Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 — This Male Lead Is a Bit Sick (16)

His cold tongue slowly glided over her warm skin; it felt like ice and fire. Shen Mubai felt even worse after she heard the words of the system.

She couldn’t help but say, “I want to become a zombie.”

The system felt at loss for its host… She was definitely not normal. It couldn’t help but forcefully ask, “What?”

Shen Mubai’s eyes were filled with despair at this world. “He licked me, I will become a zombie.”

System: “…….He didn’t infect your wound, you don’t have to worry. He only licked around it.”

“…..Oh, is that so?” Shen Mubai calmed down. “Ah, what did you mean when you said Huo Junhan brought me just to eat me for the final upgrade?”

The system started to explain, “Huo Junhan’s ability now can be compared to a level-seven zombie. When his mental strength and internal energy reach a certain state, that will be the ultimate upgrade. The conditions for upgrading vary according to the body, and your blood and flesh is no different from Tang Seng(1), which is delicious for him and other high-level zombies.

Shen Mubai wanted to punch the system in face, “So the so-called task in this world is to dedicate myself to save the male lead?”

The system was afraid Shen Mubai would do something rash, so it quickly said, “You don’t have to worry now, Huo Junhan’s time has not arrived. When he reaches the bottleneck, the energy in his body will be stabilized and he will finally be able to upgrade. Then, we can get out of this world.”

The blood around the wound was cleaned. Huo Junhan straightened and looked up. Shen Mubai was pushed away, and the red light in those cold eyes faded, gradually returning to the ice blue Shen Mubai had come to know. (this, this is confusing lol)

He stared at Shen Mubai then threw her over his shoulder, and, together, they finally left the ruined base behind.

Huo Junhan had consumed her energy and was ready to upgrade. At this time, Shen Mubai decided to put her energy stone to use.

The energy fluctuations of the stone were not yet noticeable. Not only were the zombies unaware, even those with abilities couldn’t detect it. It could be said that, with the exception of Shen Muba and her golden finger system, no one in the world knew of the energy stones’ existence or their function.

When Huo Junhan finally upgraded, he almost lost control over the long-suppressed energy inside him. His eyes became completely blood red and almost gave in to the desire to eat Shen Muabi. (TL: sadly, it’s not the kind of “eating” I want him to do)

Shen Mubai was ready to cry. It’s not like she knew he would act like that! She shouldn’t have given him the stone.

Fortunately, Huo Junhan was able to suppress the urge, probably thinking about how Shen Mubai was necessary for the final upgrade. He put her down to the side and closed his eyes, trying to control his internal struggle with his energy.

While Huo Junhan was having his internal battle, Shen Muabi had taken out the energy stone and secretly used the method the system had given her to let Huo Junhan absorb it.

Shen Mubai tightly hugged her blood cut fingers, saying to the system, “There’s no way I’m going to survive this day.”

The system had no compassion at all, as it said, “Just lose weight.”

Shen Mubai was unhappy when she heard this. “Do you mean that I’m getting fat? Your mom! I was so scared. How could I not have lost a few pounds these days?”

The system did not say anything and just threw a small mirror to Shen Mubai.

She looked at the face that had grown much rounder than before in the mirror and stayed silent for a long time.


  1. Tang Seng, a monk from Journey to the West (西游记), was said to have flesh that would grant immortality once consumed, which then led to many monsters trying to attack him and eat him.

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