How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Beta Lieutenant Colonel Who Died For His Country (1)

Translated by: Niladri

Edited by: celes


Lu Heng, male, died at the age of 21. Before his death, he was a graduate of a key university, but now, he was a civil servant of the Department of Soul Purification in the underworld.


The office of the Department of Soul Purification had an integrated style, a pure white room with a desk in the center. It is said that facilitating the soul to enter the reincarnation cycle pure and chaste is the motto of this Department of Soul Purification.


However, this piece of spacious white land made Lu Heng, a newcomer, extremely nervous. After sitting on his desk, he kneaded the small round mission assistant on the table for the 99th time.


“You can do it easily.” The task assistant felt exasperated by his harassment.


“I think so too. This is my first job, my first client, I need a perfect start. How come nobody has come?” Lu Heng was a very motivated person, but also a little perfectionist. On the day of the car accident, it was his first day of work, full of ambitions, and the result was he died leaving his lofty ideals unfulfilled. Naturally, this enthusiasm for work has continued to the present.


The task assistant took out two small claws like feathered animals and took [LH’s] two palms with a sense of powerlessness. Lu Heng really was the most dedicated newcomer he has ever seen. It has boundless prospects following such a master. Of course, if he didn’t always rub him when worried, it would have been better.


“You are only a newcomer of the F level; you have no right to choose a client. You can only wait for a task to be assigned to you by the people above. Wait patiently.”


One person, one system, spoke no words, gossiping about nothing.  Suddenly, the little assistant stood up and turned from a Ge Youqi Mao ball [T/N: Globe-like? P] to a professional LCD computer: “The first mission is coming.”


A dark-haired, dark-eyed man pushed the door open and walked in. His steps were firm, he sat down with an erect spine, and he seemed to be a very self-disciplined person: “Good day, sir. My name is Reiner Hart.”


Reiner Hart, a 56-year-old male Beta, came from a plane with six genders. In this world where the average lifespan was more than two hundred years, Reiner, who was in his fifties, was still an adolescent.


Reiner was born in a prominent household. His father was the speaker of the House of Lords, and his mother was an Omega from a family with an artistic background. And Hart was also one of the most prominent surnames of the Human Alliance. Although Reiner is only a Beta, he was an unprecedented Beta, with a 3S-rank spirit and a 3S-rank physique. Therefore, Reiner became the freak of this family – the only person in the Hart family to join the army. [T/N: 3S>2S>S>A>B>C….]


After ignoring his family’s opposition to the Imperial First Military Academy, the dazzling Reiner and the son of the Second Legion’s Admiral Reese, , Xiu Yi Te, became known as twin stars. The two were really young, and they were both rivals and good friends in the military academy. After graduation, they entered the Second Legion together and achieved outstanding results. Later, with the creation of a special operations force by Xiu Yi Te outside the independent legions, Reiner became his deputy.


Young and eager to work hard together with his best friend, achieve his ideals, make contributions, and become famous. According to common sense, Reiner’s life, if favored by God, should have developed in this way.


However, each plane has a child of destiny for whom the world is biased, one of which is Xiu Yi Te, but the other one is not Reiner. In novels, such a character is called the protagonist, and Reiner seems to have a cannon fodder role supporting such a character.


Another child of destiny was an Omega. According to the law of the Empire, Omegas are not permitted to go to the front line. Even if they joined the army, they could only be used as logisticians. This wasn’t gender discrimination but determined by the nature of Alpha and Omega. After all, Alpha’s inborn physical superiority delegated them to the front lines, especially among the mech fighters who played an enormous role in determining the outcome of war – 80% of them were Alpha. The pheromone secreted by Omega during estrus was the Achilles heel of such a steel division.


The Omega, named Carlo, came from a remote border star. His father was a soldier who died in a battle against the Zergs. Since then, joining the army to fight Zergs became his dream. [T/N: Zerg= Alien Insect race]


To this end, he did not hesitate to use drugs from the black market to temporarily transform his physique into that of a Beta and then got admitted to the first military school. After graduating with excellent results, he entered the Thunder Gale [Special Operations Force].


However, during a mission, Carlo unexpectedly went into estrus, getting discovered by Xiu Yi Te and Reiner. Between this pair of friends, there was a fierce quarrel about how to deal with Carlo.


Xiu Yi Te loved Carlo’s talent and believed in his assurances, insisting on hiding his identity and keeping him in Thunder Gale. Reiner was not willing to keep such a □□ in the team and asked Carlo to apply for retirement. Otherwise, he would report his identity to the military. [T/N: □□ was in the raws]


After several fruitless quarrels, Reiner reported Carlo’s identity and the Law Enforcement Team took him away. The greatly disappointed Xiu Yi Te was accidentally trapped in Zerg territory while carrying out a mission related to the fate of the Human Alliance.


Knowing this news, Carlo escaped from the Law Enforcement Team’s control and went to the Zerg territory to find Xiu Yi Te. After a few adventures, the two killed the Zerg Queen, becoming the heroes of all mankind. After that, the two men fought side-by-side, annihilated the entire Zerg, and eventually became marshals, with their love becoming a legendary story.


Reiner, however, was buried in the Xinghai with Thunder Gale, blamed for the matter of Xiu Yi Te’s disappearance. What was left of him on the Starnet record were only the superficial words: “If it wasn’t for Lieutenant Colonel Reiner Hart, who had insisted on packing off Marshal Carlo, Marshal Xiu Yi Te’s mission wouldn’t have failed, and Thunder Gale also wouldn’t have suffered from the catastrophe…”


“Since I was young, my life was about fighting and being a qualified soldier. All my efforts were to guard the Human Alliance. I am not willing, I died in vain.” Reiner looked normal, only his clenched fist revealed a bit of his emotions.


“Your request has been received. No. 666 from the underworld’s ‘Department of Soul Purification’, Lu Heng, at your service. Now reconfirm, your request is that your death will make a great contribution to the Human Alliance, right?”


“Well,” Reiner said and added, “if you can, I hope to eliminate some of Xiu Yi Te’s misunderstandings.”


“No problem.”


After sending away Reiner, Lu Heng asked: “Will Reiner see the entire process of my task? If he sees it, I will be too nervous and affect the performance.”


“No, the task commissioner will only see the final result. But there are two points you must remember: first, you need to die at the time you are supposed to. Second, Reiner’s character is serious and rigid; this is a fixed principle. You cannot do things that do not conform to his character.” The little assistant floated up from the table and stopped ten centimeters in front of Lu Heng’s eyes. “Once you violate one of the two above principles, you’ll be eliminated from that plane immediately. Leaving the plane will not only result in a mission failure but will also deduct wages!”


“In fact, I always thought when I was on the job training. According to the butterfly effect theory, changing a person’s method of death will cause a series of chain reactions. Isn’t this not much worse than OOC?”


“From the moment you enter that plane, it will become a parallel plane. As for the issue of OOC, this is professional ethics, simply because the commissioner shouldn’t see a sloppy act.” The little assistant patiently explained to the newcomer and resolved his doubts.


Lu Heng still had some questions that he didn’t understand: “Parallel planes, that has nothing to do with the original world. Is this OK?”


“Forget this stuff, you just need to do your job. There’s no need to think so deeply.” The tone of the little assistant sounded a bit contradictory.


“I know, it’s just like reading a novel with an unsatisfactory ending. At this time, if one can find an ending that suits his desires, their mood would be much happier.” Lu Heng suddenly realized.


“You can understand this as well…”




Lu Heng opened his eyes and caught sight of a cold metal ceiling. According to the information in his mind, the ceiling could be adjusted to various scenes  according to personal preferences. For example, the starry sky, blue skies with white clouds, and for special preferences, could be adjusted into lightning and thunder. However, the owner of this room did not make any changes.


The mattress underneath was not soft at all and might have been very uncomfortable to sleep in, but this special mattress could stimulate every muscle very well. Simply put, it was a mattress that let you exercise in your sleep.


The room in front of him was extremely simple: a bed, a table, a chair, a closet. The only thing special was probably the door with the gravity training room logo. Lu Heng turned around and went into the bathroom to prepare to wash.


The young man who appeared in the mirror surprised him. His long eyebrows and his eyes were slightly raised up. He felt a little stunned. His eyes were like a clear lake. This was Lu Heng’s own face, but it was different. Skin the color of wheat, a glabella with lines due to frequent frowning, a chin with a sharper line… it resembledLieutenant Colonel Reiner’s appearance.


{Little assistant, what’s the situation?} Lu Heng was scared to death and quickly called the task assistant in his mind.


{I don’t know, there is nothing in the database…} The little assistant’s face reflected its ignorance.


{This is the company’s fault. Getting repatriated due to OOC- I don’t want it. This is the first task of my first job…} Lu Heng wanted to cry but had no tears.


{Don’t worry, since you haven’t been repatriated yet, it should have no effect. We have to work with this for now, I will check it out after I return to headquarters.}


Hearing this, Lu Heng sighed. He adjusted his expression in the mirror. One had to say that Lu Heng was very talented. Soon, his gentle appearance disappeared, and in the mirror was the serious and mechanical Lieutenant Colonel Rainer.


Reiner was a very self-disciplined person. In addition to tasks, there was a strict schedule for daily work and rest. After getting up in the morning, there had to be a two-hour long physical training without any rest. Lu Heng, who had taken over the role, also used two hours of combat training to begin the day.






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