Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

“Shut up!”

Recalling that woman’s clear and arrogant gaze and also that “You’re not worthy”, Quan Shao didn’t believe the line between those who loved him and not was so ambiguous.

After returning, that damn woman had always been hovering in his mind. Her well-endowed, wonderful body, beautiful complexion, cold yet charming and gentle eyes. Furthermore, there was that unrestrained and humiliating affair that was like a phantom lingering inside his heart, impossible to get rid of.

He was in no way completely bewitched by just one woman but when he thought of that woman of unknown origins just straightforwardly completing her objective towards him before leaving while he had no idea of her plans, the layers upon layers of doubts made it impossible for it to not linger in his mind.

“Have her brought over here for me.”

“Brought over…… here?”


“Yes, understood Sir!”


Shen Shenxue’s back was naked, lying belly down on a special broad bench under a soft, oxen-furred pin cushion as sharp stabs of pain came from her back. She frowned, but didn’t making a sound.

“Don’t you know what kind of person Boss Fu is? Through around 10 years he built his whole career out of nothing until he got to his current power and status today. Countless women wished that they could throw themselves up on such an diamond bachelor, him desiring you is your blessing!”

Seeing the tiny droplets of blood seeping through Shen Shenxue’s snowy white back, Molly’s eyes were filled with fury, her regretful voice scolding: “And you? Not only did you not grasp such a good opportunity, you even hit this male deity unconscious!”

“Molly, you’re too noisy.” Shen Shenxue’s face was expressionless as she spoke.

She rested her chin on her hand and frowned slightly. She should’ve already been used to this kind of pain, but she still found it hard to endure.

“Lilith, am I spoiling you too much?” Seeing her still dare to talk back, Molly was so angry that she actually laughed, grabbing a thin needle and smiling coldly, “Then I’ll just have to teach you…… what is called rules!”


She was suddenly pricked with a thin needle. The sharp pain spread throughout all the nerves in her body. Shen Shenxue couldn’t help but gasp in pain as a few drops of sweat appeared on her forehead, her toes curling in pain.

Satisfied at her reaction, Molly raised her head and prepared to prick her again.

“Molly!” Shen Shenxue shouted at her and difficulty resisted the pain to speak, “If you prick me again, my back won’t be able to be exposed again for a very long time.”

Molly had always cherished her body even more than herself so even if it was the strictest punishment, it’d only be the smallest prick of a needle. After all, if it left a conspicuous scar, they wouldn’t be able to accept any movies that needed to show some skin or endorsement and would lose a chance to make money.

But this time, Molly seemed to remain unmoved.

“And what about that?” Molly provokingly raised a brow and pinched her chin, eyes shining with a malicious light, “You think you’ll still have another chance to even appear on the tv screen again?”

Molly’s sharp fingernails scratched open her cheeks. Facing Molly’s terrifying glare, Shen Shenxue’s heart shook with nervousness and simultaneously, an indescribable sense of excitement.

Last night, she still, in the end, simply couldn’t accept having skinship with another man again and while she was struggling, she had accidentally knocked Boss Fu out. Who knew what consequences this would bring and what kind of terrible revenge will befall them.

Molly planned to completely abandon her.

But for Shen Shenxue, “abandoning” also meant “releasing”. After all these years with no freedom at all, will it finally be over?


Shen Shenxue forcibly repressed the excitement in her heart and looked up askance at Molly. A conjecture appeared in her heart; for this, she probably had to pay some sort of cost.

“How beautiful of a face ah……” Molly ruthlessly pinched Shen Shenxue’s chin with a sinister smile, “What a pity, such a beautiful face, but you’ll never just be obedient and keep on courting disaster.”

“Somebody come! Have her face cut disfigured and send it to Boss Fu as an apology. Her whole person will be given to him to deal with!”

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