Need to Propose to Seven Men What to Do Chapter 79


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Chu Mu Yun thought that Shen Shui Yan would feel down for a while, and wouldn’t be able to accept it, even to the point of asking again and again—Why?

He even made up his mind and told himself that he had to be firm, the best ending is a clean cut.

But in truth…that wasn’t required at all.

But in these days, that boy that had stood outside his door for seven days and night had made a realization. He could loosen up, and let go.

Chu Mu Yun laughed self-deprecatingly and said under his breath, “Don’t worry, you’re the only child I have. I’ll still have to pass the Heaven’s Rain Palace over to you someday.”

While he said that, Shen Shui Yan’s eyes were smiling, but there was a dark tide buried within.

Was this compensation? He discarded him, so he gave him these lifeless objects instead.

Anyway, it’s done. Chu Mu Yun never cared about these things. What’s more, he would throw everything away if he could, then he could run away with another man to live the rest of his life with, right?

That piercing pain was digging into his heart, but the smile on Shen Shui Yan became more dazzling instead. “Father, you are at the prime of your life, let’s not talk about this.”

Chu Mu Yun looked at his young face, and his flawless expression, but he could only feel his body growing cold. His nerves were getting so tight that it felt like his entire body was screaming in pain.

Suddenly, it felt like all the energy was drained from his body. Chu Mu Yun glanced over to the letters on the table, but he didn’t feel like looking at them at all. Many human cultivators were still waiting on him, but he didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore.

Chu Mu Yun stood up and walked down the steps. He said, “I’ll leave the rest for you to handle.”

After saying this to Shen Shui Yan, he went straight out without looking back.

The instant their shoulders brushed by each other, Shen Shui Yan had to use all his willpower to control his own hands so as not to pull him back, so that he did not submit to the devil within him, and give everything up, allowing himself to be dragged into hell.

Just when Chu Mu Yun was about to go out, Xie Qian Lan approached him, and under the cover of his loose red robes, curled his fingers faintly. Nobody at the side could see what he did, but Chu Mu Yun suddenly staggered.

Seeing that he was about to fall, Xie Qian Lan came forward to support him.

Xie Qian Lan: “My lord, your body is in bad condition, let me send you back.”

Chu Mu Yun didn’t even have the strength to feel angry over his shameless behaviour. He opened his mouth to speak in a hoarse voice, “…Fine.”

Even though he responded so, he was not willing to be held by him. So, he straightened himself, but still leaned a little closer to him.

Shen Shui Yan turned around and saw the two men standing shoulder to shoulder.

One wore red robes like fire with a haughty aura; the other was dressed in ink-black, coming off handsome and dashing.

They stood very closely together. His wide sleeves covered most of his fingers, but they were still looming past the opening, and Shen Shui Yan saw it.

The smile was frozen in his gaze, and his deep eyes were shockingly cold with the layer of frost that formed. His lips were smiling, but the haze in his eyes was daunting, as if it could devour everything in its sight.

They truly are…close.

Chu Mu Yun returned to his room and sat on his chair, completely unable to shake himself back after that scene.

This seemed to be the result he wanted, and what he had hoped to see. It happened just as he wished, but he didn’t know how to accept the truth.

Shen Shui Yan was indeed young, but he thought he was different. He thought his feelings for him was sincere, and he really thought about the beautiful future they could have, but…

Ah, what right did he have to think about this? What right did he have?!

He was the one who abandoned him, the one who gave him up. He had done so many dirty things to him, so how could he have the right to be doubting anyone right now?!

Chu Mu Yun’s eyes were filled with complications. He seemed to be relieved, but he felt even more depressed. It felt like his heart was being torn from his chest, both painful, and powerless.

Xie Qian Lan looked at him without blinking his eyes, and suddenly, his heart trembled. Perhaps because he was too excited, because everything was going in the direction he had been hoping for. Everything was perfect…and this man truly fit his taste too perfectly.

Peerless in bed, with a stubborn character, and yet, he was so powerful and alluring…

Xie Qian Lan lowered his head, and couldn’t help but give that smooth neck a kiss.

Chu Mu Yun did not move, but his senses returned at the feeling of his robes sliding down.

His eyes seemed confused, and they also revealed a look of disappointment as he looked at Xie Qian Lan. But slowly, he could see clearly now, he understood now. Those eyes did not look disappointed nor disgusted any longer, he just looked at him, just like that.

Then…what went beyond Xie Qian Lan’s expectation was, Chu Mu Yun actually stood up and for the very first time, took the initiative to kiss him without having to be under the effects of the Beast of Charm.

As soon as their lips touched, Chu Mu Yun had a short pause, but he began to kiss him passionately.

This hot was so kiss and so exciting, bringing with it a strong sense of desire that destroyed all their senses, greatly arousing Xie Qian Lan’s desire to conquer him.

That had truly been a wild night.

He wasn’t in heat, nor was he under the Beast of Charm’s provocations. They were just two people. And even more rarely, Chu Mu Yun remained in a sober state through that whole night.

He did not push him away, and did not resist. This complete indulgence was something no foreign object can evoke in him, it was derived from his very soul, the true charm that belonged to this powerful man.

Xie Qian Lan really wished he could screw him to death. To think that such a precious thing could be found in this world!

But of course, Chu Mu Yun had done it on purpose. He had given Xie Qian Lan the “carrot at the end of the stick”.

After all, this guy’s concept of love was too skewed. He would likely just curl his lip if he tried to flirt the normal way.

There was a saying that Chu Mu Yun felt apt to toss at Xie Qian Lan.

—There are two types of unforgettable lovers for a man: the one he couldn’t obtain, and the one that gave him the most joy in bed.

First, Chu Mu Yun fulfilled the latter, then he would let Xie Qian Lan experience what it meant to not be able to “obtain” something.

To make both the bills fit, Chu-Sensei really is very serious in teaching Lust the way of life.

He really seemed to have let Shen Shui Yan go, and the Heaven’s Rain Palace returned to its usual filial pity play like before.

Chu Mu Yun had still handed most of his work to Shen Shui Yan, and Shen Shui Yan was still handling everything perfectly.

Chu Mu Yun was still extremely fond of Shen Shui Yan, and Shen Shui Yan still admired him deeply.

If you had to point out something different, then it would have to be the distance between the two of them that could not be closed.

Chu Mu Yun did not like Xie Qian Lan, but he was not able to indulge himself completely in the pleasures of the flesh now that his relationship was severed with Shen Shui Yan, and tossed in the sheets with Xie Qian Lan as if he was trying to numb the pain.

Many rumours sprang up within the Heaven’s Rain Palace…Most of them were speaking about the extremely handsome Sir Xie, the male lover who was a physician by name.

Moreover, their Respected Leader spoiled him a lot and seemed to serve him practically every day.

Shen Shui Yan watched them coldly, but he did not comment on it.

And not long after, even the maids around Shen Shui Yan were replaced with refreshing young boys.

All of them had fair and beautiful skin, so tender and dewy that they appeared to be filled with water. Everyone knew that these young boys couldn’t handle heavy work, but only the Young Palace Master knew that they were really there to do.

Chu Mu Yun was shocked the first time he saw them.

Without a change in his expression, Shen Shui Yan said with a smile, “These were all sent over by the people below. They’re very well-trained boys. If father has an interest in any of them, please do tell me.”

Chu Mu Yun frowned slightly. “You’re still young…”

“That’s right.” Shen Shui Yan cut him off while still smiling, “I’m young, so I always want more…”

His words were very ambiguous, but after staying through that month with him, Chu Mu Yun naturally knew of his needs…

But what good was it to think about that? He didn’t have the right to care about that right now. Chu Mu Yun thought that the pain had numbed his heart, but looking at these boys now, and thinking of them below Shen Shui Yan, he instantly felt an even greater pain, and truly…it was endless.

His face paled as he waved his hand. “I don’t need them, you can keep them.”

He got up to leave. Just as he was about to get far, Shen Shui Yan suddenly caught his wrist.

Chu Mu Yun’s body trembled faintly. But when he turned to meet his gaze, his eyes were indifferent.

Shen Shui Yan gave him a sweet smile and lowered his voice. “That would make sense. After all, those boys only know how to beg for a fuck, how could they satisfy father?”

A flash of embarrassment appeared in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes, but he managed to suppress it and did not respond.

Shen Shui Yan suddenly approached him and said in a teasing voice, “It’s a pity that though they were trained to serve, none of them are as sexy as father. You always want more…but Xie Qian Lan can satisfy…”

“Enough!” Chu Mu Yun couldn’t help but grunt.

Shen Shui Yan’s eyes were curved cheerfully, but he said innocently, “You don’t have to keep it in, father, just tell me if you need it. I won’t touch you again, but I can find someone for you. You are…like that after all…”

With a hefty slap, this was the very first time Chu Mu Yun had ever hit this child he raised.

Shen Shui Yan’s skin was very fair, and also very delicate. With such a direct slap, a red mark soon emerged.

His head was slightly tilted and his bangs had slipped down, covering his eyes. The only thing you could see was the faint curve in his lips that was almost creepy. “You hit me.”

Chu Mu Yun felt very regretful after he made this move. His eyes were filled with pain, but he could not say anything. The only thing he could do was to take his hand back and try his best to maintain indifferent. “Do you think you should be saying those words?!”

Shen Shui Yan raised his gaze at him. “Did you never think this would happen when you brought me to bed?”

Hearing that, every word felt like poison to Chu Mu Yun that was being poured down his throat and going down into his stomach, arousing an intense pain.

He collected himself and slowly began, “I…was wrong then.”

He apologized. He said he was wrong. He told him that sleeping with him was wrong!

Shen Shui Yan never would have thought he would be this humiliated someday, and that this humiliation would come from someone who he cared for so much…someone he admired so much that he hoped he could have for the rest of his life.

Shen Shui Yan was breathing heavily. He wanted to kill Xie Qian Lan, and he wanted to obtain Chu Mu Yun, but all these needed time. He had been enduring for so long that he was nearly being pushed to the brink of insanity.

But he could still hold on.

Shen Shui Yan did not lose his temper. He still maintained his perfect smile as usual and said earnestly. “I understand. You were fighting with Xie Qian Lan back then, right? He left, so you thought of me because you wanted to spite him. Did he train you so you couldn’t be without a man? You should also know that I’ve always admired you, liked you, loved you…As long as you raise a finger, I will instantly pounce to you like a fool…”

“Then…he came back, you got back together, so you kicked me away without hesitation. Is that right?”

Chu Mu Yun could only feel his gaze darkening as he heard his words. He couldn’t see anything clearly, nothing was clear to him anymore.”

“Don’t worry, my infatuation with you was also an impulse. After all, I’m young, I’ve never seen anyone as alluring as you, it’s normal that I couldn’t help myself. But it’s fine…it’s all past. If you don’t like it, I won’t bring it up in the future. You are the leader of the people, the one we all respect, my father…And I,” he smiled, “will always be your child.”

After saying these words so seriously, Shen Shui Yan left without turning back.

Chu Mu Yun was the only one left in the empty hall. He was standing in such a beautiful and noble palace, but he felt lonely as if he had been abandoned by the whole world.

Zero Baby who was abused to the point of having to wash his face with tears every day asked meekly, “What…What is Greed trying to do? Why does it feel like he’s really let go?”

Chu Mu Yun: “He’s setting up his plan.”

Zero: “qaq!”

Chu Mu Yun: “How could I and Xie Qian Lan be that easy to deal with? Even if he has the help of the entire human tribe, he will still be no match for Xie Qian Lan. Shen Shui Yan is young, but he’s shrewd. He’s only doing this to make me and Xie Qian Lan drop our defenses. Even though the disparity of strength between both sides is great, who said that humans couldn’t defeat God?”

Only then did Zero realize. “But Xie Qian Lan is…”

Chu Mu Yun smiled, “I’ll help Shen Shui Yan.”

Alright then…He could still hold on if he was just acting, but being a professional, he was no match for a professional at intrigue.

Originally, according to Chu Mu Yun’s prediction, it would take another two years for Shen Shui Yan to begin acting. That was when Greed’s memories would be restored.

But he never expected that Shen Shui Yan would begin just a month later.

Chu Mu Yun was actually a little unprepared for it.

But not for any other reason. He simply hadn’t run the full course with Lust yet, but now he was going to ‘get’ it?

But that didn’t matter. The soup wasn’t ready yet, but this will do.

But the one thing Chu Mu Yun couldn’t figure out was how though Shen Shui Yan had a paranoid character, he was still extremely steady in his work. If he wasn’t completely confident, he wouldn’t act.

Even though most of Heaven’s Rain Palace was in Shen Shui Yan’s hands now, it’s still impossible to get rid of Xie Qian Lan.


A flame of interest ignited in Chu Mu Yun’s eyes.

Are Greed’s memories back?

But if he did recover his memories, he wouldn’t have to plan anything. There’s a higher chance of him outright screwing him to death instead.

So…He didn’t recover his memories, but recovered his powers first?

It had to be said that Chu Mu Yun truly was too amazing. Even though he was in the middle of the plot, he still looked at everything from different angles from beginning to the end, and he often had a clearer look at everything compared to anyone else.

The boundary walls were going to be unstable again next month. Small cracks were opening one by one, but the cultivators Shen Shui Yan sent over could still deal with it for now.

But when the cracks grew bigger and bigger, Chu Mu Yun would have to go.

Naturally, he brought Xie Qian Lan with him. And this time, Shen Shui Yan took the initiative to invite himself. He wanted to go to the frontlines as well.

Chu Mu Yun frowned. “You should be guarding Heaven’s Rain Palace.”

Shen Shui Yan looked at him, and his tone was respectful, but his words were insistent. “Father, I want to help fight back the beasts. How would I be regarded by the people if I only lead at the back?”

Chu Mu Yun was stunned.

Shen Shui Yan smiled and looked into his eyes. “Unless, it is father’s wish that I become a cowering…”

There was no way Chu Mu Yun would let him continue his words. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Shen Shui Yan stared at him without blinking. “If you don’t let me go, I will lead the army out to deal with the other cracks.”

When he heard that, Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath. He really didn’t want Shen Shui Yan to get himself in danger, but…it wasn’t up to him to…

Xie Qian Lan looked on at the side, completely indifferent.

He had never cared about Shen Shui Yan, but he never thought that this was no simple seventeen year old boy…

After all, the seven demon lords were not yet the seven demon lords at this time.


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