Return of the Goddess Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

As the door opened, it let out a small creak. Chang Shi Gui raised his head and saw Ning Xi who was all dressed up and walking towards him.

Her beautiful waist resembled a willow, and her snowy skin combined with her long wavy hair let loosely across her back gave her an air of endless elegance.

The most fashionable did not mean it would be the best fitting. Ning Xi’s appearance was just perfect. Chang Shi Gui stared blankly for a while until he realized Ning Xi was right in front of him. He held up his arm. “You look even more stunning today.”

“Thank you.” Ning Xi smiled gracefully as she lightly raised her hand to wrap it around his arm. She at this moment was as though she was a noble queen that finally lowered her head to glance at her devoted knight.

Chang Shi Gui cooperated as he bent down, and with a deep voice he said, “Your Majesty, please sit on your carriage.”

Ning Xi dipped her head slightly. Then, she gave a smile that was yet not quite a smile and said, “Let me allow you to serve me, my devoted knight.” Upon finishing speaking, she saw Chang Shi Gui with an appearance full of obedience and couldn’t help but laugh first.

There were many objects lying around on the set. Chang Shi Gui was worried that Ning Xi might fall since she was wearing high heels. So when Ning Xi was holding on to him, he walked step-by-step, very slowly. Even the action of crossing a leg made obvious that he was being very careful.

This meticulous care was absorbed by Ning Xi. She turned her head slightly to look at Chang Shi Gui’s side profile. This kind of rich, good-looking and even considerate man – she had to wonder how many girls would have their hearts stolen?

Before getting into the car, Chang Shi Gui abruptly stopped. Ning Xi looked at him questioningly.

“What’s wrong?”

Chang Shi Gui bent down, lightly brushed away the dust that god-knows when had fallen on her black dress. He lifted his head and said to Ning Xi, “There was some dust.”

Watching this man who was currently kneeling right in front of her, Ning Xi’s eyelids trembled.
She blanked out for a moment, grabbing the purse in her hands tightly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. To be of service to Her Majesty is a knight’s responsibility.” Chang Shi Gui opened the car door for her and waited for her to sit inside before he entered from the other side, sitting beside Ning Xi.

Ning Xi shifted her head, watching him smile. After a short while, she withdrew her gaze, “Has Mr. Chang always been so considerate to others?”

“In reality, many people by my side feel that I don’t understand emotions.” Chang Shi Gui laughed, “You are the first to praise me.” Finishing, he took out a box that looked extremely exquisite from a bag and held it in front of Ning Xi.

Staring at the box, the smile in Ning Xi’s eyes disappeared. However, the corner of her mouth was still quirked into a smile as she said,”This is for me?”

Chang Shi Gui nodded, “There are going to be too many people at the party. I believed you would need this.”

Ning Xi’s hands paused before taking the box. She put down her purse. Absentmindedly, she opened this beautiful box.

What surprised her was that inside the box was not a pearl bracelet but pieces of white chocolate that were handmade. The chocolate was only the size of a thumb, eating it would not make her have to worry about her makeup or stains on her teeth.

Chang Shi Gui saw the expression on Ning Xi’s face become somewhat weird upon opening the box and his heart inexplicably felt worried. He quickly asked, “Do you not like it? I just thought that there will be many people at the party and your identity is not exactly simple, so at that time you will definitely not be able to eat much. You’ve been filming the whole day and must be exhausted, so…”

“No,” Ning Xi placed a piece of chocolate into her mouth. It carried a milky taste and the chocolate melted instantly. Soon, the sweetness touched the depths of her heart. The smile on her face slowly became deeper. At last, it turned into an unconcealed brilliant smile, “Thank you, I like it very much. ”

Seeing this smile, Chang Shi Gui was momentarily stunned. He… recalled nine years ago. At that time, Ning Xi’s smile was just like this: as brilliant as the one on her face now.

“As long as you like it. I do not know which brand of chocolate you like so I hired some people to specially make a few different brands.” Chang Shi Gui pointed at the box, “These three brands of chocolate taste different. If you like them, I’ll have people to make them for you again. ”

Ning Xi chuckled as she tried one from each brand, then she handed the box to Chang Shi Gui, “They’re all very delicious, try some too?”

Under Ning Xi’s gaze, Chang Shi Gui placed one into his mouth. However, even when he swallowed, he was unable to taste the chocolate as the eyes that Ning Xi used to watch him were just too beautiful. With just a look from her, he was unable to hear anything else. How could he notice the flavor of what he was eating?

The sweet scent of the chocolate filled the car. Ning Xi’s mood had also strangely turned for the better.

The party was organized at a high-class hotel under the Chang Corporation. Even though the party had not yet started, the venue was filled with perfume and radiant clothes, bustling with people.

Successful people from all over the world and world-class celebrities were dressed up in their best, making the reporters at the gate click their shutters continuously.

What international Heavenly King, what supreme Movie Queen, all kinds of powerful figures were present at this venue.

Reporters who were able to be there at the scene were all contracted under well-known companies. They knew their boundaries when they took their photos. They would not rush up to
interview and affect the entire atmosphere of the party.

“Look at their class,” One reporter said to another. “These Heavenly Kings and Queens can only put on a smiling face to please others too.”

As the other reporter was taking pictures, he did not even turn his head as he replied, “This is the true aristocratic circle. What ordinary person would dare to offend anyone here?”

In fact, it was not easy to be in this line of work. To outsiders, these artists may have seemed glorious and flourishing, bathing in endless glory. However, behind the scenes, each and everyone of them worked through blood, sweat and tears and even had to lower themselves to gain favour from others. Such was life.

“You say, a diamond like CEO Chang, can he be taken down by the people from the entertainment circle?” Reporter A glanced over, “If there is any artist who has the capability to do it, then that would really be major news. We will not run out of things to write.”

“In regards to this kind of matter, just thinking about it is fine but don’t treat it so seriously. How can a big figure like him marry an actress?” Reporter B laughed, “In the upper entertainment
circles, CEO Chang is in great demand. The number of people who like him is not little. But who is able to capture him alone with another woman in an ambiguous situation?”

“I’ve taken one before….” Reporter C expressed weakly, “Just recently, and he was even with a female artist.”

“Are you referring to Ning Xi?” Reporter B laughed as he shook his head. With a tone of an experienced man he said, “This lady’s relationship with Chang Shi Gui is definitely not simple.

However, the Chang family will definitely not let such a woman enter into the family.” Speaking up to this point, he pointed at the entrance. “Look at today’s scene, she doesn’t even have a part in this important occasion. Even if Chang Shi Gui held some interest towards her, I’m afraid there’s a limit to that.”

AdvertisementHearing such words, the other reporters were also deep in thought. It wasn’t not that Ning Xi was not good, it was just that both of their identities were simply too far apart.

Though Ning Xi had great academic qualifications, a beautiful appearance and was popular, in the face of family status, all these qualities were useless.

A man like Chang Shi Gui would not marry her into the family. His mother also would not accept such a daughter-in-law. These reporters had seen many artists who want to enter into the ranks of the wealthy. However, those who truly succeeded were just a very few.

That year Cheng Jingjing received a national award and then under the envious gazes of the nation and married into a wealthy family. In the end, didn’t she also fall to the point where she commited suicide?

Amateurs watch the fun, professionals watch the gate [1]. Reporters like them had long seen that so-called “true love” and towards “true love” these two words, they could no longer recognize them.

“They’re here! They’re here!”

The few reporters who had been chatting immediately perked up. The key person they want to photograph had arrived.

An inconspicuous black bentley appeared under the watchful gazes of the audience. The moment the car stopped and Chang Shi Gui stepped out of the car, the shutters began to click endlessly.

He walked to the other side of the car and opened the door. He bent down slightly and reached out his hand.

Chang Shi Gui had brought a female partner?!

At this moment, as if they were injected with chicken blood, all of the reporters furiously began snapping pictures of the car door even when the person in the car had not even revealed a single finger.

Afterwards, they saw a hand placed on Chang Shi Gui’s arm. Fair and slender, this hand carried a beautiful silver bracelet.

Reporter: A woman that was brought here by Chang Shi Gui personally must be out of the ordinary. Just by revealing a hand, she made everyone understand that her temperament is different!

Once the person in the car stepped out, all of the reporters present were stunned. Immediately, the shutters clicked even more frantically. All of them hated that their hands were not fast enough to capture more pictures.

Ning Xi ah! That was Ning Xi, the person who was involved in the rumors with Chang Shi Gui!

Ning Xi hooked one of her hands around Chang Shi Gui’s arm and turned her head to smile at the crazed reporters. Then, under the shocked eyes of the public, walked through the main door.

There were even some reporters that managed to capture the moment when Ning Xi was walking up the stairs, Chang Shi Gui was very worried that she might fall and so he meticulously held up her dress for her. His elegance as a man was apparent.

Until the two disappeared behind the door, the reporters did not regain their spirit. Chang Shi Gui had actually publicly brought Ning Xi to attend the party and even treated her so tenderly.

Even if the two of them were not lovers, they were definitely close friends.

It turned out that the Weibo that Chang Shi Gui posted was not just for show, and it was actually true?

These two were really old friends for many years? Or……were they in a romantic relationship?

The reporter who had been claiming that Ning Xi would not be able to enter this place at this moment was speechless as he was reeling from being slapped by ability.

It turned out that the other was not unqualified to attend the party. Instead she entered directly on Chang Shi Gui’s arm. After all these years, what other female artists were unable to do, Ning Xi did.

Met with various looks from other reporters, Reporter B felt a sense of awkwardness wash over him. Why was this Ning Xi always deviating from the script?!

The moment Chang Shi Gui entered the venue, many took notice.

“CEO Chang,” After the middle-aged man praised Chang Shi Gui, he finally turned the topic to Ning Xi, “I wonder this beautiful lady is?”

“She is my old friend, Ning Xi. Recently she went into the acting industry. CEO Qian is a big brother in the entertainment circle, I have to ask that you guide her well. ” Chang Shi Gui smiled towards Ning Xi and said, “Ning Xi, this is Feiyu Entertainment’s CEO Qian.”

“Oh I wouldn’t dare. In front of CEO Chang, where will I be able to handle the title of ‘big brother’?” CEO Qian had a face of humility and shock, “So this is Miss Ning Xi, I often hear about you from my employees. A hundred mentions of hearsay does not rival a glance. Miss Ning is indeed beautiful enough to move people with the temperament of an orchid. [2]” So this woman was that Ning Xi who was so strongly supported by Jiuji Entertainment in the past year. Her appearance was indeed outstanding. It was no wonder that a figure like Chang Shi Gui would take her to be his partner for today’s party.

Ning Xi could tell that this CEO Qian was purposely trying to get on Chang Shi Gui’s good side, so she chuckled at his humble words. Her attitude was neither servile or overbearing, making CEO Qian feel somewhat pitiful. Such a good seedling was taken away by Jiuji Entertainment.
After the two handled a few rounds of people who came to gain his favour, Chang Shi Gui told her in a low voice, “We’ve been standing for so long, are you tired? I’ll bring you aside to take a seat.”

Not far away was a large swimming pool but no one on the scene was swimming. Chang Shi Gui brought her to sit by the swimming pool, “You can rest here first, I’ll be back soon.”

“It’s fine, I saw a few familiar faces just now and hadn’t had the chance to greet them yet.” Ning Xi warmly smiled at him, “You can go first, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Chang Shi Gui was afraid she would be cold and called for a waiter to bring a shawl for her before he was assured to leave.

In the midst of this noisy and pompous party, people who came back and forth in the middle, creating a nobility and magnificence that ordinary people made admire. However, only those who are in the know, understood how empty the so-called nobility and magnificence are.

Not long after Ning Xi sat down, people began to approach her. And from the looks of it, these people were here for her specifically.

She did not stand to welcome these young masters and mistresses. Instead, she pulled on her shawl even more tightly. The breeze was cold at night and she did not want to catch a cold.

“As expected, you’ve thickened your face to come here.” Jiang Yi arrogantly glanced at Ning Xi, who was sitting on the chair. “Wearing such cheap goods and yet still daring to stand beside Brother Chang, do you not feel embarrassed?”

Ning Xi smiled gleefully as she cocked her brow, “My clothes are cheap yet Mr. Chang was willing to stand beside me. How can I feel embarrassed?”

Jiang Yi, “You, shameless!”

Ning Xi smiled even more gently, “Miss Jiang, we as actresses all count on our faces to eat, how can we not want our face [3]?”

“You you you…….” Jiang Yi was so angry that her face turned red. Seeing Ning Xi’s calm and
composed appearance made the fire in Jiang Yi’s heart flare higher. She turned her head and told her underlings, “You guys push her down, down into the water! I want to see whether she can still talk back to me!”

Her underlings heard her but did not make a single movement.

Because…. they did not dare offend Chang Shi Gui. This woman was brought in by Chang Shi Gui. If they pushed her into the water, it was the same as slapping his face. Wouldn’t this be offending him?

Though they wanted to gain favour from the Jiang family, but they did not want to offend Chang Shi Gui even more ah.

“Yiyi, let it go. With so many people around, it will not be good for you if things get big.” One of the underlings spoke up, “By then, Mr. Chang will be angry.”

“What does she count as!? Why would Brother Chang be angry at me for her?” Hearing such words further agitated Jiang Yi, “Are you guys helping me or not?!”

All of her underlings looked at each other and none of them moved to touch Ning Xi.

Seeing the situation, Ning Xi laughed lightly. To Jiang Yi, this laughter was akin to mocking her.

She glared viciously at Ning Xi, “What are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing at Miss Jiang for being so adorable ah,” Ning Xi slowly stood up, in a suppressed voice she said, “Silly and cute.”

“You!” Jiang Yi was spoilt by others since young, how could she handle such humiliation? Upon Ning Xi’s words, she raised her hand and pushed Ning Xi. Ning Xi stumbled backwards and held onto a chair so she could stabilize herself.

“Yiyi, what are you doing?”

A deep manly voice rang out.

Jiang Yi looked back to glance at the incoming person, pinching her collar as she replied, “None of your business!”

“Miss Ning, my apologies. This young lady is not sensible and made trouble for you. I apologize to you on her behalf.” Walking to Ning Xi was a man that appeared to be in his forties. He was wearing a black suit and his hair was neatly combed. No one would have expected that this serious-looking man would stand against the opinion of the masses and marry a woman from the entertainment circle that year.

Ning Xi looked at the tall man who was anxiously apologizing to her with a calm face. She turned her head to glance at the seething Jiang Yi and smiled softly, “Hello Mr. Jiang, I believe there must be some misunderstanding between Miss Jiang and I.”

Seeing the smile on her face, Jiang Hongkai wore a matching expression on his face, “I wonder if this young lady hurt you?!”

“Who needs you to apologize for me?!” Jiang Yi saw their interaction and hollered with a red face, “I don’t need you to care, don’t pretentiously borrow my name to seduce other women!”
Jiang Yi’s voice wasn’t low and thus drew the attention of others. It was just that most of them were smart enough to pretend they heard nothing.

Watching the fun was one thing, but it also depended on the venue and the identities of the parties involved.

“What is going on?” Chang Shi Gui heard the commotion and walked over. Noticing that Ning Xi was surrounded by a few young masters and mistresses who usually spent their time idling, and that the shawl around her shoulders had dropped onto the ground, he frowned.

He walked forward and picked up the fallen shawl, laying it across Ning Xi’s shoulders.

He turned to look at Jiang Yi and the others, his expression extremely unsightly, “Why are you all surrounding her?”

[1] – Means that the experienced people are able to look at things differently and their nature while the newbies can only see things from the surface.
[2] -Referring to her graceful temperament/attitude/mannerism resembles the orchid in a deep valley, fragrant and pure. With outstanding talents like a fairy that is intelligent and nimble.
[3] – In Mandarin, 不(bu)要(yao)臉(lian) refers to being shameless and a direct translation would be ‘to not want your face’.

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