Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 16.2

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Chapter 16 Why bother making things difficult for yourself

After eating the coconut milk tapioca pudding, she really thought that sitting here too comfortable. Lou Yao Yao didn’t really want to leave so she ordered double skin milk1.

“Yao Yao.”

Lou Yao Yao propped up her chin and had half-closed her eyes. She was lost in thought, when she suddenly heard a voice call her. She lifted her head to see a woman she didn’t want to see at all.

Lou Qing Qing who dressed simply and presented herself as she was2, said with a light smile, “Originally you were here. I looked for you a long time.” Her tone was exceptionally amiable. It seemed like the two people were close friends. It seemed as though their fight and being slandered by Lou Yao Yao not too long ago had never happened.

“Why are you looking for me?” Lou Yao Yao raised her head and looked at her. Her face didn’t have any expression.

Lou Qing Qing appeared to not feel her indifference. She still smiled mildy and said “This weekend you didn’t return home. So Auntie had me deliver a package.”

Glancing at the package that Lou Qing Qing placed on the table, Lou Yao Yao indifferently said, “Thank you.”

Lou Qing Qing seemed very shocked that she would say thanks. The mask on her face even cracked for a moment. She looked at Lou Yao Yao with some astonishment.

Lou Yao Yao took the package on the table then said to Tan Qin,” Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Tan Qin tidied up her books and politely nodded to Lou Qing Qing as she got up. Then she left the cold drinks shop with Lou Yao Yao.

Lou Yao Yao didn’t care about this meeting. Because to her, Lou Qing Qing was an immaterial person. The gratitudes and grudges from her previous life had already died along with their deaths along with her feelings towards Lou Qing Qing. She didn’t think of her as a older sister any more. There was nothing else than loathing. There was no need to continuously remember the people one loathed. Then one wouldn’t be able to find one’s own happiness.

As her old rival, Lou Qing Qing could clearly sense Lou Yao Yao’s change. She looked at the two girls holding hands and leaving with her fingernails practically buried in her palm. She suddenly felt like her heart was empty, as though something were important was slowly leaving.

Tan Qin turned her head to glance back at her and saw Lou Qing Qing looking lost, standing there looking at them.

Showing a faint smile, Tan Qin retracted her gaze.

Women would forever understand each other better than men.

Men would look and see her delicateness, her grievances. Tan Qin looked and saw her scheming, her idiocy.

She provoked Lou Yao Yao to anger in order to make her look unreasonable and unruly. What seemed like a few accidental sentences vaguely disclosed some information. That Lou Yao Yao’s reputation was so notorious was not unrelated with Lou Qing Qing “accidentally” disclosed words.

Yet, Lou Qing Qing thought of herself as clever. Actually she was very stupid. If it was her, in such a family, she would do her best to maintain her relationship with Lou Yao Yao. She wouldn’t try to use her inferior status to try to enter social circles that were many levels higher than her.

Draw back a step, even if she didn’t have a good relationship with Lou Yao Yao, with her grades, why should she stay in the student association to gain a good reputation? With that time she could have multiple jobs. Wouldn’t that let her live innumerable times better than she did now?

Besides, it would also pave the road for her future career.

To say it coarsely, with her face, she didn’t have to worry about food or clothing.

But, to the contrary, she refused to let go of her hatred of Lou Yao Yao.

What importance did it have? To make things so difficult for herself, what advantage did it have?

Tan Qin lowered her eyes. She truly treasured her pure friendship with Lou Yao Yao. Originally, she was worried that Lou Yao Yao would be planned by that woman. Now she saw that Lou Yao Yao wouldn’t be. In fact, recently Lou Yao Yao had changed greatly. However, being like this was good. After all, her family wasn’t in this city. After graduating, she wouldn’t have many opportunities to meet up with Lou Yao Yao.

At that time, even if she wanted to help she would be unable to do so. Now that Lou Yao Yao herself could see through people, that was the best result.

Besides……….Tan Qin looked at the person beside her whose face always seemed to have her emotions written on her face. Lou Yao Yao did what she pleased. In her heart, she envied that a little.

Besides, at her side, she had one, one person who never abandon her.

Moreover, they seemed to have a result.

Would being a naive woman be more happy?

Perhaps. However, innocence wasn’t something every woman could have.
Because, undoubtedly, behind every naive woman was a courageous man giving her naivety.


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  1. Tan Qin is pretty darn right tho, while spoiled brats are really hateful, the ones who should get blamed are their parents for not raising them right 😛

  2. Wow, loved this chapter. Seeing Tan Qin’s view on Lou Yao Yao and the people around her is great. Definitely the best kind of friend to have. Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thank you for the chapter Translator-sama FirePegasus! !

    TQ is such a good friend! I’m glad that at least YY have 1 good friend.

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