Return of the Goddess Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

“Hu hu.”

This was the sound of the canopy flapping in the wind.

Chang Shi Gui looked at Ning Xi, unsure of what to say.

Within his memory, Ning Xi was definitely there. He remembered her childish laughter in high school and her shy and proud appearance when she took the lead in the school’s anniversary event, even obtaining an award. Of course, the fondest memory was her brilliant smile he remembered from when he was hospitalised.

“When this little girl just admitted to the hospital, she was very beautiful. Unfortunately, she gained a lot of weight due to medicine intake.” The nurse who took care of him looked regretful and said, “What a pity for that beautiful face.”

He did not understand why the nurse expressed pity. In his opinion, this little girl was full of fun and laughter. Even her smile was very nice. What was there to pity?

Almost every day he would look from the ward’s window and see her walking in the small garden, or acting spoilt to her parents. She looked very cute, and even made his mood a little bit better.

There was nothing that could not be overcome in this world, even this little girl or himself.

Ever since then, he would often return to the high school to check for news on her. Her teachers were full of compliments about her, saying that she respected the teachers and was clever, fast thinking, had good grades, and even represented the school for a competition.

He thought that this little girl with a bright smile was living peacefully, being loved by both teachers and parents, and even had excellent grades. But he never thought that there was malicious intent from others.

Sometimes, he thought that his memory was a little blurry. However, when Ning Xi asked, he then realised how clear it was, so clear that it was like it all just happened yesterday.

Ning Xi looked at Chang Shi Gui and saw that he was absent-minded, as if he did not want to bring up the past. She chuckled lightly and said, “I am just asking out of curiosity, you don’t have to take it seriously, Mr. Chang.”

“Sister Xi Xi, the director said that you still have to re-shoot one more scene.” Xiao Yang ran over and glanced at Chang Shi Gui before leaving the both of them alone after she passed on the message.

Ning Xi laughed. She turned around and got ready to leave.

“Wait a minute, “Chang Shi Gui grabbed her arm, his gaze looking straight into her eyes. “Nine years ago, every day I waited in front of the window, looking for you. That month, it rained for three days. During those days, you did not come out from the ward.”

The voice beside her ear slowly faded away, and the world became quiet. Chang Shi Gui’s gaze was so gentle that Ning Xi felt like she was almost entirely embraced by this warmth.

Chang Shi Gui took back the hand that had held onto Ning Xi and laughed at himself, “You wouldn’t know, every day when you came out to jog, those were the times that I looked forward to the most.”

Ning Xi suddenly remembered Zhang Qingyun mentioning to her a few things about Chang Shi Gui’s life. When he was twenty, he was in an accident when he was sitting in a car with his father. Father Chang died on the spot whereas he was lucky enough to be saved.

Ever since then, Chang Shi Gui became the boss of Chang Corporation. Despite his tender age, he dealt with the business world skillfully and effortlessly, making many fear him.

“At that time, I was thinking that this young lady has such a brilliant smile, just like a sunflower. It made it hard for one to avert their eyes.”

Ning Xi tried to remember that year. At that time, she had just graduated from junior high and was admitted to the hospital. After taking hormonal medicine, she became fat. People who visited her left with pity written on their faces. It was like turning over a piece of hundred dollar note to see that it had became one dollar.

Being able to see her bright smile on her fat face, the look in Chang boss’s [1] eyes became hard to look at.

“You…” Ning Xi originally wanted to joke around. However, when she saw Chang Shi Gui’s eyes, she didn’t know why but she couldn’t bring herself to say any of those playful words.

“To me, you are a very important, very important……. old friend. Even if you didn’t know of my existence.” Chang Shi Gui smiled at Ning Xi, “Ning Xi, thank you for your smile, which accompanied me through my toughest times.”

Ning Xi’s heart thumped.

“Teacher Ning Xi, it’s time for the shoot.”

Being called by the crew, she directed a smile towards Chang Shi Gui before going to the shooting area.

Looking at her back as she ran, Chang Shi Gui’s eyes slowly became gloomy.

The shots that needed to be retaken were simple. After Ning Xi was done with her shoot, she turned around to see that Chang Shi Gui was still standing at the same place and waved her hand at him.

The corner of his mouth lifted as he took big steps towards her, taking a cold drink from a crew member.

“I had never thought that there was such past between us.” Ning Xi took a folding fan from nowhere and started fanning herself. However, no matter how she fanned, her forehead was still covered with sweat.

Chang Shi Gui opened the cap of the drink and passed one to her.

“Thank you.” Ning Xi took a sip as she looked at the crew members who were giving out lunch boxes nearby. Using the folding fan to cover half of her face, she said, “The production’s food tastes really bad, don’t try it.”

Previously when Chang Shi Gui paid a visit to another production called “Tan Hai Xian Ji,” although the rice meal was average it was still edible. However, this production’s food was simply so disgusting that it made one find it hard to swallow.

“Alright.” Chang Shi Gui smiled, stretching out his hand over her head to block the sun for her. “I don’t know if you would accept me as an old friend now that you have heard of this story?”

Ning Xi blinked her eyes, nodded and said: “Then I should accept it reluctantly.”

Looking at her acting this way, Chang Shi Gui was unable to hold back his laughter. He lifted his head to look at the sky, the dazzling sunlight making it difficult for him to open his eyes. “It’s too hot right now, you should go and get some rest. It’s more cooling. I should also head back to my company.”

“En.” Ning Xi nodded.

Chang Shi Gui retracted his palm from her head, and the sunlight pierced directly into her eyes. All of a sudden, she felt that her eyes were somewhat burning.

After Chang Shi Gui walked some distance, he turned his head back. Ning Xi was still standing under the sun. Seeing that he looked back, Ning Xi waved to him. So Chang Shi Gui walked even faster and stopped beside his car before turning back to Ning Xi again. But he could no longer see her figure from his position.

He stood still and gazed in her direction for a while, then opened the door and sat in his car with a smile.

Ning Xi usually had a good appetite, but the blazing sun and the pig feed-like meal had made her lose her appetite. After eating two oily-filled lettuce, she put down her chopsticks. After filming this drama, she probably would lose a few jin [2].

Zhang Qingyun sat beside her. After watching her put down her chopsticks, he asked: “Ning Xi, what is your relationship with Mr Chang?”

“Brother Zhang,” Ning Xi looked at Zhang Qing Yun with broken-hearted face, “When I was close to a girl, you worried. Now I stay close with a guy, you still feel worried. How big is the hole in your brain?”

“You can’t blame the hole in my brain for being big, it is about your strong pheromones [3].” Zhang Qing Yun sulked, “The male artiste that I took care of in the past didn’t even have patience like yours. The young miss from the Bai Family said to hug and you hugged.”

He thinks back on the behaviour of Chang Shi Gui helping Ning Xi block the sun. He let out a long sigh. “Why are you so good at attracting other people?”

Ning Xi held her face with her hands and innocently smiled at Zhang Qing Yun, “Maybe it is because I am adorable?”

Zhang Qingyun: “Stop acting cute! Can you tell me what your relationship is with Mr Chang?” Previously, due to Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui eating together, so many problems arose. If one day the media once again found them in together in a frame [4], then the rumor might change to Ning Xi getting married to Chang Shi Gui?

“Just normal friends. What else can there be?”

“Excuse me, are you Ms. Ning Xi? Your meal has arrived. Please sign here.”

Ning Xi and Chang Qingyun looked back together at the young man with a clean uniform behind them. His hands were holding a big basket, a warm smile on his face.

“Sorry, I did not order this. Could there have been a mistake?”

The young man opened the basket and took out two dishes, a bowl of plain rice, fresh cold fruits and tonic soup. “Oh, it is like this. We, Hundred Tastes Hall, will provide the best service to every important customer. Your lunch was ordered by our VIP, Mr. Chang. For the remaining days, we will provide you with a timely, healthy and tasty lunch, hope you enjoy your meal.”

After finishing, the young man bowed to Ning Xi and took his leave.

Zhang Qingyun smelled the flavorful dishes and couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. “Your normal friend is quite caring, isn’t he? Knowing that you didn’t like the production’s meal, he specially ordered food for you.”

A restaurant like Hundred Tastes Hall, even if he wanted to dine there, he would still have to book it beforehand. Thinking up to this point, Zhang Qingyun already surrendered.

After Ning Xi pulled the dishes further away from Zhang Qingyun, she picked up the chopsticks and said: “Don’t be jealous. After all, it is because I am good-looking.”

“Aren’t you ever feel ashamed?” Zhang Qingyun also picked up chopsticks and wanted to grab the dishes but he was stopped by Ning Xi.

“While you are speaking ill of me, can you put your chopsticks away?” Ning Xi shot him a sideways glance. “You don’t need to think too much about it, Chang Shi Gui doesn’t have any bad intentions with me. As for the rest…..”

She paused and said, “Better to just leave it to fate.”

Zhang Qingyun saw her acting this way and didn’t try to say anything else, only taking the chance to steal more food from her.

“Hey, do you think it’s possible that Mr. Chang is….” Lin Yan pulled Kong Yuheng towards her. Although she did not finish the sentence, the rest was easily guessed.

Kong Yuheng shook her head, “I have been in this circle for over ten years. I have seen too many tricks of rich men chasing after beautiful actresses. Before landing into their palms, those actresses are treasure to them. But after that…” She shook her head, “Though I do not know what Mr. Chang’s intentions are, I know it is not easy to marry into a rich family.”

It is not that the circle did not have actress that married into rich families. On the surface, it might look amazing. But how they really felt when they were inside, only they themselves would know.

After hearing this, Lin Yan was taken aback. “If this is true, then it is really, really…” She did not know what to say. If one wished to abuse, and there was the other one to be beaten, it was not something that outsiders should interfere with.

However, Ning Xi was a good actress. She was worried that Ning Xi could not handle those sweet nothings, and would end up being hurt by others.

“We outsiders should not involve ourselves in this matter. Furthermore, Ning Xi is also a smart girl.” Kong Yuheng said, “She is not someone to be easily cheated.”

“Ning Xi! Ning Xi! Where are you, come out right now!”

The production crew of ‘Three Lives of Rogue’ were shouting and searching everywhere for her. What was wrong with them today, did they not pray to God before the shoot [5]?

Why were those seeking trouble always coming, one after the other?

Xiao Yang heard someone calling for Ning Xi, so she ran to them. Then she saw a young beautiful lady walking over, followed by two young men behind her.

Although they were separated by about two to three metres, Xiao Yang was still able to smell the alcohol on them.

They had already experienced similar incidents before this, so the production crew quickly reacted and stopped these three people from going inside.

“This Madam and the two sirs, this is our shooting place. Please lower your volume, thank you for cooperating.” Chang Wu eyed them suspiciously, these couldn’t be the people intentionally sent over by the previous troublemaker, right?

“Brother, you said that Ning Xi was filming here, didn’t you? Where is she?” Wei Siqi ignored Chang Wu, busy looking around, but unable to find the figure of Ning Xi. Then she turned around and shouted at the man besides her. “Brother, you lied to me!”

Wei Donglai felt embarrassed and looked at everyone before of them. He lowered his head and said to Wei Siqi: “Little sister, they said Ning Xi had returned home already, we will come back tomorrow, okay?”

“She’s not here? I don’t believe you.” Wei Siqi shook her head, then pointed at Chang Wu, “Speak, is she here?”

You think I would answer just because you asked me? I am not your family’s servant!

Chang Wu’s face was filled with disgust and ignored her.

“Please excuse us, my younger sister is drunk.” Wei Donglai was regretting bringing Wei Siqi here. If it wasn’t because she was crying, shouting and even threatening to commit suicide, he wouldn’t have come here to be treated like a crazy person.

Wei Donglai’s secretary wished he could hide his face right now. Furthermore, the one coming to find trouble with his goddess was his manager’s younger sister. This made him not have the guts to face his family’s goddess.

Seeing that Chang Wu ignored her, Wei Siqi pushed Wei Donglai away: “Ning Xi, get your ass out here right now!”

Never thinking that a drunk could have so much strength, Wei Donglai retreated a few steps before regaining his balance. His feelings were extremely complicated right now, he only wished to pull his sister away from here and never appear before the production team ever again.

“Siqi, Ning Xi really isn’t here. I will bring you to find her somewhere else, okay?” Thinking that this is his own younger sister, he could only endure.

He didn’t know who this Ning Xi was, to be able to make his sister act in such an embarrassing way.

“You are right, let’s go find her somewhere else.” Wei Siqi nodded. She turned to hold Wei Donglai’s shoulder and walked back. “After we find her, we will lock her up and make her unable to come out for the rest of her life.”

After the secretary heard these words, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. People said drunk people always told the truth, this little sister of the manager, weren’t her morals a tad off?

“Which distinguished person came to our set? Cursing and shouting this way, so frightening.”

The young woman’s gentle voice drifted to the secretary’s ears, he quickly turned back and realized it was his goddess!

After that…he took off his supporting hand from Wei Siqi, causing her to fall to the ground.

Wei Siqi looked up and saw a beautiful girl walking out from the crowd, and she shook her head and said: “Who are you, where is that damn fat pig?”

[1] – boss here is written in English in the original text.
[2] – jin(斤) is half kg.
[3] – The original text said ‘hormones’ but I figured the author’s trying to say pheromones instead.
[4] – basically finding them together in a (possibly camera of the media) frame.
[5] – ok sorry folks, I’m not really sure how to go about explaining this. I’ll be so grateful if anyone could help explaining this T.T

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