Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Shen Shenxue knew that this was his reply to her previous words about wanting to see how he tasted.

“It’s tolerable, but……” Shen Shenxue’s face returned to its indifferent expression.

After the intense kiss just now, Shen Shenxue’s eyes were currently limpid with unshed tears and her lips were red like spring flowers, forming an undescribable, ambiguous air. Even the wound on her cheek seemed particularly bewitching.

Seeing the growing lust in Quan Shi’s eyes, she pushed him and straightened her clothes, creating some distance between them. She slowly opened her lips to speak, her voice languid and arrogant.

“I will never sleep with the same man twice.”

The desire in Quan Shi’s eyes retreated as the dangerous light within them reappeared. He had wanted to treat her better as the fairer sex, but she had once again angered him.

“Oh?” His long legs strided forward, closing the distance. He pinched her neck, an evil air around him like that of a demon’s. “Then how many men have you slept with?”

“Cough… how would I…… remember that……” As Quan Shi tightened her grip, she had less and less air in her lungs. She struggled fiercely, and stubbornly continued to provoke him, “Probably… the same…… cough, cough… amount of people you’ve killed……”

Watching her face gradually turn red and her struggles growing weaker and weaker, Quan Shi suddenly just realised his mood had gone out of control. He subconsciously let go of her neck.

What did the number of men she slept with have to do with him?

Why was his heart so irritable and pained, feeling as if he was about to go mad, like he wanted to kill someone?

He secretly took a deep breath and closed his eyes, not opening them until his mood settled again. He waved his hand, “Somebody come!”

“Sir, what are your orders.” Li Chuan suddenly appeared.

“It’s you?” Ordinarily, Li Chuan wouldn’t be called for such trifling matters so he was somewhat surprised when he saw him appear. He didn’t pay any more attention and ordered, “Bring her to Xiao Wu and have her learn the rules.”

Learn the rules? This……

Li Chuan glanced at Shen Shenxue on the floor with some pity.

Quan Shi turned and overlooked Shen Shenxue who was on the floor, his voice cold: “From now on, you are my servant. Before you’ve learned how to speak, you’d best not appear before me…… if there’s anything you need to say, find Li Chuan.”

After speaking, he didn’t give her another glance as he turned around and exited.

Shen Shenxue was somewhat startled by his sudden change in attitude.

Li Chuan walked in front of her and gave her his hand, “Miss Shen, let’s go.”

Shen Shenxue didn’t look at him and stood up by herself. She smoothened out her dress and gestured at Li Chuan to lead the way.

She didn’t try to argue or continue to provoke others. From some rumors she had heard, it was enough to confirm that Quan Shi was somebody who kept their word.

She had exited the wolf’s den only to run into the cave of a tiger. 1

Servant? She smiled mockingly. What an interesting word.

“Miss Shen, Sire’s temperament isn’t very good so it’s best to not provoke him.” Seeing Shen Shenxue’s calm face, Li Chuan couldn’t help but advise her, “If you just follow him, he won’t treat you badly. After all, you are his first……”

“Li Chuan, was it?” Shen Shenxue interrupted him, her footsteps halting. “You’ve investigated me?”

He had called her “Miss Shen”, not the name “Miss Lilith” whom everyone knew her as.

“Of course. I have to investigate everyone who nears the boss.” Li Chuan looked at her and paused before speaking softly, “Furthermore, I remember you.”

“You, four years ago……”

“Shut up!” Shen Shenxue suddenly raised her voice, her eyes wide and limpid as her chest heaved up and down. After finally calming herself with great difficulty, she spoke again, her voice icy: “It’s not any good karma. It’s better not to reminiscence it.”

Four years ago, four years ago. Just thinking of it was enough to make even her bones feel cold. That was the worst time of her entire life.

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