The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 61 Part 2

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Chapter 61 Part 2


Six Floors Pill Pagoda.¹

After the little fox entered, she glanced at the jade hanging from her neck. Transparent in color, one can immediately see that it was a good piece of jade at first glance. The little fox recalled Nan Gongyin’s warm gaze as he handed her this jade in the morning. Her heart was moved, she enjoyed interacting with Nan Gongyin, his gentleness, his good, was enough to move any girl’s hearts.

But… no matter how good Nan Gongyin was to her, her heart would never budge from Feng Lingran’s side.

The little fox smiled while eyeing the ancient pogoda. She must obtain the Jin Pill and become human, so she could return to Eastern Jin and find Feng Lingran.

Whilst Ji Yunxue was en route to the East Palace, Imperial Consort Ji was notified that Nan Gongyin had allowed let the little fox enter the PIll Pogoda. She was very surprised, and had almost thought that he had eaten the wrong medicine.

Imperial Consort Ji immediately left for Xin Chen Tower to inform her Brother Han of this sudden news.

“That fox had entered the Pill Pogoda?” Leng Yuhan’s eyes flickered.

“That’s right! Brother Han, do you think that Nan Gongyin had took the wrong medicine? Letting a small fox enter the Pill Pagoda, such a ridiculous thing to do.”

Leng Yuhan picked up a compass from the sandalwood table, his fingertips gently moved, “He didn’t take the wrong medicine, its worse! He plans to change something.”

“Change what?”

Leng Yuhuan glanced at Imperial Consort Ji but did not reply, instead he had asked, “Did you get the Huo Yi Grass back?”

Imperial Consort Ji’s heart shook a little: “Don’t worry Brother Han, I will get the Huo Yi Grass back.”

Leng Yuhan knitted his eyebrows, “Ji-er, didn’t I say to retrieve the Huo Yi Grass as soon as possible? Since you had already known that the little fox was in East Palace, why didn’t you handle it efficiently?”

Imperial Consort Ji was questioned so coldy, she bit her lip and delicately answered, “Is brother Han blaming Ji-er for not doing a good job?”

“I’m not blaming you, I’d just thought that you would understand how important the Huo Yi Grass is to me.”

“Brother Han, I am sorry, Ji-er was wrong. It was just that… Xue-er seemed to have her heart set on Nan Gongyin. She offered to help me go to the East Palace to recover the Huo Yi Grass. Ji-er believes that Xue-er will definitely regain the herb. Brother Han, just give Xue-er some time!”

“Xue-er had set her heart on Nan Gongyin?” Leng Yuhan’s eyebrows furrowed even further, “Ji-er, I’d thought you were smart, but turns out you really are muddle-headed. Did you think that Xue-er could control Nan Gongyin? ”

Imperial Consort Ji’s inner thoughts were accurately voiced by Leng Yuhan, shocked, she stumbled to explain, “I… I…”

How could Leng Yuhan not guess Imperial Consort Ji’s intention? However according to his understanding of Nan Gongyin, although he looked gentle and had a mild temperament, wanting to use Ji Yunxue to manipulate him was something she couldn’t afford, and someone who she couldn’t provoke.

Whoever controlled who will not be determined until the end!

“You are such good sister, even willing to use Xue-er.”

Leng Yuhan coldly regraded Imperial Consort Ji, like he was looking at a unfamiliar woman.

Imperial Consort Ji was terribly afraid of Leng Yuhan’s impersonal gaze. She grabbed Leng Yuhan’s arm, declaring, “Brother Han! I was know my wrongs, I didn’t want to use Xue-er to manipulate Nan Gongyin, but she is serious about him and I don’t want her to be hurt!”

Leng Yuhan said, “If you can’t bear for Xue-er to get hurt, then let her avoid Nan Gongyin. The battle for the throne is not related to us, you must remember why we entered Nanling Palace. Not just the Huo Yi Grass, but I am afraid that the little fox in the Pill Pogoda is not a good thing.”

Leng Yuhan continue, “In the past few days, I discovered a change in the stars of Nanling. The Jin Pill also followed the change. I’m afraid that the little fox is after the Jin Pill. Ji-er, send more people to guard the sixth floor. Capture the little fox when it comes out. The Jin Pill must not fall into the hands of Nan Gongyin.”


Eastern Jin, Regent’s Palace.

Feng Lingran sat on a chair while his fingers lightly tapped on the armrest, he glanced at the captured Wan Siyu.

“Ben Wang will ask you one more time, where is the little fox?”

Wan Siyu glanced at the teenager standing next to him. If it wasn’t for this little devil, he wouldn’t have been arrested by the Regent!

In just three years of not meeting, this little devil’s martial arts had improved, even he himself, was not his opponent anymore.

“Ling Ran, it’s not like I don’t want to tell you where the little fox is, but I am afraid that you would be sad after knowing that the little fox is but a white eyed wolf², ”

Feng Ling’s fingers paused mid-tap. He frowned before coldly saying, “Cut the crap.”

Wan Siyu sighed and looked at Feng Lingran’s cold face, his heart trembled and said: “Ling Ran, don’t be sad after knowing the truth. That white eyed wolf is not worth it. It went to look for Nan Gongyin after learning that he was leaving. It had ran away… I’m guessing! It had already gone to Nanling Palace with Nan Gongyin, probably having a wonderful time over there!”

¹Pagoda is more contextually correct. Sos, but it’ll be this from now on.

²白眼狼, white eyed wolf. Used to have a different meaning in the past. But now used for people who are ungrateful or unloyal.

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