Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 2)

When she opened her eyes, she was lying inside a crystal palace.  Her eyes were red and there was a mist over the corner of her eyes.

This story was indeed quite sad.

The previous host in her past life was the most pampered little princess of the Heaven Race.  However when she was young, she broke the Heaven Burning Lamp when she was playing.  She thought that it wouldn’t matter if this lamp was broken, but this lamp fell into the mortal world.

The Heavenly Emperor flew into a rage and banished her to the mortal world.  When she was prepared to make her final plea of innocence, an accident happened.

In this world, she was known as a golden hunter by all.  As long as she accepted a task, there was nothing that was impossible.

The reason why the previous host was so powerful was because she was kidnapped to a beastmen island when she was six.  The entire island was filled with these vicious monsters, as well as over two thousand little girls like her, but in the end, only she survived.

She didn’t know who caught her, she only knew that the moment the monster’s blood entered her body, it became much stronger.

In the heavens and on the continent, there were three races with powerful spiritual energy.  They were the Heaven Race, the Beast Race, and the Witch Race.

As a famous undefeated hunter, the original host received the Beast King’s orders to go to the Tomb of the Living Dead and find a corpse from the Profound Ice Grave, which had a Beast God mark on its neck.  Then she was to burn the corpse with Nether Flames, letting it never come back to life.

She didn’t understand why the Beast King would be so ruthless towards a dead person, but the other side had offered her a significant amount of compensation, so she accepted this task.

After all, who wouldn’t take business from the rich.

The Profound Ice Grave of the Tomb of the Living Dead was in a terrifying ice mountain.  When the original host used all her strength to get here, she never thought that the large tomb would be filled with blood sucking monsters.

When she thought she would die from the surrounding blood sucking monsters, the male lead Ling Xiu appeared.

He appeared before her covered in blood, but he had a peerless face that couldn’t be described.  He had a pair of dark blue eyes that were like the brightest stars in the sky, snow white skin that seemed to be sparkling, slightly red lips, and his body was releasing a cold aura that no one could approach.

She saw him use his hand to pull out a blood sucking monster’s heart and swallowed it.

When all the monsters had fallen, he moved in front of her.  He reached out with his white hand covered in blood and said in a stuttering voice, “All…..All dead.  Don’t…..be afraid.”

He had suffered heavy injuries and he was bleeding all over his body.  The previous host helped him wrap up his wounds and asked him about the situation, but the person in front of her kept looking forward in a daze, like he was an idiot.

That night, the host found the mark on his neck.  He was the corpse the Beast King wanted her to burn with the Nether Flame.  Other than the Beast Race’s Beast King, there was only a single Beast God, Ling Xiu.

The previous host looked at him sleeping soundly beside her while being covered in blood.  She remembered the scene of him standing in front of her, letting the monsters rip apart his skin.  She finally extinguished the Nether Flame and decided to give up the task.

When he woke up, the previous host told him that the two of them had to leave this ice mountain or they would die here.

Ling Xiu nodded, signaling that he would follow her.  This was because the moment he came to life and opened his eyes, the first person he saw was her.

He protected her, killing all the monsters in their path.  This kind of killing exhausted all his energy, but he was dead set on protecting her, not letting her be injured in the slightest.

Perhaps it was in that moment that the previous host fell in love with him.

The previous host knew that this man was not a living person because he didn’t have a heart.  He dug out hearts to eat because he needed to maintain his vitality.

The corpse the Beast King wanted her to find was him, but he had already awakened and had become an undead.

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