Way of Transmigration Chapter 108

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one zero eight – The Furthest Distance

“Because I sometimes can’t feel your heart, I feel that the distance between us is very far away.”

Yin Suye pointed to his heart then pointed to Shui Ruoshan’s heart, saying that although they are standing close to each other, their heart is far away.


Shui Ruoshan had to admit that Yin Suye was right. After all, he and Yin Suye were not from the same world; they are separated by the distance of two worlds. Their ideas, way of thinking and perspective will naturally be different. Indeed, it’s really easy to make people feel a sense of distance. Just that ain’t their current conversation quite wrong with the current situation? They were talking about something very serious just now, how did it suddenly became a literary genre?

Isn’t the speed of changing genre a bit too fast? And the literary Yin Suye gave him(SRS) an illusion that this person has also transmigrated from Earth, alright? If not, why would he suddenly use words like distance and far? It involuntarily made him think of Tagore’s The Furthest Distance In the World.

The furthest distance in the world
Is not between life and death
But when I stand in front of you
Yet you don’t know that I love you

The furthest distance in the world
Is not when I stand in front of you
Yet you can’t see my love
But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both
Yet cannot be together

The furthest distance in the world
Is not being apart while being in love
But when plainly cannot resist the yearning
Yet pretending you have never been in my heart

Shui Ruoshan didn’t know why when he saw these verses, he immediately took liking of it and kept it in his mind. In such an unsuitable time, these words came out in his mind. Sure enough, one simply cannot give up on treatment for an author’s occupational disease, he still should be saveable right?!

“Do you know that you are always looking absent-minded and gave off a sense of superiority when facing other people?”

Seeing the little guy began to habitually zone out, Yin Suye’s eyes slightly darkened.

“Just like right now!”

Reaching out his hand and tilting the little guy’s chin up until his eyes are just reflecting him(YSY) only, Yin Suye’s emotions then stabilized.

“I admit that I am sometimes quite absent-minded, but I have never face other people with a sense of superiority!”

Although Shui Ruoshan was somewhat uncomfortable that Yin Suye suddenly became more vocal, he still had to clarify some problems. For him who like to occasionally ‘open a hole’ in his brain, he really can’t control it, one can’t blame him for this. But what about this sense of superiority? It is absolutely a personal attack!

*falls down*

God knows when he faced Yin Suye, not only he doesn’t feel any sense of superiority, it’s already great that he didn’t feel the mixture of envy and hatred!

“You didn’t understand what I meant.”

Originally, Yin Suye thought that with him saying so much, the little guy should be able to understand what he meant, but he knew the little guy didn’t get it when he saw him looking accusingly at him. Little guy doesn’t understand it at all.


Shui Ruoshan widened his eyes and glared at Yin Suye. What with Yin Suye’s indulgent and helpless tone? He is not laughing at his(SRS) IQ, right?

“You may have obtained some of the Laws of this continent [Mowu Dalu], that you have a certain control over the world. Because of that, you subconsciously will reveal a sense of superiority.”

Yin Suye thought about it, and explained in a more concise wording. Obviously, he saw Shui Ruoshan’s situation as him having the good luck to be able to obtain some of the world’s Law, that he can peep into some people’s fate and the development of the world.


Being told by Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan suddenly realized that perhaps he really did looked at the world with a superior attitude. Because the world was created by him, he seems cold and indifferent to the people or things here. Therefore, when facing a killing or some extreme scenes, he can accept it without any psychological pressure! That was because he did not think the world in the novel as a real world before, naturally he would not feel too much about what happened, and he could always maintain a calm attitude.

“Actually, I don’t necessarily know everything. At the very least, I don’t know about you being reborn again!”

But just a moment ago, Shui Ruoshan finally realized that the world is real, and not the fictitious world he wrote; he is well and alive in here! Therefore, even if he is the author of [The Strongest King in History], he is not the master of the this continent [Mowu Dalu]!

And because this is not the world he created, there are too many things in it that he doesn’t know, there are many things around him that is not the same with what he wrote. This is the difference between reality and fiction! Therefore, he is not qualified to use the calm attitude of a bystander to look at this world!

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan was pulled down from the altar he created for himself by Yin Suye. He cannot not break the illusion that he had been unwilling to face reality and deceiving himself, that he had transmigrated.

“But you mastered some of the Laws of this world.” Yin Suye was somewhat puzzled by the little guy’s sudden low mood, but still patiently comforted.

Obtaining some of the Laws does not mean that the little guy can see through everything. It seems that it is very necessary for him to add some basic common sense to him(SRS) after this whole matter is done.

“What do you mean?” Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye was overestimating him.

Tall order like mastering the law or whatnot, he really don’t know ah! He is very clear about his own weight (ability), he only had this cheap cheat of knowing the outline progress of this world! Once some things changed, the outline he knew might just be completely useless! That will definitely be a sad story! Should stop thinking it!

“You didn’t realize? As long as it is what your wished, the world will realize for you to a certain extent.”

Yin Suye explained faintly when he saw the little guy’s blurred expression. Maybe the little guy didn’t notice it, but not him(YSY). For example, when they were in the Fog forest, little guy said that he wanted to meet some other people. It didn’t take long before they met the four-person group. Another example was when they were eating at the inn in Linsen Town, little guy said he wanted to watch some happening things, then they met Huo Ruyan and Bai Yu1.


There were also some trivial little things happened, which was also similar. If once was a coincidence, then happening twice will not necessarily be a coincidence! There is no such thing as coincidence in the world, only the inevitable! Therefore, Yin Suye felt that this world is, to a certain extent, as if it revolves around the little guy.


Shui Ruoshan blinked innocently, although he don’t know where Yin Suye’s logic came from, it is still considered a comfort! At the very least, he seemed to have become a high level being in an instant! But at the same time, it let him know that his ‘crow mouth’2 is also a kind of a golden finger! Realization makes Shui Ruoshan want to shout aloud, “Boss, give me bowl of tears!3

“You have too many things that I can’t touch, it makes me feel insecure.”

Yin Suye showed his unconfident expression for the first time in front of Shui Ruoshan. Because he cares, he will feel the loss and gain, and he will continue to use various strategies to test Shui Ruoshan’s intentions for him; wanting to gain a peace of mind from this. But the more he tested, the more the little guy expose things that he can’t grasp, which makes him more and more uneasy.

“You said so much, but I still don’t understand. How does these things connects to you initiating Fate Substitution for self-abuse purpose?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he had been stunned speechless by Yin Suye, and suddenly reacted that they seem to be going off the subject! At first, he was obviously preparing to scold Yin Suye for his wrongdoings. But why as their conversation moves on, the direction of the conversation would turn to God knows where?! This can only be said that Yin Suye is too sly, that he could talk him(SRS) to dizziness in just a short while. Fortunately, he was more witty and didn’t fall for Yin Suye’s trap, he immediately turned the topic back to the topic. He must give himself 32 praises for this! This time he will never let Yin Suye have a chance to lead the conversation astray!

“There is.”

Yin Suye didn’t think that the little guy won’t understand the deep meaning in his words at all. He(SRS) ignored the facts in front of him and ignored the whole problem. Instead, he(SRS) took upon the initial problem and fixated on it. Yin Suye suddenly felt like wanting to laugh and cry. He thought that what he had just expressed was very clear. As the result, the little guy did not understand any of it. This reaction was too slow! Maybe he should say it directly, throw a straight ball to the little guy? If he don’t do this, with his (SRS) dull character, he(YSY) will never get Shui Ruoshan to understand what he means…

Raw Word Count : 2722


Raw : 内牛满面/nèi niú mǎn miàn – Directly (pinyin wise) translates to ‘Inner Cow Full Noodle’. It has similar pronunciation with lèi liú mǎn miàn/a faceful of tears.

Banana: Guys, I get it. I know that some of you people don’t like how long SRS rambles. But it’s not my fault ah ah ah ah… If I delete all those nonsense, you will only get a short paragraph, like a summary _(;3/

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  1. Yeah it’s relatable the inner dialog is like expressing his state of mind so I enjoy reading that instead of just mc doing things because he can…there is meaning behind actions and words!

  2. Since a few chapters ago, I’ve been thinking about how YSY has gold hair, but I’ve always been imaging him with silver. One day, to my chagrin, I remembered him originally being described with gold hair. It’s just… I’m so used to his type of character being silver haired, I think I just forgot and have been too embarrassed to say anything.

  3. Well actually I think its quite cute, and I enjoy reading SRS’s ramblings XD It makes it feel more real, you know, or as real as a transmigration-into-your-own-fantasy-novel can get, perhaps cuz I ramble a lot in my mind on a normal basis too. Thanks for the chapter!

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