How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 24

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Chapter 24— The peerlessly talented demon ba snake (7)

Bizong Demon Fox

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


Recap: Sensing danger in Prince Gong’s mansion, and suspecting it’s the act of the demon fox, Shi Kong put protective beads around Lu Heng who was cultivating outside and went in to investigate. People in the courtyard lay unconscious and upon entering the County Lord’s boudoir, she tried to seduce him with a magical smoke/miasma. In retaliation, he immobilized her and started to meditate.




Two flowers blossomed, one on each of his sides.


Lu Heng who was concentrating on cultivation, on the other hand, suddenly sensed a sharp burst of searing heat at the tip of his tail. He opened his eyes and found that his tail accidentally touched the beads left by Shi Kong. How did this bead suddenly heat up? Lu Heng recalled Shi Kong once telling him that these beads were his life artifact, connected with his heart.


Did something happen?


Lu Heng was anxious and quickly transformed into his human form. He grabbed the beads and started searching for Shi Kong. It wasn’t long until he arrived outside the small courtyard of the Linyang County Lord, but he could not find the entrance no matter what. This should be an illusion array- only the people inside could break out. One fears that forcefully breaking the array from outside will cause harm to people within the illusion.


Just when Lu Heng felt himself running out of options, the bead in his hand suddenly emitted a light that enveloped him, and then Lu Heng felt a flower in front of him. When his vision was clear again, he was already standing inside the small courtyard.


Disregarding the people lying on the floor of the small courtyard, Lu Heng made a beeline for the wing of the main room of the Linyang County Lord. He slammed open the door and strode into the room but saw a somewhat strange scene. Shi Kong was seated in the lotus position in the middle of the room. Linyang County Lord was standing next to the bed, scantily dressed, and both her hands were resting on her underwear, as though about to continue.


Lu Heng was dumbfounded.


Should I say apologize for rudeness and then close the door and retreat… No! Shi Kong is a monk, how can he break his celibacy? Lu Heng felt bitterness in his heart. He found an excuse to convince himself and then rushed straight ahead.


In his haste, while running in trailing ancient clothing, Lu Heng stepped on his own clothes and crashed into Shi Kong’s body.


Only then did Lu Heng feel that something was wrong. Shi Kong’s body was hot, his jade-like face was tinged with a reddish hue, and his breathing was faster than usual. Also, the Linyang County Lord stayed motionless for a long time. Lu Heng, despite having seen numerous dog blood dramas in modern society, still couldn’t make heads or tails of the situation. This is obviously the medicine stalk that has a high appearance rate in various dog blood dramas! [T/N: Villainesses use aphrodisiacs to make the main leads fall for them, but it fails, and ML falls for main character instead]


Lu Heng jumped up, first dragging the bed quilt and wrapping the Linyang County Lord tightly. Then he grabbed Shi Kong’s wrist and sent a trace of demonic energy to check his condition.


Lu Heng, who knew very little about cultivation, didn’t really know that it was very dangerous to transfer spiritual energy into the body of a person with higher cultivation than his own. The spiritual power inside the body of a human cultivator has its own circulation path, and should any external spiritual power try to interfere, they would involuntarily counterattack with their own spiritual power. For such a tactless and impulsive person like Lu Heng, it was enough to make him stop breathing.

[T/N: ‘make him drink a pot’ idiom]


Unexpectedly, Lu Heng’s demonic power smoothly entered Shi Kong’s meridians and did not encounter any obstacles, let alone receive any counterattack. After making a complete cycle from top to bottom, Lu Heng found that the condition of Shi Kong was recorded in the inheritance of the demon race he obtained.


The innate skill of the Bizong fox was ‘bewitching’. ‘Bewitching’ was not the kind of ability that only aroused the human body’s base desires like low-level drugs. Reportedly, it could muddle the mind and body of the person–neither of which could be separated from the practitioner of the technique. Their body would know infinite longing; they would be willing to live and die for the other person, completely at the latter’s mercy.


Lu Heng couldn’t help but look at Shi Kong. He looked like usual, aside from the blush on his cheeks. Worthy of being a monk, truly has an iron will, and Lu Heng’s heart was deeply moved.


Knowing what this was, the method of solving it was easy as a breeze for Lu Heng. He opened his mouth and spit out his demon core and poured the golden light of the demon core into Shi Kong’s mouth and then his nose, and as a result of that, a trace of red smoke was quickly sucked out. After the red smoke was inhaled into the demon core, it shone with dazzling brilliance and then returned to normal.


Shi Kong opened his eyes, and his face returned to normal: “Naughty one. Dealing with a sinister thing like this, how can you be so careless?”


Lu Heng swallowed the demon core and said smilingly, “It’s okay, the Ba Snake clan does not fear even tens of thousands of poisons.”


Shi Kong grabbed Lu Heng’s wrist and inspected thoroughly. He found that there was really nothing wrong with him and felt reassured.


The two men then turned their attention to the side towards the Linyang County Lord. The Linyang County Lord had been treated as a wooden pile by the both of them. She was fuming with anger. She has always been the focus of everyone; how could she afford such a cold shoulder, not to mention one of them was her beloved.


“How can the Linyang County Lord use the innate skill of the Bizong Fox clan? Is there any sense in the Bizong demon fox helping her bewitch others?” Lu Heng couldn’t figure out what was going on.


“I haven’t seen the demon fox here.” (Shi Kong)


Lu Heng noticed that when the Bizong demon fox was mentioned, the Linyang County Lord’s line of sight subconsciously moved to the corner bookshelf. Lu Heng thought for a moment before walking toward the bookshelf, only to see the colour of anxiety on the Linyang County Lord’s face.


Lu Heng became more and more convinced that there was some secret in the bookshelf, and Shi Kong also came forward. After the two men moved the bookshelf, they found a hidden trap door.


Beyond the trap door, there was a long and narrow flight of stairs. Shi Kong put up a barrier in the room, and then together with Lu Heng, went along the stairs into the secret chamber.


The steps winded down a long way. This Prince Gong’s residence was not new but inherited and renovated from generation to generation by the princes in the territory. This secret room was basically used to deal with some family matters that could not see the light of the world, but who knows why the entrance was located in the boudoir of the Linyang County Lord.


The things in the secret room greatly exceeded Shi Kong and Lu Heng’s expectations. It could be seen that from the top of the secret room dangled several chains. The iron chains were covered with mysterious runes, which looked extraordinary at first sight. In the middle of the secret room, there lay a huge white fox, and the chains were entangling its limbs.


Hearing human voices, the white fox moved its ears and opened its eyes. Its pair of eyes were like a pair of green jades, clear and piercing, with an emerald-like brilliance. Seeing the eyes of the white fox, Lu Heng knew that this should be the Bizong demon fox.


“You are the fox that escaped from the demon locking tower?” Lu Heng asked.


The white fox opened its mouth but only issued a beastly howl. Lu Heng thought it was very strange. After transformation, the demon race, even if they turned into their original form, could speak out. This white fox seemed to be unable to speak; this could only mean that its demon core was taken.


Recalling the previous technique that the Linyang County Lord displayed, Lu Heng felt it to be incredulous. It was unheard of for a great demon who cultivated for thousands of years to have its demon core taken by a mortal.


The Bizong demon fox was quite guarded against the two. It stood up, growled lowly, and the chains made a rattling noise. The instant it made a big movement, the runes on the chain started flickering brilliantly; the Bizong demon fox was suddenly slammed to the ground and could no longer move.


“Get rid of the trapping array.”


Lu Heng heard Shi Kong’s voice, and although he did not know why, he obediently removed the trapping array. As soon as the chains suppressing it were withdrawn, the Bizong Fox immediately looked up at Lu Heng.


Subsequently, Lu Heng felt the consciousness of the Bizong demon fox in his mind: “You belong to my demon race, which clan are you from?”


Lu Heng directed an enquiring gaze towards Shi Kong, and seeing Shi Kong nodding at him, he was relieved to continue communicating with the demon fox: “The Ba Snake clan, my name is Zheng.”


“Min.” [T/N: jade-like stone] The demon fox also reported his name. The demon race has always been a relatively more united race, rarely hurting their own. Exchanging names was basically a contract of mutual trust.


“Why did you fall into this situation?” Lu Heng asked.


Min was silent for a long time and finally breathed a sigh: “It’s a long story.”


Later, Lu Heng saw a memory in his mind.


Min was a maverick demon. Unlike the eccentric demons who usually seclude themselves in the spiritually abundant remote mountains, he preferred to live in the secular world. Min liked to travel around for enjoyment all over the world, and whenever he encountered a place he liked, he would stop and stay for a while, maybe for a few years, maybe for decades.


Linyang City was such a place that caught his eye. Min loved wine and also brewed wine. He opened a wine shop in Linyang City to witness the vicissitudes of life. Not long after, his shop grew famous, more famous than the wine tavern, and he became the boss of a wine shop. The fox clan was always famous for their beauty, and Min was one of the best among them. On the annual Flower Festival, the pleasure boats of Min’s wine shop were filled with noble young ladies playing around and gambling, looking like fresh flowers.


He lived in Linyang City for a long time. He planned to stay here for a mortal lifetime and then find another interesting place to live in.


Until that year, Linyang City became the fiefdom of Prince Gong. He also encountered his tribulation, the Linyang County Lord. Like a monk who has cultivated for thousands of years, Min had met countless people and had seen countless things. An ordinary mortal woman like the Linyang County Lord, even if there was a certain amount of beauty, was indistinguishable from other mortals in Min’s eyes.


However, the Linyang County Lord was different, and at first glance, he recognized her familiar soul. That was a long time ago, and at that time, he was still a demon who couldn’t transform. In addition to his daily cultivation, his favorite thing to do was hide behind the trees by the river and watch the people in the village nearby fetching water, washing laundry, and playing.


It was a time when he had just overcome his tribulation. Under this circumstance, he was caught by a hunter’s trap. He was so weak that he could barely move. Later, a girl in the village saved him. The girl hid Min in a nearby cave. She treated him with herbs every day and took care of him devotedly until he recovered.


After that, Min grew up with the girl until she became a woman. In the year of her coming-of-age, Min was able to transform, and then the two decided on a century of good fortune. After the transformation, Min returned to the clan to accept his inheritance. He had never expected that while waiting for him to come back, his lover had suffered the greatest suffering in the world.


The girl, while in the market, caught the eye of the county magistrate’s only son, and he wanted to take her as a concubine. Having a sweetheart, the girl didn’t agree, and the later story was like one in soap operas. The playboy young man threatened the lives of the girl’s family members, and the girl had to be carried into the county magistrate’s mansion on a small sedan. What was different from the soap operas was that the girl’s lover was unable to save her from his claws after all. The determined girl hanged herself on the beam of the house that night and was burnt to ashes by the angry county magistrate. When Min rushed back, even the body of his lover could not be found.


In a fit of rage, he almost went berserk and embarked on mindless slaughter, but fortunately his clansman caught up with him and brought him back to his native homeland. After he recovered his composure, he had lost all traces of the girl’s soul, and even her reincarnation could not be found. From then onward, he had always lived in mundane places. He had no idea that one day, the heavens would finally take pity on him, and once again he would meet the reincarnation of that girl.


NILADRI: So I did some calculations, and realized that if I update monthly, then I wouldn’t be able to complete translating this in my whole lifetime. So I will try to increase the release frequency.

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