Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Have her face cut disfigured?

There was no women in the world that would hear the worlds “disfigured” and remain entirely unconcerned, especially a beautiful woman. Shen Shenxue’s eyes glazed over for a second and then smiled self-mockingly.

Molly’s work was always very “thorough”. By ruining her and then sending her to Boss Fu to deal with, it seemed to be for appleasing Boss Fu’s anger, but in fact it was actually to prevent her from begging forgiveness to Boss Fu using her face and take revenge in the future.

But if it’s just destroying her face and she could be free in exchange, why would she refuse?

Even though the final outcome wasn’t as she expected, Boss Fu had always been soft hearted towards women. With her appearance ruined, she’ll definitely be let go of and she would inevitably get her freedom back.

Thinking of it this way, she looked at the so-called “staff member” walking towards her and closed her eyes as calmly as she could, urging herself to not be afraid of the cold light gleaming from the knife.

“Do it!” Molly ordered coldly.


The tightly closed door was suddenly kicked open with a bang, a black clothed man with an icy and imposing manner quickly walking in. The knife holding man’s hand shook with fear, the blade slashing a slight imprint of a crescent moon on Shen Shenxue’s face.

Immediately after her face began to sting with pain, the knife fell to the ground with a sharp, crisp sound. Shen Shenxue opened her eyes and saw the black clothed man roughly throwing Molly to the side.

After throwing away the hinderance, the man looked at Shen Shenxue, an unknown emotion flickering past his eyes as he softly asked: “You alright?”

For a few moments, Shen Shenxue was stunned. She knew this man; Li Chuan, Quan Shao’s trusted aide.

It seems that she and Quan Shao truly had an ill-fated relationship that was ordained to never be easily settled.

Sensing he was being meddlesome, Li Chuan’s heart turned icy and gestured at the black clothed man beside him, “Carry her and go!”

From when she got on the boat until now, Shen Shenxue had never gotten a chance to drink a single drop of water or to even close her eyes. She had been ravaged in the guest room 419 and her body was unwell. Her strained mental state finally reached its limit and so when the black clothed man carried her, she simply closed her eyes and fainted.

In any case……

It’s already come to this, so she could no longer hide.


They travelled all the way to the remote suburbs of the city, into a huge forest so tall that it covered up the sky and sun. Finally, they arrived at an European styled castle, standing imposingly within the forest.

When Shen Shenxue opened her eyes again, she was splashed by a bucket of cold water.

She lied weakly on the ground. The first thing she saw were two high quality, custom made, men’s leather shoes followed by two perfectly straight and tall, slender legs before finally arriving at his peerlessly handsome face, a dangerous light in his eyes.

“Awake?” His mellow, rich voice rang out.

Shen Shenxue ignored him and leaned to the side, trying to stand up.

The corners of Quan Shi’s lips curved as he watched her pay him no attention. His eyes were icy but curious as he stepped forward, stepping on Shen Shenxue’s hand before grinding his foot maliciously.

“Is this how Young Master Quan treats the benefactor that saved his life?” Shen Shenxue gasped in pain as she raised her head to look at him, sneering.

“Right, I actually forgot that you’re still my saviour, huh…….”

Quan Shi nodded, empthizing the word ‘saviour’ as he moved his foot away. He crouched down and pinched her chin, leaning in a little.

The two’s breaths mingled, so close as if they were about to kiss.

Shen Shenxue blinked, not avoiding his gaze in the slightest as she attempted to find a trace of familiarity in his eyes.

However, there was nothing.

The current Quan Shi was arrogant and conceited, filled with malicious intent. He was no longer that rebellious, warm youth that she had known.

Shen Shenxue lowered her eyes. Nobody could see the dull pain in her chest.

“Tell me, what sort of Immortal Sect did you come from, my ‘saviour’?” Quan Shi’s voice was very low, dangerously bewitching.

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