Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 6)

There was an unwritten rule among the Witch Race, as long as any mortal who came to Phoenix Feather City didn’t make a mistake, there was no Witch Race that could drive them away, even if it was a prince or the Witch Lord.

So even if Xi Ying had calculated her arrival, she couldn’t immediately chase her away.

“Miss Witch Lord, that…..Isn’t that maid the containment device for the chosen heart or sir Ling Xiu?”  The maid Shuang Shuang beside Xi Ying looked at her with eyes of terror as she asked this question.

“Shut up!”  Xi Ying narrowed her eyes and her face became a bit ugly.  She said through gritted teeth, “Perhaps, it’s just someone who looks similar.”

“Then why did miss’ bone runes divine that there would be a great disaster coming to Phoenix Feather City today?”  Shuang Shuang’s piercing words made Xi Ying’s face reveal a stunned expression.

Indeed, the spell inside the bone runes, she had never made a mistake before.

This person in front of her was the container she had personally dug the heart out of three years ago, but there was no doubt to the spiritual aura around her.  A mortal that had gone three years without a heart, how could she still be alive?

This was something that definitely couldn’t happen in this world!

“Is the beastman guest, Chi Feng, who came to Phoenix Feather City a few days ago still here?”  Xi Ying’s eyes narrowed and there was a ruthlessly cold look to them.

“That shameless person who came to seek refuge with sir Ling Xiu?”  Shuan Shuang said with a disgusted look, “He’s here, he’s living in the western residences.  He couldn’t reach sir Ling Xiu’s Star Palace at all, he only flew halfway with his bit of spiritual energy before falling down.  There’s no need to mention him passing the God Punishing Array sir Ling Xiu put down.”

Xi Ying’s face was cold as she said with a sinister smile, “Find something from that mortal later on and put a Bewitching Spell on it.  Then put some of that thing into Chi Feng’s food…..Then, bring him to the eastern residences. With the guidance of the Bewitching Spell, he will find that mortal and……”

Shuang Shuang immediately revealed a smile when she saw her eyes and said, “Miss, great move!  A girl who isn’t clean cannot remain in the Witch Race’s territory.”

“Shuang Shuang, you are wrong.”  Xi Ying said with a faint smile, “A woman who has an affair with a man can’t stay in the Witch Race’s territory.  Men and women who love each other, our Witch Race will wholeheartedly bless. Don’t let outsiders say that we don’t understand love!”

“Yes, miss.”  Shuan Shuang sharply changed her tone, as her smile became even thicker!

The eastern residences had two servants to each room.  Luo Qing Chen and another girl were in the same room.

The residences the Witch Race gave mortals were quite good.  Although there was no gold or silver decorations in the room, it was quite clean still.  The bed was made from an ancient stone, being deep green with a trace of moon white, looking quite peaceful.

There was a screen with an ancient feel to it and two candle holder on both sides, with faint candles inside each of them, lighting up the entire room.

“Miss, what is your name?”  Huan Yu Ning had already fixed up her bed.  She ran to the other side of the screen and helped Luo Qing Chen clean up.

She turned and saw the girl in front of her.  She was wearing a long, green robe, with black hair tied up with a light green ribbon, that had a stray strands falling down onto her shoulders.  She happened to have chubby cheeks and large eyes, that seemed to contrast.

“Luo Qing Chen.”  Her lips had a faint smile and her first impression of the girl in front of her wasn’t bad.

Although one couldn’t judge others based on appearance, this round faced girl who looked to be full of energy, her heart definitely couldn’t be that bad.

“I am Huan Yu Ning.  We can be good friends from now on.”  She revealed a faint smile, revealing shallow dimples that made her look very cute.

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