Return of the Goddess Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

The opening ceremony of “Three Lives of Rogue” was very simple. However, due to Ning Xi’s popularity, there were still a few news media covering them.

Some fans who saw the news, expressed that their goddess today was still as beautiful as usual. Some even made the effort to check out this show’s director, discovering that the films that were by this director did not have much fame. Thus, they started to get worried for Ning Xi’s future development. To the fans, they can’t help but to hope that their favourite artist would be able to grow and develop continuously. Being able to star in a big movie, receive prestigious awards and becoming the spokesperson for major brands. The more successful she was, the happier the fans were.

However, to the eyes of those who were in the same industry, the opportunities that Jiuji had drawn up for Ning Xi were evident that they had high hopes for her. Especially when the news of Chang Shi Gui investing in Jiuji Entertainment was released, in a short span of two days, Jiuji’s stock price has rose up to nearly a million.
While the people in the industry were still shocked by the golden thigh that Jiuji was holding on to, the production team of “Happy Chat” has already broadcasted the highlights of the new season as a promotional scheme. Additionally, the news of Ning Xi being a small plump girl in the past was instantly circulated out by various huge media companies.

Ning Xi’s current popularity was, firstly due to the her lovable character setting in “Beautiful Red Clouds”. Secondly, the outstanding appearance that drew in quite a number of fans who had only saw Ning Xi for her face. Once they heard that Ning Xi was previously fat, many fans were unable to believe the news. Some of them had even thought that it was a ploy by the media to tarnish her reputation.
Fan A: Have you all forgotten that Xi Xi once mentioned on her Weibo that she used to be a fatty?
Fan B: …….
Fan C: …….

Fan D: I was a fan of numerous artists, but I have never seen a female artist that was so sincere. Many other female artists could not wait to conceal their dark past. Yet, our family’s Xi Xi revealed it honestly, not being afraid of those that would use her old photos to defame her.

Fan A: Seeing that our family’s lovely bean[1] was so silly, I can’t help but to love her more.
By the time Wei Si Qi had gotten home, it was already nine pm. The lights were not on and the light which was emitting from the television, made the house seemed exceptionally gloomy and cold.
When he saw that she had came back, Chen Yi Jun did not budge at all. Ever since their previous argument and after Wei Si Qi had drove and hit into the back of his car, their relationship was stuck in a stalemate.
The Chen and Wei families were connected by a marriage where both were well-matched in terms of their social status, and it was a matter that was mutually beneficial for them. Furthermore, both of them had been together for years and were only missing a wedding ceremony before they could officially become husband and wife. As such, despite how torturous it was for the both of them to stay together right now, they still had to put on an act of that of a loving couple in front of the public.

Wei Si Qi threw her jewelleries and key on to the coffee table in front of Chen Yi Jun, and lowered her head to look at him who had his eyes glued to the television. She laughed coldly as she kicked off the high heels that she was wearing.

On the television were a few youths making a dime. Who knows what was so interesting about it.

“Ning Xi, since you’ve been living abroad for so many years, your culinary skills must have been honed, right?”
She suddenly turned her head, viciously glaring at the young woman on the screen.
This woman was facing the audience in front of the television while laughing adorably and charmingly. Even as a woman herself, she was unable to pick up any flaws in her smile.
But once she heard “Ning Xi” these two words, she immediately went stiffed.

Clearly the smile of the woman in the television blossomed like a flower, radiating with the brilliance of the morning sun that greeted the beginning of winter. Yet, she felt traces of cold air penetrating through the soles of her feet, and flowed along the veins to the heart.
It’s her! The woman that appeared on Teacher Zhang’s birthday banquet!

She could hear the sound of her own teeth trembling as she stared at the pair of eyes on the television with fright. It was as if a beast would jump out of the television at any moment and rush to devour her.

“She’s back!” She opened her mouth wanting to yell and question Chen Yi Jun as to why he was watching this program. However, in actual fact, her voice let out a sound that was as soft and feeble as a mosquito. Aside from herself, Chen Yi Jun would not be able to hear her at all.
Why did Ning Xi became so beautiful? Why was Chen Yi Jun following her? Why did she come back?
She suddenly recalled the events of six years ago. When Ning Xi was going through the formalities to leave the school, she did not inform anyone. It was only because Wei Si Qi was late that day, that she was able to bump into her in front of the school gate.
She had never seen such terrifying deep and dark eyes. It was as if a female ghost had just climbed out from the pits of hell, able to tear her apart any time.

But Ning Xi did not do anything. She had only glanced at her for a moment before disappearing into crowd. Ever since then, she had not seen Ning Xi.
Why did someone who disappeared for so long come back? Was she back for revenge?

Is she back to snatch Yi Jun away? Back to seize everything she had?
“Are you scared?” Chen Yi Jun still had his eyes on the screen, with his back against Wei Si Qi, “That year, were you the one who hid her phone?”

The corner of Wei Si Qi’s lip trembled slightly as she replied after a long pause: “She just came back and you already can’t wait to question me for her sake?”

Hearing these words, Chen Yi Jun scornfully laughed. Presently, the Ning Xi in the television was joking around with the host so much that the guests couldn’t help but laughed out heartily as well. “What qualifications do I have to question you?”
He was also a sinner who pulled the prank on her that year.
“Yi Jun,” Wei Si Qi covered her eyes as she choked out, “Don’t be like that, let bygones be bygones. Let’s not mention this anymore, okay?”
These few years, they were clearly doing fine, yet why was it that they became this way because of the matter with Ning Xi again?
Their grieves did not affect the person on television, Ning Xi and the guests were still talking and laughing as before.
“Ning Xi, if you were really a plump little girl in the past, did any man look beyond your appearance and discover your innate character, and confessed to you?”
“Brother Zhao, I hope you wouldn’t laugh. That year, there was indeed a man who sent me a love letter. However, it wasn’t him that wrote it. His cousin was the one who asked him to send it.”
“Then, what was written on the love letter?”

“I don’t know.”
“Why don’t you know?”
“That day I had a small accident and because of that, I lost the love letter before I could even open it. But I felt that it was someone’s prank. That time I was fat and my grades were good, so I easily incurred the hate of people.”
Wei Si Qi cried as she sat on the floor. She knew that she could not go back to the past with Yi Jun because the reason for Ning Xi’s return this time had already delivered a strong blow to Yi Jun’s heart. He was unable to be at peace nor would she be able to as well.
“I would apologize to her and make up for my sins, okay?” Wei Si Qi’s makeup was smudged from her tears and her face was pale as she looked at Chen Yi Jun, “Yi Jun, you can’t do this to me.”
Chen Yi Jun kneaded his temple tiredly. He looked at Ning Xi’s coincidental smile at this moment and pressed down on the off button of the remote control.

The house was abruptly thrown into a pitch of darkness.
Within the darkness, Wei Si Qi wiped her tear-stained cheeks as her eyes carried faint trace of joy.
So what if Ning Xi had return? So what if she became pretty? Right now Yi Jun was unable to leave her. Without the Wei family’s support, it would be hard to say that Yi Jun would be able to become the successor of Chen family.
The television that was coldly treated by the Chang family was finally turned on today. This made the few helpers in the villa inwardly surprised. Especially when the one watching the television was the man that never watches it.
As he watched the television, Chang Shi Gui felt that he wasn’t able to keep up with the times. He did not understand the meaning of the phrases that Ning Xi had said such as dog leash [2], scared baby [3] and city knows how to play[4]. He also did not know what was ‘stargazy pie’[5]. Furthermore, why are the subtitles messily filled with punctuation marks? Some expressed laughter and some seemed to be crying.

Educators all love to say “three years make a generation gap”. Between him and Ning Xi, wouldn’t it be “a missing interval make up five generation gaps”?
“What was written in the love letter?”
“I don’t know.”

Just as he was about to lower himself to pick up his phone, he paused. He lifted up his head to look at the person in the television. Just like that, he watched until the program ended and was replaced by advertisements.
“Shi Gui?” When Mother Chang came downstairs and saw that the television was on with her son sitting on the sofa in a daze, she curiously asked, “It has already passed ten at night, why are you still not asleep?”
Habitually by this time, he would already be lying on his bed. Instead, why was he watching the television today? She glanced at the television and only saw advertisements on sports shoes and nothing special.
“Mom, why did you come down?” Chang Shi Gui switched off the television and stood up to turn on all the lights, lighting up the house.
“I couldn’t fall asleep so I came down to have a look.” Mother Chang looked at the dark surroundings outside of the window. “The weather forecast said that it might rain tomorrow. You should sleep early.”

“Okay.” With a nod ensued by giving Mother Chang a “goodnight”, Chang Shi Gui returned upstairs.
After he left, Mother Chang turned on the television. Displaying on the screen was the channel that Chang Shi Gui was watching previously. The only difference was the sports shoes advertisement had changed to a phone advertisement.
She pondered for a while before holding up the remote control, opening up the playback function.
The next day morning, when Chang Shi Gui went for breakfast, he noticed his mother had an appearance of someone who did not had a good rest. With some worry, he asked: “Mom, what time did you sleep last night?””
“Almost before midnight.” Mother Chang let out a yawn, “Yesterday I was watching a program and inside were a few humourous youths. Especially that young lady, she sure looked full of life.”
The moment he heard his mother mentioned the young lady, Chang Shi placed down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth before saying: “Mom, I’m full. You can slowly eat.”
Mother Chang watched his hurried figure as she elegantly pinched her eyebrows before thinking aloud: “Why are you in such a rush? Did you really take me for an old lady who had nothing better to do other than to push you to marry?”
The youngster nowadays are really thinking too much.
“Xu Zhou” Chang Shi Gui sat in the car, gazing out the window at the world which was engulfed in rain, “Don’t return to the company first. Head down to Yuanbaoshan.”

“Yes, boss.” As a secretary, one should not be overly curious about the boss’s decisions. As long as the boss was not engaging in any illegal activities, his wish should be the command.
Yuanbaoshan was a mountain with great view, that was located at the outskirts of the imperial capital. As there were many production teams that frequently used the scenery here, this mountain gradually developed and became a well-known scenic spot for tourists and production teams to film.
However, due to the rain today, there wasn’t much people around. After the secretary had retrieved an umbrella from the backseat and propped it up, he opened the door for Chang Shi Gui.
“Thank you.” Chang Shi Gui took the unused umbrella in his other hand, opened it and held it over his head as he followed along the stone stairs.
Upon seeing this, the secretary and the tall-built driver promptly chased behind him. Exactly after two to three hundred flight of stairs, the secretary Xu Zhou, met with a group of production crew that seemed to be filming. With people moving about, the place appeared very lively.
Inside the film set, a female actress with messy hair and dressed in ancient clothes, was crawling on the ground. The ground that was filled with muddy water made Xu Zhou shiver unbearably upon seeing it.
As the rain fell on the umbrella, Xu Zhou could not helped but to think that this line of work had a really grandiose display but endless hardships behind the scenes. Such dirty mud water and yet once told to crawl or roll on it, one would have to abide to it. How many mental obstacles would they have to overcome before they could do it?
“Ning Xi, this take was pretty good. Let’s keep up with this standard and film one last time.” Kong Yuheng gestured towards Ning Xi, indicating to proceed.

Ning Xi nodded as she stood up from the ground and returned to the starting point of shoot.
The set production team hurriedly removed the marks that she had left when she was crawling, and thereafter the shoot continued.
Xu Zhou opened his eyes so widely that it were about to fall out, isn’t that Ning Xi? Why was that gorgeous lady that was brimming with liveliness that bring forth fragrance, making life difficult for herself by filming such a movie?
During the Ming Dynasty, the chaos of war sprung up everywhere and court councillors were flustered and lost, the people had no way to make a living. When thieves and enemies invaded, the women with bound feets were unable to run away, unable to escape. Some people managed to hide in a safe location under the protection of their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. However, those unlucky ones had their father and brothers and even their own sons, abandoning them. In the end, they could only become bandits or die under the blade of the enemies.
When Hua Ru Qing was younger, she had her feet binded before. However, thanks to the love of her family, she wasn’t bound till the end. It was also because of that, she became the rumored Giant Feet Hua, and even up to twenty years old, no one had proposed marriage to her.
Besieged by the enemy troops, her father and brothers took along weapons with them to protect the city. However, the commander escaped with his wife and children, the remaining soldiers all died under the enemies’ swords, her father and brothers were of no exception.
The enemy troops entered the city and killed without any restraints. In order to protect her children, she took up a knife and resisted against them, killing two enemies.
To conceal the mountain cave that the villagers hid in, she purposely lured the enemy troops down the mountain because she knew that the rocks on this mountain weren’t stable. Even without heavy rain, rockslides could occur easily. As such, this place was uninhabited and no one would even dare to come on a rainy day.
That big pair of feet of hers that had always been laughed at, in this moment, became the savior of many lives. Only this pair of unbinded legs was able to run, climb and lure the enemies away from the mountain.
Just so to shoot these few scenes, Ning Xi had been tossed repeatedly. By the time the entire shoot was over, she no longer wanted to stand up anymore as she lied on the ground, waiting for Xiao Wu to pull her up.

Right at this moment, a pair of long legs appeared before her eyes. She subconsciously thought, this pair of long legs coupled with suit pants sure had a sense of self-restraint.
The rain that was pouring onto her face suddenly vanished, a plain dark blue umbrella covered over her.
She blinked her eyes and saw Chang Shi Gui’s face.
The pitter-pattering sound of the rain hitting on his suit coat, very quickly drenched his shoulder and face.

[1]lovely bean – slang for idol; Lovely bean aka 愛(ai)豆(dou) in mandarin sounds the same as idol.

[2]dog leash – slang for go die; 狗(gou)帶(dai)

[3]scared baby – internet meme in China – 嚇死寶寶; actual meaning is ‘scared the hell out of baby’.

[4]city knows how to play – another internet slang which means urban residents sure knows how to have fun.

[5]stargazy pie – A Cornish dish made of baked sardines, along with eggs and potatoes, covered with a pastry crust. This is how it looks like: 仰望星空 (stargazy pie)

I don’t really know how to translate those slangs despite knowing the meanings…If you have any suggestions as to how to make it better, please let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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