Every Vicious Woman Needs a Loyal Man Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 11.2 — No need to be ambiguous

She hadn’t even finished walking halfway when she felt a few drops of rain fall on her face. She hadn’t even walked very far.

June’s weather constantly changed. One moment the weather would be good; instantly, the next moment would be a downpour. Lou Yao Yao hadn’t responded when pitter-patter, raindrops fell on her body. She was instantaneously wet. When Lou Yao Yao responded, she immediately broke into a mad dash. She ran a while before she found a place to shelter her from the rain.

Finally when she had run over, she saw that guy who had endlessly pestered her also run over. When he approached, he saw Lou Yao Yao’s unhappy vision. He flung back his hair and smilingly said, “Senior, I didn’t pursue you here. There aren’t any rules that say I can’t take shelter from the rain here.”

Other than him, there were many students who ran here to take shelter from the rain. After all, this downpour was too sudden. Lou Yao Yao hugged her bag to her chest, walked away a little and ignored him. Today, she had let down her hair. The rain had plastered it all over her face. Even without looking, she knew she looked very distressed. She pushed the wet hair that was blocking her line of sight out of the way. Then, she idly looked at the rain. The entire curtain of rain seemed like it had turned into lines of rain. It was a rather magnificent scene. The bean-sized drops of rain pounded pitter patter on the ground. The wind brought a slight chill to blistering hot summer. But, the wind was really too strong. The small trees by the roadside were all bent in the middle by the wind. It was good that she hadn’t worn a skirt today.

Lou Yao Yao extended a hand to feel the raindrops. The raindrops falling in her palm were a little ticklish. In her mind, she estimated that Qin Zhi would quickly arrive, so she wasn’t worried at all. This was the only place to go in and out of the school. When Qin Zhi arrived, he would definitely be able to see her. While she was waiting for Qin Zhi, Tang Qin called to ask her whether or not she needed a umbrella. Lou Yao Yao refused gratefully.

That “small” male student actually tactfully didn’t disturb her. He just continuously stared at her, seemingly pondering over something. However, Lou Yao Yao didn’t have the least desire to know about it.

Suddenly, an umbrella extended over Lou Yao Yao’s head. Lou Yao Yao who was in a daze, realized that her surroundings had become darker and raised her head.

“You’ve waited a very long time.” That voice sounded like a gust of cool breeze. Because of this voice, her heart which was somewhat restless because of the muggy weather, suddenly calmed down.

Lou Yao Yao seemed as if she had not heard the voice. This curtain of rain was very familiar. In the summer of her 17th year, it had also rained like this. She had been standing in her school’s entrance, waiting for Qin Zhi to pick her up. She had idly looked at the rain scenery in a daze. Suddenly, this person crashed into her world like this. She had waited for 10 years because of him.

It was because she was too young at that time. Her head was filled with too many fantastical dreams. It was obviously a very simple scene, but it had been automatically processed by her impossibly stupid brain. In that moment, it seemed as though she couldn’t hear any sound. Rain was falling very slowly. She could see the path of every raindrop falling. She raised her head to see the person who had placed the umbrella over her head.

That feeling, using a rather literary sentence was: It seemed as if the entire world had changed colors.

Now remembering it, it had all been in her mind. Looking down, Lou Yao Yao tauntingly thought that perhaps this was fate. From where everything had first started, now it would end.

The male student who was looking at Lou Yao Yao in a daze, frowned at the male student who had suddenly appeared. He raised his voice to ask, “Senior, is he your boyfriend who lets you have no need for pursuers?”

He was just ordinarily handsome and wasn’t as handsome as him. The smile on his face was extremely fake, did he really think he was a prince? He was somewhat disappointed. He didn’t think that the Senior who he had settled on would like this kind of man. Chen Hao glanced at him. He didn’t agree but nor did her deny it. His impregnable gentle smile still hung as before on his face. “Let’s go, Yao Yao.”

However, Lou Yao Yao didn’t move. She looked at him, seemingly looking through him. She was looking at a more distant place. Afterwards, she looked at place very far away from him. A person was opening an umbrella and slowly walking towards here. It was too far away. His appearance wasn’t very clear. However, to Lou Yao Yao who was very familiar with his every move, it was exactly the same as before. However, this time, she hadn’t forgotten that there was still a person waiting for her.

Lifting her head, Lou Yao Yao looked straight into Chen Hao’s eyes. She showed a mocking smile and spoke unhurriedly, clearly despising him, “Him? He doesn’t match me! ! “

After finishing speaking, Lou Yao Yao, despite the heavy rain, ran into the rain. Very quickly, she had run in front of that person. Qin Zhi frowned and pulled her underneath the umbrella. He followed her glance to the two males at that side. Then, he lowered his head and looked rebukingly at Lou Yao Yao. Lou Yao Yao grabbed his arm and smiled flatteringly at him. He helplessly helped her tidy up her hair. He embraced her shoulders and blocked the rain falling on the other side. Then he slowly took her to the entrance.

Lou Yao Yao huddled into his arms and raised her head to look at his face. She had finally moved away from that day. That fictionalized day.

Qin Zhi, this time I won’t let you wait in vain.

In this world, always, there was never a one-sided ambiguousness. Unfortunately, she understood that too late. Fortunately, the Heavens gave her a chance to remedy this.

“It looks like both of us are eliminated.”

He saw the person whom he wanted to see. The male student shrugged his shoulders to Chen Hao and strolled into the rain. Frankly, he hadn’t been joking. Although, he started to endlessly entangle this Senior out of curiosity, and afterwards, her refusal had stimulated his conquering desire, he finally discovered that this Senior’s speech was very interesting. Perhaps being together would be very interesting. Suddenly, he wanted to be serious once. But the other party said she loathed him. There was no need to go again to court a rebuff. She really was heartless to tell a pursuer that she loathed him. She basically didn’t leave any leeway. Besides……..he reckoned she hadn’t even remembered his name.

Really lamentable, he had unexpectedly been passerby A in someone’s life.

Chen Hao didn’t pay attention to him. He just looked at the back of those two people getting further away. His face still had that gentle advertising-type smile on. It was just that the hand holding on the umbrella had fierce blue veins sticking out.

Actually, that wasn’t the first time they had met.

He and Lou Yao Yao had attended the same private school. They had been in the same school from elementary to middle school. It was just that she had never seen him. He had even greeted her many times at gatherings.

That small female student who was pampered by that group of male students. She always shrank behind Qin Zhi’s back. She never paid attention to anyone outside of that group.

That day, he saw her standing beneath the eaves waiting for someone. Unexpectedly, she was looking at him with an unfamiliar look in her eyes. Yet, that look was also familiar. That kind of look, he had already seen it in many female student’s eyes. It was a shocked, infatuated look.

“This is our first time meeting. I am Chen Hao, a junior in class 3. I’ll send you home by car.”
“Thank you. Hello, I am Lou Yao Yao, a sophomore in class 3.”

First time meeting…….He didn’t know why he had said such a lie. Because, that wasn’t their first time meeting. But, she believed it. Then, the matter started to develop in another direction, in the end, who was more sorrowful?

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