating cherries.  


Su Yan couldn’t help laughing, “Actually, not all emperors are like this.” 


True Emperors did not love anyone except their Country.


However, even if some Emperors loved a woman, the State2 and the Country were still the most important to them. Wasn’t it the same for That Person? He certainly loved her, but he still loved his country even more. That was why she thought that while he would be suffering from agony after her death, he might also end up looking for a substitute like the emperor in the TV drama.  He would not give up his life for her but rather, he would live: Live for his Country and the State, live for the common people. That was the type of person she admired.  


If a man for the love of a woman, discarded his responsibility and did not care about the life or death of his people, this type of person Su Yan scorned from the bottom of her heart. She believed that That Person would not be this sort of person. 


He loved his country more, she loved herself more. It could not be said if she owed him or not. 


Su Yan quickly stopped the direction of her thoughts, and concentrated on watching the TV dramas with Auntie Wang. Just as one episode had ended, someone came in. 


Never in a million years would Su Yan have thought it to be Wang Siqi. She completely didn’t treat herself as a guest: “Su Yan, your home is really the best.”


She didn’t call her Mrs. Jiang, but also didn’t call her Miss Su. By directly calling her Su Yan it made others unable to spot a mistake.


Su Yan laughed softly. Looking at her reaction Wang Siqi felt annoyed and inwardly called her a slut, fox spirit.


“I happened to pass by here. Well, Jingchuan had always said that he wanted this so I came to deliver it.” Wang Siqi bend slightly to put the coffee maker on the table then stood up and smiled, “ Jingchuan loved it and drank coffee like water. My friend had brought it from overseas, and at that time, I didn’t want to give it to Jingchuan. I guess he’s wanted it for a long time. Anyways, I don’t use it so came to give it to him.” 


Auntie Wang, who was sitting on the side, felt strange upon hearing those words. They sounded too familiar and natural. She didn’t know what the relationship was between her and Sir.  


Seeing that Su Yan didn’t speak, Auntie Wang thought about it for a moment. She picked up the coffee maker and replied to Wang Siqi with a smile: “No. Sir used to drink coffee like water, our madame was also unable to convince him. Now it’s good. Madam stopped Sir’s habit so now Sir doesn’t drink coffee at night.”  


Auntie Wang meant Mother Jiang when she said ‘our madame’.


Su Yan wanted to laugh out loud. This Auntie Wang was truly skillful. She didn’t tear down Wang Siqi’s stand but just rightly foiled it by mentioning the good feelings between her and Jiang Jingchuan.     


It was precisely so. Mother Jiang couldn’t make Jiang Jingchuan change his habits so it was Su Yan who changed him. Not sure if she would become the object of Wan Siqi’s voodoo3 curse. 


The smile on Wang Siqi’s face stiffened for a moment before returning to normal: “Yes, that’s best. But since I brought it, just give it to Jingchuan. It’d also be good to keep it in the study room.”


Barb Notes: There are many cultural nuances referred to and unique wording used so I’ve put here the easy explanation-

1) “Horse month of Monkey year”- In Chinese calendar, each animal of zodiac not only symbolises a year but also a month.
The word combination used here is a year and month combination which is used as a slang to refer to something which will never happen or something in an unforeseeable future.
ALTHOUGH, this combination does come once every 12 years.

2) “State” – Apparently in the ancient times each state could remain independent as long as they could maintain their own altars of Gods of Earth and Gods of Grain.

3) Za Villain – It is a cursed doll whose shape is like a humanoid figure, usually made of clay or cloth which has any piece of your enemy like hair etc. your enemy’s. It ’s shown in the film and television art works that the target ’s birthdate character name photo, hair, blood, etc. are often added to the human figure.
If you want this humanoid to be a substitute for the casting target, you must complete a key step to make this humanoid a target。Ancient times were very crazy about this and very superstitious, many novels show that if you want to make your enemy suffer, just place this doll under the enemy’s bed or bury the doll in his land.

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