How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Beta Lieutenant Colonel Who Died For His Country (4)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


After returning to the temporary residence in Nabia, the three began to discuss the action plan for the future. It was almost impossible to find Ereden in the chaotic Nabia. The only place where they could reach Ereden was at the central auction hall.


According to the information provided by the military informant, before each auction, the seller would take his own auction items to wait in a tightly guarded room behind the auction floor, sell it at this auction, and get the stellar-dollar card on the spot. Then leave. [T/N: In novels, cards are used to store money that can be withdrawn at banks]


“It seems that if we want to catch the wanted criminal Ereden, we can only do it in the waiting area.” Xiu Yi Te projected the layout of the auction house in midair and repeatedly switched to various angles to study. “How can we get the auction house’s internal structure? If only we had a construction plan, the difficulty of the action would have been reduced.”


Lu Heng shook his head: “The other person at the end of the communication line said that it was confidential. This is a high-level auction house, he has no point of contact.”


“Tsk, in this case, things are a bit troublesome.”


“That,” Carlo said suddenly, “I have an idea…”


“Speak, I’m listening.” Xiu Te looked at him with encouragement.


“I can play the role of an Omega and join the auction as a waiter,” Carlo said as he looked at him and watched him getting interested. He became more confident. “Then, I can take the opportunity to find out the structure inside. Right, after that I can help you on the day of the auction.”


Lu Heng felt uneasy. In the original world line, Carlo also proposed the same plan. At that time, both Reiner and Xiu Yi Te had no objections, so he smoothly dressed as a waiter and mixed into the central auction site. But on the day of the platinum auction, he was spotted by an Alpha that secretly gave him a medicine that stimulated estrus and intended to forcefully mark him. The result was that Carlos went into estrus at the time of retreat, which led to a series of subsequent events. [T/N: When Alpha marks omega they become a “pair” and omega cannot pass subsequent estruses without that alpha’s help]


Unexpectedly, Xiu Yi Te did not immediately approve the plan, instead turning to Lu Heng and asked: “Reiner, do you think this plan is feasible?”


Lu Heng gently tapped the table with his fingers, and his eyebrows were scrunched together. Knowing that this was his habitual movement while in deep thought, Xiu Yi Te did not say anything again, waiting quietly.


Carlo was a little anxious: “Adjutant Reiner, please believe me.”


“There are too many variables in this plan,” Lu Heng said. When Carlo tried to convince Xiu Yi Te, Lu Heng spoke. “One, is that it is uncertain whether the newcomer, after reaching the core position, can contact us or not. This we cannot determine. Second, Carlo, you don’t have any undercover experience, we can’t let you get involved and face such dangers.”


“But there’s no better way!”


Xiu Yi Te patted Carlo’s shoulder comfortably: “Don’t worry, Reiner should have a plan in his mind.”


Between Xiu Yi Te and Reiner, this has always been their modus operandi. In the affairs of Thunder Gale, Xiu Yi Te was responsible for the general formulation of strategies, and Reiner was responsible for the management of the details. During missions, the action plans were generally also planned by Reiner.


Lu Heng opened the light brain and repeatedly rotated the holographic projection of the appearance of the central auction site and carefully observed it from all angles.


“I have the feeling that this building looks somewhat familiar,” Xiu Yi Te suddenly said, “but I can’t give any advice. Regarding “Architectural History”, I’ve only heard a few lessons when I went to see you. .”


Lu Heng nodded: “I also have this feeling.”


Reiner was an all-rounder. At the military academy, unlike Xiu Yi Te who was tied to military-exclusive classes, he chose courses in various fields. Architectural History was one of them. The relevant papers he wrote were also lauded as the most outstanding papers in the Department of Architecture for later study by younger brothers and sisters.


Thinking of this, Lu Heng immediately contacted the task assistant to start rummaging through Reiner’s memory and quickly found relevant clues. There was an out-of-print book that Reiner had preferred to occasionally read when he was writing a thesis. The author recovered some of the famous ancient blue planet architecture designs based on historical words. The central auction site was very similar to one of the blueprints. [T/N: Blue planet ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)]


Lu Heng recounted his thoughts to Xiu Yi Te, and Xiu Yi Te also dug out the design from a corner of his memory. In the past, they were roommates, and he had also seen this book.


Carlo has put forward a different opinions: “Only the appearance is similar. What if the structure inside is different?”


“The founder of the central auction house, Locke, is a very famous person amongst the ancient blue planet culture lovers.” Lu Heng explained.


After the biggest problem was solved, the three quickly finalized the division of labour and details of other actions. Later, Lu Heng returned to the room to draw up a construction plan for future use, leaving Xiu Yi Te to emphasize some points that needed attention.


“Carlo, after I meet up with Reiner, I will send you a message through an encrypted channel… Carlo?”


Carlo seemed to have a lot of troubles. Under the questioning gaze of Xiu Yi Te, he answered a little embarrassedly: “Xiu Yi Te, does Adjutant Reiner dislike me?”


“What makes you think so?” Xiu Yi Te always felt that the atmosphere between Lu Heng and Carlo was not quite right, but he was never a deep thinker. He thought that this was only because the two were not familiar with each other. Now it seemed that Lu Heng’s sternness scared Carlo.


He shook his head in his heart; this Carlo seemed to be a little too fragile. This was not the quality of a qualified military personnel.


“At the beginning of the mission, Deputy General Reiner did not agree to bring me. The plan I proposed was also rejected by him. I think in his heart, I’m just a newcomer who will only get into trouble. But, but I’m already working as hard as I can…”


“Little Carlo, you sometimes tend to overthink. Reiner’s character has always been like this, he’s just considering the matter objectively and not targeting you.” Xiu Yi Te felt that his tone seemed to be severe, and he blinked. “He’s already pretty gentle to you. Haven’t you seen how much he frowns while facing me? If he treats me the way he treats you one day, I’d smile even if it was just a dream.”


Carlo’s mother was a bar dancer, and his father, Sergeant Meg, conceived Carlo in a night of passion. She didn’t inform Sergeant Meg about Carlo’s existence before she died, but the battle with the Zerg was fierce. Sergeant Meg had his hands full and couldn’t raise Carlo himself, so he left Carlo to his brother.


Living under subjugation for a long time made Carlo very sensitive to people’s emotions. He felt Xiu Yi Te’s dissatisfaction and quickly explained: “Maybe I was too sensitive, my Aunt was so strict with me, so I was scared of a person with such an attitude.”


When Carlo’s life experiences were mentioned, Xiu Yi Te couldn’t help but soften his expression. After all, Sergeant Meg had already filed a retirement notice. He was supposed to retire at the end of the campaign to concentrate on raising his child, but he sacrificed himself to save him. From the day he learned about Carlo’s existence, Xiu Yi Te regarded him as his responsibility.


“Don’t worry, there’s still me.” Xiu Yi Te smiled and patted Carlo’s shoulder. “You will be a fine soldier.”


The Platinum Auction was Nabia’s annual large-scale auction, which could almost be considered the largest black market deal in the Human Alliance each year. The majority of star thieves who robbed people had their spoils of war gathered here, and businessmen from all countries came here to find valuable goods.


The alertness of the central auction site had already been mentioned as the highest, but this did not deter bold star thieves every year. After all, as long as there was a profitable trade, everyone wanted to do it.


Frizian has always been known for its freedom, and the central auction site had a very interesting rule. Those who successfully robbed the central auction site, as long as they could escape would be regarded as guests at the next visit. However, once they were arrested, they would either have to pay a fine or were auctioned as slaves by the central auction house.


Billy pulled at his collar which he felt to be a little too tight. Three years ago, in order to pursue a stable life, he washed his hands in a golden basin and was no longer a bounty hunter. He then went to the central auction house to be the guard captain. [T/N: wash hands in golden basin= leave the life of an outlaw]


It’s not that he was fond of boasting, but in the past few years, no one had escaped from his hands. After all, the reputation of a S-level bounty hunter was not for nothing. But today he felt some restlessness, and even the scar of honour on his face was slightly itching. [T/N: Scar of honour: Wound gained in battles]


Maybe the weather was too hot. He thought this way. He was Falcon Billy. The last unscrupulous star thief caught by him was still digging coal at a mine.


Billy pulled his collar again and decided to go to the corner to relax and smoke. As he walked, he yelled and asked the guards who were patrolling around to cheer up. Just as he turned the corner, there was a violent crash at the front door.


Billy jerked back and saw a strange shape. He couldn’t see the specific shape of the mech standing on the shoulder of Locke’s statue.


Oh, another one that doesn’t fear death. Billy thought about it, but on the other hand, he did not hesitate to use his hands to call his own mech from below and advanced forward to meet that person.


“The defense of this central auction house isn’t so good, huh? This is fine, I can practice my skills.”


While listening to Xiu Yi Te’s nonsensical idle banter on the communication channel, Lu Heng noticed a waiter. His body shape was similar to Lu Heng, and his uniform was special.


Lu Heng took a glass of wine from the table next to him and walked in the direction of the waiter. As he approached, he stumbled and slammed into the waiter’s body. The red wine in Lu Heng’s hand was poured onto his chest, and the three-piece suit on his body was turned into a mess.


“Hey, what’s the matter! Do you treat VIP customers like this?” Lu Heng belched and shook his fist, showing off the cufflinks that indicated his status as a VIP.


“I’m sorry, are you okay?” The waiter hurriedly apologized.


“Which eye of yours sees that I am fine? My outfit is very expensive; I want to sue you!”


The waiter’s facial features were still young and tender, and he looked like a newcomer. He was very embarrassed by Lu Heng’s behaviour, and he was so anxious that he had beads of sweat on his forehead: “I’m really sorry, I will take you to change your suit. For your clothes, I shall take responsibility and compensate you.”


“So you know your place, take the lead.”


In the corner, when the eyes of everyone were attracted by the racket outside, Lu Heng quickly shot and knocked out the waiter and dragged him into the changing room.


A few minutes later, Lu Heng, dressed as the waiter, Yi Rongcheng, came out and walked straight into the rear of the auction house. As he expected, this waiter really was a service staff in the rear, he had access to every place.


The location of the waiting area was the same as their estimate. After entering the waiting area, Lu Heng knocked on the door of Room No. 7 using information on the light brain robbed from the waiter’s hand.


[Direct MTL]The author has something to say: I feel that the article is not bad, the little angel  gave a collection~ Thank you![/Direct MTL]


T/N: Not sure if rear is the word or I should have used “wings”. I have never seen “hou” used in this context before…


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Now, for a little bit of mundane stuff for people unfamiliar with this setting:


Omegaverse: There are six genders as mentioned. Alphas are stronger, betas are most common and omegas are frail, delicate and rarest. Omegas and Betas (male and female) can get pregnant but omegas have very high fertility. But they frequently go into estrus- a period of uncontrollable sexual arousal. In this time, the release a pheromone which forces all nearby alphas to fight amongst themselves to claim his body. If during estrus, an alpha marks (by doing the deed with) an omega, they cannot, in general, pass future estruses without that particular alpha’s help.


Pheromones during an omega’s estrus rob all sanity of nearby alphas which is why reiner did not want carlo in the army. Because if an army starts fighting amongst themselves during a battle against zergs, they will get eaten alive.


Generally, in a futuristic omegaverse setting, the alphas fight alien insects using robots (mechs). This is probably derived from the star trek movies. Different authors use different versions of this setting. In modern settings, alphas are successful leaders; betas are people beneath them, while omegas are baby producing machines.


Transmigration: It is assumed that every entity has a soul and a body and there are multiple worlds. In this genre, the soul of a person leaves the body either due to receiving a shock, extreme stimulation, or by any other means and goes into the body of another person (generally in another world). It may be a replacement of original soul (normally) with their prior consent, a dead/dying body , or in some rare cases, there may be co-existence between original soul and current one. Transmigration is not necessarily reincarnation.


System: An entity capable of analyzing data in a world, sometimes behavioral pattern of humans, and is capable of facilitating world-travel (transmigration). They generally assign missions to the soul, keep track of them and help in completing them, or they may take a passive stand. They may have a shop mechanism , level up mechanism or knowledge mechanism… Some systems are good, some have sinister motives. Here, (so far), we have a helpful system- but it is not omniscient.


Child of destiny: Protagonist(s) of a novel. A Mary Sue, who has a huge amount of luck. They may have cheats such as undying body, a magic ring, or a legendary treasure that can do stuff no one else can. In hentai, it may be something like any girl who looks at MC falls in love with them. They overcome all obstacles, and anyone who opposes them, generally has a miserable ending or falls in love with them.


MC= Main character (the actual protagonist of our novel)


ML= Male Lead (1 or more people who are the MC’s lovers and will spend the rest of their lives together with MC)


Supporting Characters= People who help the MC/ML. They may have unrequited love towards MC or just an innocent friendship.


Villain= The antagonist of the novel, or something like final boss. They are destined to be defeated by the MC.

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Cannon Fodder= People who are like stones that throw themselves at MC , only to be stepped on, or they may be just innocent bystanders who are harmed in order make the MC more strong/desirable. They are undeserving to be assigned villain role.


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