The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 — Can You Respect The Wolf?


Little snow wolf was strongly kicked by Xiao Lu and painfully staggered back up only to see the little fox being fiercely gripped by Xiao Lu. The little snow wolf became anxious, its eyes flashed with a green glow as it darted against Xiao Lu’s bleeding leg.

If the mother wolf was still alive and saw how the little snow wolf was finally acting more like a real wolf, she would have probably be able to rest with a smile on her face.

Unfortunately, she passed away, but maybe, just maybe her soul and spirit were watching this scene?

The sound of footsteps gradually got closer, mixed with the clamorous voices of Guanjia, Pozi1, and little servants.

Xiao Lu frowned. She could not afford to stay here any longer. She still had to accomplish her Master’s plan and failing because of these wretched little beasts was not an option.

Xiao Lu ruthlessly threw away the little fox that she had thought of choking to death. Turning around to face the little snow wolf that was unremittingly biting her leg. She gave it a palm, injuring him until he released her leg.

The little fox endured the pain ravaging her whole body as she ran to the little snow wolf’s side and shook his body with a small paw.

“Squeak squeak… Awo Awo…”

The little snow wolf raised its head and saw the little fox. It was pleasantly surprised, had the little fox learned wolf’s speech?

The little fox shook its head with twitching ears, “Awoo” she called uncomfortably, as if her lower jaw was about to fall down.

The little snow wolf thought that the little fox wanted to play with it and excitedly stood up, but its legs gave way almost immediately and it fell down onto its stomach again.

The little fox saw how the snow wolf was struggling to stand up. She thought that the little snow wolf was fine, but unexpectedly… he was actually injured.

The little snow cub beared the pain and attempted to lift itself back up to play with little fox, but it couldn’t…

The little snow wolf looked at the little fox with distress. It was afraid that the little fox would not play with it and would leave to play with… the little alpaca.


The little snow wolf used its call to urge the little fox to stay, it was very afraid that it would be left alone here….

Seeing the little fox use its paw to gently stroke his fur, the little snow wolf’s heart felt an indescribable peace. But a moment later, the little fox suddenly turned around and ran…..

“Aowoo~ Aowoo~”

Little snow wolf felt as if his soul fell from heaven to hell, getting lacerated, bruised and beaten black and blue on his way there. Little fox… don’t go… don’t leave me… I’m scared…

The little fox also did not want to leave, but, she had suddenly spotted a familiar figure, who was the only one that could save the little snow wolf’s injured leg.

Suddenly, little fox leaped up and threw itself into Feng Lingran’s arms. Feng Lingran was slightly surprised by the action.

The little fox looked at Feng Lingran’s handsome face and then rubbed against his arms with affection.

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” Feng Lingran, you are the smartest and most handsome man in this world, please save the little snow wolf’s leg!

Little fox cupped both of its paws in a begging motion.

Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed with astonishment and then slightly raised the tip of his brow, was this little thing begging him?

“You’re quite the talented individual. While Ben Wang was gone, the entire Regent’s Palace nearly got into a big commotion, and that was caused by you alone?”

The little fox was slightly dumbfounded, its round fox eyes looked at Feng Lingran. She did not make a commotion ah! She simply brought little snow wolf into the dining room to eat chicken, then suddenly bumped into that rotten woman Xiao Lu. This fox and the little snow wolf almost died by that rotten woman’s hands.

How could Feng Lingran wrongly accuse this fox?

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” Please, please, this fox is begging you! Please save the little snow wolf’s leg!

Feng Lingran stared at the little fox for a moment, he could hear that little snow wolf’s desperate cries, as if the little fox had abandoned the pitiful wolf.

Hearing the anguished cries of the little wolf, Xiao Xi’s heart felt as if her heart was breaking, as if she had betrayed her loyal follower…

“Squeak squeak squeak…..”

Little fox looked at Feng Lingran with a pitiful expression, in order to make this man save the little snow wolf’s leg, little fox also had to recklessly risk its life.

Feng Lingran gracefully lift up his slender finger and leisurely stated, “Are you going to bite this King again next time?”

Little fox stared blankly for a moment, then immediately shook its head. No biting, no biting, I would not bite you anymore.

Satisfied with the answer, Feng Lingran walked over towards the direction of the little snow wolf’s loud cries while carrying the little fox.

Little snow wolf was crying loudly, but after seeing Feng Lingran’s formidable face, it immediately shut up, no more loud crying. At the same time it saw the little fox in Feng Lingran’s arms and once again became high spirited. It entirely forgot about the little fox’s ’don’t want you’ attitude from before. The little snow wolf excitedly tried to stand up. Unfortunately, as if the heavens was against it, it fell back down even after trying time and time again with great effort.

Seeing the little snow wolf’s vain attempts, Feng Lingran’s thin lips ruthlessly spit out two words, “Stupid wolf.”

Suddenly, Feng Lingran’s eyes shifted down, meeting with the little fox’s beady eyes.

“Little thing, don’t you think that it is a stupid wolf? Hmnn?”

If this had happened in the past, the little fox would have definitely nodded, but now, even if the little snow wolf was indeed a stupid wolf, she did not want to admit it in front of Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran, can you respect the wolf?

“Squeak squeak squeak…..” The black panther you raised is the stupid one.

Feng Lingran could not understand the little fox’s speech. All he could do was guess and interpret the little fox’s paw gestures.

At that moment, the little fox beamed a smile as it spoke, while glancing at the little snow wolf. Feng Lingran thought that the little fox was agreeing with him and didn’t expect this sly little fox to be cursing the black panther.  


Qin Wen rushed over and respectfully greeted Feng Lingran, his heart was startled at seeing him already present in the scene. Noticing that Feng Lingran was carrying the little fox in his arms, Qin Wen’s heart was relieved. Back when he heard old woman Wang’s shouting voice, his heart nearly jumped out of his throat.

The little fox had just been found, they had to make sure to not lose it again.

“Go check that little snow wolf and see what’s wrong with it?”

Naturally, Feng Lingran  would not crouch down and use his honorable hands to examine the little snow wolf’s injury.

Except for this little fox, no one else has that privilege.

Qin Wen walked to the little snow wolf’s side. The little snow wolf was slightly afraid at seeing a stranger approaching it and proceed to drag its injured leg, moving its body away on the ground….

Qin Wen used his hand to stop the the little snow wolf, it seemed to be frightened and opened its mouth at Qin Wen. This action happened very quickly and Qin Wen did not guard against it, he probably was not even expecting this meek spoiled little snow wolf to be able to hurt anything!

“Squeak squeak…….Awo awo~……” You shouldn’t bite people.

The little fox called out to the little snow wolf while also shaking its head at it.

It was a thousand pounds hanging by a thread -that was a close call.

Little snow wolf understood the ‘Awo awo’, its canine teeth managed to touch Qin Wen’s hand, but did not bite down. It had grown up with a wolf’s mouth. So a hint of blood could clearly be seen on the corner of its mouth near the canine tooth section.

Feng Lingran narrowed his eyes, his finger pried open the little fox’s mouth and he saw that the corner of its mouth had also change in color to a blood red. Feng Lingran’s eyes turned deep, no wonder he had felt that the little fox’s body mildly reeks of blood just now.

Feng Lingran had suddenly pried the little fox’s mouth open without saying anything first, so the little fox nearly bit him in instinct, but seeing Feng Lingran’s deep black eyes, the little fox opened its mouth obediently and looked away, remembering that it had promised this man, no more biting him.

Feng Lingran loosened his grip on the little fox’s mouth. Suddenly he noticed two bright red pieces of flesh on the ground, he frowned and traced the little fox’s back with his slender finger. Pain shot through its back, and immediately after pained squeaks was shouted out.



1 Pozi, old woman/aunties

Sellychi: Awawawa oh noes poor little snow wolf this is just the beginning of its emotional ride =(ಥAಥ)=

Nubilus: I kinda want the wolf to turn into a male as well lolols. Cuz he so cute.

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