Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Chapter 18

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Chapter 18- Getting knocked out from a beating

The moment Bei Gongyan saw the distressed look on Mi Xiaoqi’s, he was at loss as to whether he should cry or laugh.

“Release me.”

“No way. I finally tied you up, so there’s no way I’m going to just let you go. Hmph, Bei Gongyan, this lady right here will be taking her exit.”

Mi Xiaoqi got up from the floor and patted away the dust on her backside. Then she pulled a funny face at Bei Gongyan before strutting out.

“Heh!” You still want to escape? Wonderful! Bei Gongyan’s cold laugh resounded.

Mi Xiaoqi couldn’t help but shudder.

When Mi Xiaoqi opened the door, she was met with the murderous glares of a bunch of guards, each with their sword in hand, as if they were waiting for an order from Bei Gongyan to slice Mi Xiaoqi into pieces.

Mi Xiaoqi’s leg trembled, and she instinctually took two steps backwards.

Clack! Clack!

The sound of breaking chains sounded behind her.

Mi Xiaoqi subconsciously turned her head and saw that Bei Gongyan was already nearing her.


“What’s wrong with Benwang?” Bei Gongyan glared at Mi Xiaoqi. She still wanted to run and even dared to pretend to be obedient just to escape him!

EzoicAt Mi Xiaoqi’s confused expression, Bei Gongyan suddenly remembered the way she stared at Nanfeng Chen with obsession in her gaze. Within his heart, rage that had calmed down burned once again.


“Twenty big daban,” Bei Gongyan’s harsh voice echoed.

Mi Xiaoqi was stunned for a moment before she reacted. He was going to give her 20 daban. No, this isn’t happening, she thought as her large eyes stared straight at Bei Gonyan, misting over with tears.

Bei Gongyan turned away as the guards rushed forward to grab Mi Xiaoqi. He would never admit it, but the way she looked at him made him waver.

“Wangye, the Miss’s body is weak, she can’t take all those hits. I beg for Wangye to forgive Miss. Nubi, nubi will take the beating in place of the Miss!” Lu Lou rushed in and kneeled beside Bei Gongyan’s leg.

Bei Gongyan glanced icily at Lu Lou.

In the courtyard, the guards had already pushed Mi Xiaoqi down onto a long stool.

To be spanked in public… embarrassment burned within her heart, “Lu Lou, there is no need to beg him. If he wants to hit me, then let him. If he dares hit me to death, then so be it.”

“Mistress!” Lu Lou fell onto the floor and cried helplessly.


Bei Gongyan turned away from Mi Xiaoqi. When the first hit landed on her body, his body shuddered slightly.

Mi Xiaoqi gritted her teeth and stayed silent. Dad, Mom, Kaka, I miss you guys. Mi Xiaoqi tightened her grip on the stool.

With the wooden board being so mercilessly slammed down, even if the guards were hitting lightly, it wouldn’t feel light to her. Moreover, Mi Xiaoqi had tied Bei Gongyan up under the gaze of a crowd. When Bei Gongyan was this furious, what guard would dare show mercy.


As the tenth hit finally landed on her, Bei Gongyan finally turned to look at Mi Xiaoqi.

She lied on the stool drenched in sweat and tears. He bent down in front of her, then used a finger to raise her chin, “Now, do you know what you did wrong?”


“There’s nothing wrong with me wanting to go home! I have done nothing wrong.”

For some unknown reason, Mi Xiaoqi didn’t admit defeat and even had the energy to glare at Bei Gongyan. God, if Mi Xiaoqi’s Dad knew Mi Xiaoqi was this brave, he would give her thumbs up. To think someone like Mi Xiaoqi, who could sense the emotions of others, would actually retort Bei Gongyan without fearing death.

“If you don’t know what you did wrong, then you can continue to be beaten.”

Bei Gongyan’s expression darkened. Once the guards heard the order, they instantly went back to executing the punishment.

Mi Xiaoqi bit on her lips, where little droplets of blood were already forming. Her face was as white as a sheet of paper.

“Wangye, please stop the beating, Miss won’t be able to take it,” Lu Lou crawled towards Bei Gongyan, and begged while kowtowing.

“Miss, please stop being stubborn. Just apologize to Wangye, Miss.” Lu Lou looked at Mi Xiaoqi with and aching heart.

Although she had already been hit with twenty daban, without Bei Gongyan’s order, the guards didn’t dare stop.

Mi Xiaoqi glared at Bei Gongyan with a face that refused to concede defeat. She had never yielded this much in her lifetime, but in order to to stop people from looking down upon her, Mi Xiaoqi was willing to throw her caution into the wind.

But why the hell did she suddenly feel no pain in her butt. Her vision was getting hazier, and not only was Bei Gongyan disappearing, she couldn’t hear Lu Lou’s cries anymore. Furthermore, she saw Kaka run towards her.

“Kaka……” Mi Xiaoqi suddenly blacked out.

“Mi Xiaoqi!” Bei Gongyan shouted loudly, “Stop! Benwang orders you to stop!”

He shoved the guards away and picked Mi Xiaoqi into his arms, “Get the Imperial Physician!”

For goodness sake, what was with this turn or event. Wangye was the one who ordered then to beat her, yet now he was the one regretting it. The guards executing the torture knew that they couldn’t play around anymore. What if their Wangye pushed all the blame on them, what were they supposed to do then? Therefore, they immediately threw away the wooden board in their hands and rushed out to find the Imperial Doctor.


“Mi Xiaoqi!”

Bei Gongyan craddled Mi Xiaoqi, afraid to lie her down on the bed right away. Lu Lou followed them into the room, and carefully helped Bei Gongyan place Mi Miaoqi onto the bed on her stomach.


“Kaka…..Kaka….” Mi Xiaoqi kept calling out Kaka, her was mind blank. No matter how hard Lu Lou tried to wake her up, she just wouldn’t open her eyes.

“Wuu, Wangye, what do we do? Could it be that the Miss has turned…..dumb, from the beating, wuu.” Lu Lou cried like there was no tomorrow.

Bei Gongyan felt so agitated that he glared at her, terrifying Lu Lou so much that she forgot how to cry.

“I miss you, I really miss you, Kaka.” As she said that, her head had fell to the side, and she stopped talking or doing anything.

Bei Gongyan raised his hand towards Mi Xiaoqi’s face, and placed his finger underneath her nose. Phew, she was still breathing…..He sighed with relief. Mi Xiaoqi, who is this Kaka?

Like it or not, Benwang will definitely peel off his skin!

Translation Notes
Daban: Continuously hitting the lower part of the body with a wooden board.

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