Way of Transmigration Chapter 87

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight seven – Where is the evidence?

“Old brother Yin, you must not listen to this ignorant child’s nonsense!”

Huo Lingyun suddenly became nervous when he saw that Yin Ming actually starting to believe in Shuo Ruoshan’s words. No matter what, he must find a way to dispel Yin Ming’s suspicion on this matter. He doesn’t understand, how did the other party knows that Yin Wushuang was his illegitimate child? One need to know, both he and Qian Youyan did this matter super secretively. In order not to leak this out, only a few people knows about this, even Yin Wushuang himself doesn’t know about his real identity.

That’s why he usually doesn’t pay any special attention to Yin Wushuang’s affairs, afraid that someone might find out something through some clues and discovered the unspeakable relationship between him and Yin Wushuang. For example, when he brought some people to the Yin residence just now. Although he saw Yin Wushuang was there, he didn’t dare to take even a second look at him due to guilty conscience. That’s why he didn’t immediately discover that Yin Wushuang was injured.


Yin Ming felt that his mind is very chaotic right now. He doesn’t know if he is asking for evidence from Huo Lingyun or Shui Ruoshan, to prove whether Yin Wushuang is Huo Lingyun’s illegitimate child or not…
Actually, he knew that he shouldn’t be so easily shaken by other people’s words or believe in such nonsense…
But he couldn’t not mind the fact that Yin Wushuang may not be his own child! The more he thought of it, the more he felt that Yin Wushuang doesn’t look any bit like him at all and Qian Youyan’s usual behavior seemed suspicious!


Huo Lingyun could only be silent when facing Yin Ming who demanded for evidence. He knew that no matter how he argues about this matter now, Yin Ming probably won’t listen to his words anymore now that suspicions have grown his heart. Sometimes the more you said, the guiltier you looked. But then if he doesn’t say anything, it will cause others to believe that he admitted in silence. At the moment, anything also seemed wrong…
His illegitimate child scandal was exposed too suddenly that he was caught unprepared. In the rush of time, it is naturally impossible for him to come up with a justification to this matter.

“I have evidence that proves Yin Wushuang is Huo Lingyun’s son!” Shui Ruoshan timely reminded of his existence.

Since he wanted to take revenge against Yin Ming and Huo Lingyun, also help Yin Suye with his grudge, he naturally won’t do things half-assed.

“Where is the evidence?”

The strong contrast between the two (HLY & SRS) let Yin Ming begin to believe in Shui Ruoshan’s words.

“Before I prove that Yin Wushuang is not your own child, I still have one thing to tell you!”

Comparing to Huo Lingyun’s ‘relying on force to bully others’, Shui Ruoshan has even lesser positive impression for Yin Ming. Thinking about it, he decided to give Yin Ming a bit more psychological pressure!

“What is it?”

Although Yin Ming wants to see the evidence as soon as possible, he still forced himself to be patient.

“Yin Ming, you have so many lovers but don’t you ever feel curious why none of them can get pregnant with your child?”

Shui Ruoshan asked with an unhurriedly tone. He didn’t ask the question to get the answer but to tell Yin Ming that he knew the reason for that.

“How did you know?”

Yin Ming didn’t expect that the other party would know not only Huo Lingyun’s matter but also his own private matter. Although letting others know about this kind of thing is really shameful for the Yin Family, but even then Yin Ming doesn’t want to give up this opportunity to know the truth. He could only be vigilant towards what could possible happen next.

“Because you have long lost the ability to impregnate other people!”

Shui Ruoshan slowly spat out the answer; that highly-raised eyebrow could be seen that he(SRS) is gloating (over YM’s misery).

“Or I should say, after you ‘got together’ with Qian Youyan, you are not able to cause others to conceive anymore!”

Thinking that Yin Ming is not agitated enough, Shui Ruoshan added a very suggestive sentence. He believed that with his so obvious clue, if Yin Ming still couldn’t guess what he(SRS) meant, then Yin Ming would really be unsaveable!

“What do you mean by this? Explain it to me clearly!”

Yin Ming’s face instantly darkened. No man could maintain his calm after being said as he can’t do it(impotent)! And what the other person means in his words was it was his wife Qian Youyan who caused him to lose that ability, so it really shocked him.

“I mean, in order to help her son Yin Wushuang to successfully inherit the Yin Family, Qian Youyan gave you sterilization medicine to prevent you to have other children in the future!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t mind Yin Ming’s bad attitude to him because revealing the truth was his way to attack Yin Ming. He would get back to him(YM) from another way later anyway, so he won’t be petty with Yin Ming now!

“This is impossible!”

Yin Ming subconsciously rejected Shui Ruoshan’s words, because he could still ‘perform’ like usual up until now so he has never doubted that he couldn’t ‘do’ it.

“The function of the drug is sterilization, not abstinence, so don’t get it wrong.”

With just a glance, Shui Ruoshan could guess what Yin Ming was thinking about so he mercilessly pointed out the important point. At the same time, he disdained Yin Ming’s fuss and ignorance! This is the Magic and Sword Continent(Mowu Dalu)1, naturally there would be people who could refine some medicines with special function; the absolute setting that you could refine whatever type of medicine you wanted!

“Forgot to tell you, you were poisoned too deep and it already penetrated into your bone marrow, Cannot.Be.Treated.Anymore!”

He continued to agitate Yin Ming’s nerve. He remembered what he wrote in his main draft, in order to express how ruthless and determined Qian Youyan was, he let Qian Youyan constantly poisoned her fake love Yin Ming until it’s not possible to treat it anymore, for the sake of her true love Huo Lingyun. That means not only Qian Youyan gave him ‘a green hat’2 to wear, she also schemed him to lost the ability to leave offspring.

“So, your only son is Yin.Su.Ye!”

Shui Ruoshan announced his conclusion word-by-word. Seriously, if one is to count the debts, Yin Ming is quite a tragedy. Yin Wushuang who he has been cherishing is not his real son, while Yin Suye who he has suspected and abused before is actually his true blood-related son! One couldn’t not say that this is a very big irony!


Yin Ming wants to rebut back loudly but when he opened his mouth, he didn’t know what to say. Although he felt very unbelievable, he knew what the other party said was exactly what he is experiencing. It’s not that he doesn’t want other children, just that no matter how hard he tried, he just can’t impregnate them. He did suspect something once but he couldn’t find any problems. The problem lies in Qian Youyan, the person he never doubted before so he didn’t notice anything wrong. Now that he think about it, the reason why he hated Yin Suye so much later on was because Qian Youyan keep whispering beside his ears about how his mother entangled herself with other people, and that Yin Suye might not be his real son.

The first time he heard of it, he probably don’t care but at the second time, he may start to have doubts. Then at the third time, he will unconsciously begin to believe…
Accumulating for years, even fake lies could be turned as the truth by Qian Youyan, that’s why his attitude towards Yin Suye became worse! In the end, because he couldn’t produce any other child and hated Yin Suye, Yin Wushuang became the only remaining choice! Qian Youyan, this slut! She really made a good scheme!

“I want evidence!”

Yin Ming’s heart has already been shaken, and also understood a lot of things. But he will not make any judgments so easily before he sees the evidence, because that’s all just guessworks.
Moreover, in Yin Ming’s eyes, Shui Ruoshan is Yin Suye’s helper so it’s very likely that he(SRS) would make up lies to deceive him(YM). He naturally cannot believe in his words so easily.

“Alright.” Shui Ruoshan agreed very straightforwardly.

He doesn’t expect Yin Ming to believe him with just a few sentences anyway. Him being a stranger, his words don’t have any persuasiveness in Yin Ming’s eyes. And he also stood at Yin Suye’s side, that makes his credibility even worse. After all, Yin Ming and Qian Youyan have more than 20 years of emotional foundation. It can’t be destroyed by just a few words! Plus Shui Ruoshan knew that Yin Ming still have doubts in his heart towards his words. The most important point is if Qian Youyan wanted Yin Wushuang to successfully inherit the Yin Family, why didn’t she just eliminate Yin Suye directly?

For this question, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know how to explain. Because he can’t really say that it’s not that Qian Youyan doesn’t want to eliminate while Yin Suye is young, just that every time she attempted it, it failed. Because Yin Suye is the novel’s big villain. In this world, there is also something like villain’s luck, so as long as he don’t bump into the protagonist, he can count on his villain’s luck to avert disaster. Of course he won’t die so easily!

It doesn’t matter if he can’t answer that question, because he will use facts to prove to Yin Ming that his words are correct! At the same time, he want Yin Ming to regret for listening to malicious people and mistreating Yin Suye!

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