Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 66)

After hanging up, Luo Qing Chen unconsciously turned on the TV.

Ye Zhi Jin was already holding the press conference.  He was wearing a coffee coloured suit with a faint glow in his eyes.

This glow seemed to pierce through the TV and shine into her eyes.

Ye Zhi Jin still hadn’t said anything and just stood there as the reporters kept asking him questions.

“Mister Ye, how are you related to the girl in the photo?”

“Director Ye, is she from a rich family that your family set you up with or is she a normal person?”

“May I ask, it’s said that you’ve always turned down Su Lan, is it because of this girl?”

“Is it true that you used to go to the same high school?”

“Director Ye, her name is Luo Qing Chen, right?”

“Director Ye, please tell me, is this all for hype or is there an unspeakable relationship between you two?”


Ye Zhi Jin heard this and his eyes turned cold.

He took the microphone and said in a voice as calm as water, “I am holding this press conference for nothing else other than to say one thing.”  He looked into a camera and slightly knit his deep eyes as he said, “I am getting married to miss Luo Qing Chen at the end of the month and all students of Dream One High School can stay in the Crown Hotel for free with their student ID.  Thank you everyone.”

After saying this, he slowly stood up and left the reporters in an uproar.

From beginning to end, he had appeared for less than a minute.

Luo Qing Chen in front of the TV instantly burst in tears.

What she had just heard had made her angry……

“Ding ling.”  Her phone rang.

She picked up and found that she couldn’t say a word.  There was only his soft breathing, gentle and quite comforting.

“Miss Luo Qing Chen, can I come find you now?”  His cool voice broke the silence in the phone.

“Un.”  After a while, there was her soft voice that rang out filled with expectation and emotions.

The starry night waited for the night sky, the kite waited for the wind, the most suitable thing for love is companionship.

Mister Ye used a different kind of waiting to give her his complete companionship.

That mister childhood friend who had been with her since he understood things, he had spent a long time waiting.

Waiting for the flowers to bloom, waiting to slowly return.

On the eve of the wedding, she easily got Bei Xiao Shi’s phone number through Ye Zhi Jin.

After asking, Bei Xiao Shi who had been her classmate was actually starting graduate school.

And it was actually for a very famous graduate school, so this news had surprised Luo Qing Chen.

The two met up at a cafe and the moment Bei Xiao Shi saw Luo Qing Chen, she broke out in tears.

Before meeting, she kept telling herself that she couldn’t cry, she definitely couldn’t cry!

That heartless person was finally back, she had to be very relaxed in front of her and give her a hug with a bright smile!

But she never thought that she would still break out in tears……

And it was complete wailing……

“Aiyo, you’re crying like this, people will think that I stole your man!”  Luo Qing Chen quickly gave her a handkerchief, “You’re already this old and you’re still crying like this……”

“Where did you go?  Even if people evaporate, it wouldn’t be like this!”  Bei Xiao Shi angrily looked at her and said while crying, “Do you know that to find you, Ye Zhi Jin specially asked acquaintances from intelligence agencies of other countries to find your location?  But there was never any information at all, nothing, nothing.  In the end, I didn’t even dare look in his eyes since there was nothing other than despair.”

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