Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Along the way, they had passed by many servants whom all of which looked at her with a strange gaze.

Shen Shenxue ignored them. Right now, she was just thinking about how big the mansion was. Only later, would she realise that it was actually a grand, european styled castle.

Claiming the territory, staking himself as King; this man’s arrogance could clearly be seen.

Li Chuan stopped in front of a room. An average looking woman dressed in a servant’s clothing stepped out of it, smiling when she saw Li Chuan.

“Special Assistant Li,” Her eyes locked onto Shen Shenxue’s body, a mix of shock and smiles in her eyes: “This Miss is…….?”

“Somebody new……. En, Sir wanted you to teach her the rules.” Li Chuan glanced at the woman beside him and rubbed his nose, hesitating: “Xiao Wu, can you find some medicine for her?”

“Alright. Then I’ll see you later, Special Assistant Li.” Xiao Wu’s face grew a bit cold seeing the concern in Li Chuan’s eyes, directly asking the other to leave.

“Then I’ll be going. Miss Shen, you……” Li Chuan originally wanted to say something, but in the end he just sighed and left without saying a thing.

After Li Chuan left, Xiao Wu brought Shen Shenxue to a room to settle down before passing her some clothes and some ointment.

“I don’t care who you are but now that you’ve come here, you must follow the rules.” Xiao Wu sat beside her, her posture perfectly straight.

Seeing the clothes and ointment, Shen Shenxue decided to listen to her and turned to look at her, “What rules?”

“There are many rules, you’ll learn them all.” Xiao Wu’s lips curved slightly.

Shen Shenxue: “…….oh.”

Xiao Wu’s face was solemn, as if she was reading some sacred oath: “To sum it up, we can just use one sentence —— the boss is our god, his wish is our command.”

God? What a joke!

If you asked Shen Shenxue, there were no gods on Earth. If you really wanted to insist it, Quan Shi was more like a demon!

“Today is alredy late, so you can just rest for now.” Xiao Wu pointed at the alarm clock next to the bed, “By 5 tomorrow, be out of bed and finish eating, ready to start the day.”

After speaking, Xiao Wu left directly without waiting for her answer.

The earlier needle pricks on her body still hurt, so Shen Shenxue just ran a bath and randomly rubbed the ointment on her face before walking out in a bathrobe.

With the moonlight to see, she looked outside, startled. Outside, it was densely packed with trees as far as the eye could see. This place was actually located right in the middle of a forest.

The sky was already dark and who knew what danger laid out in the forest. Shen Shenxue abandoned her thoughts about escaping outside and just adjusted the alarm clock before lying down on the bed with her eyes shut.

She laid on the bed peacefully, her posture relaxed as if she was just sleeping at home and not imprisoned in a cage.

One hour, two hours…….

She simply lied there motionlessly, as if she was already asleep.

In the monitoring room.

A man’s eyes were fixed on the monitor. Li Chuan wiped his sweat, secretly not understanding what his boss was thinking.

Even if he doubted Miss Shen was a spy, it wasn’t like he could discover anything by watching her sleeping posture, right? It’s already been two hours!


At this moment, the woman who had just been as still as a picture finally moved!

The quilt trembled slightly as she wrapped her entire body in it completely, curling up into a ball, causing a person’s heart to tremble anxiously as they watched. It looked just like a butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon.

The man watching the screen locked his eyes on the ‘cocoon’, an indescribable, suffocating feeling in his heart, choking him until it was hard to breathe.

“Sir…….” Li Chuan sharply discovered his changes and hastily took out a vial of medicine, passing it over to him. After Quan Shi swallowed, he asked cautiously: “Do you want me to go look?”

Quan Shi pinched his forehead and was silent for a long time before finally answering: “No need.”

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