Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Her jade like voice was beautiful, clear and cold with a peaceful air to it, similar to snowy, cold plum flowers. Without even needing to turn his head, Boss Fu already knew who it was.

The bright moon whom all men stared at, sighing.

“Of course it’s because the beautiful Miss Lilith heartlessly never went to find a certain Fu.”

A common, ordinary greeting was received with such an emotional answer, as if stemming with deep love and loneliness. It made one’s heart beat without reason, causing their imaginations to roam.

Shen Shenxue thought, if she was also an ordinary, innocent and guiltless young girl, it’d probably be very likely that she’d be bewitched by this old fox.

He truly deserved being known as a legend, the most understanding and tactful Boss Fu.

Shen Shenxue currently had no mood to slowly flirt. Right now, Quan Shao was alone in Boss Fu’s territory. Even though the two men haven’t become enemies yet, it was hard to fathom a person’s mind and she didn’t dare to be certain that Boss Fu would treat him with due respect.

“Is the ball already finished?”

Without explaining why she had disappeared, Shen Shenxue stretched her fair arm and smiled reservedly, “Didn’t Boss Fu say, he wanted to ask me for a dance?”

Boss Fu fixed his gaze on her before suddenly gripping her hand and pulling her into his bosom, infatuatedly breathing in her fragrant hair.

Her body was already uncomfortable in a few certain places and after suddenly being wrapped up in an unfamiliar man’s smell, Shen Shenxue subconsciously resisted. She pressed his hands against Boss Fu’s chest, wanting to push him away.

“Don’t refuse me, Lilith.” Boss Fu pushed her against the ship’s railing, a somewhat dangerous light appearing in his eyes as he tried to kiss her, “As soon as you boarded this ship, there was already no way out.”

Shen Shenxue’s heart thumped.

His words were right. She wasn’t a little girl who didn’t understand the ways of the world and naturally knew what it meant when she decided to board the ship.

Boss Fu was a famous “gentleman”, somebody who loved to play but never bed. This was the first time he had personally pursued somebody and by boarding Boss Fu’s cruise ship, it meant that she had already agreed tacitly. Once she came back ashore, she would already be branded as Boss Fu’s woman.

Shen Shenxue turned her head to avoid the kiss and looped her arm around his neck, her eyes seeming to carelessly wander towards the top floor of the cruise ship.

Which was naturally, Boss Fu’s private room.

“Clever.” Boss Fu understood her meaningful glance and smiled knowingly, stooping over to carry her as he walked up the stairs.

Hugged in Boss Fu’s bosom, Shen Shenxue’s gaze searched downwards. When they eventually turned around the corner, she finally saw Quan Shao’s slowly climbing figure and couldn’t help but release a sigh of relief.

She raised her eyes and stared at the man she had so long carefully planned for, the corners of her lip curling into a cold smile.


“Is it settled?”

A man reclined on his gold engraved throne, the bathrobe half opened. His face was outstandingly handsome, with pitch black pupils just like the dark night as he stared at the wine swirling in his crystal glass.

“Replying to Sir, the spy has already been found and administered the proper punishment. The entire manor has been completely cleaned; a scandal broke out in the Wang Group and its stocks continue to fall, waiting for Sir to handle it.”

Li Chuan bowed, his eyes lowered as he respectfully reported in full focus.

“En, you finished the task well.” Quan Shao lightly pursed his lips as he took in a sip of red wine before asking another question, “Did you find out what the relationship between what happened earlier and Fu Jichen?”

“Replying to Sir, Fu Jichen shouldn’t have known anything, it’s……”

“Ah, I also thought so.” Quan Shao interrupted him, his expression unreadable, “If what happened this time was really done by Fu Jichen, he wouldn’t allow me to come out unscathed like this.”

“Sir……” Li Chuan felt ashamed. It was all due to his negligence that caused his superior to fall into danger.

“Stop being so sullen, Li Chuan. I have no time to comfort you.”

Quan Shao drained the cup in one gulp and pulled his bathrobe, seeming somewhat jittery “What about that woman?”

“It was Mo City’s famous socialite Lilith and it’s said that recently, Fu Jichen has been very interested in her.” Li Chuan’s research with Quan Shao’s description was very efficient and found other relevant info. He also thought it was somewhat strange——

“But so far, I still haven’t found out which party and influence she belongs to. Maybe……”

Speaking until there, Li Chuan carefully peeked at Quan Shao before speculating: “She’s could be one of those women who likes you……”

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  1. This is becoming more and more interesting, especially SSX!! Who is she, really….and I wonder how she’s going to get out of the situation with this Boss Fu, or is she really going to sleep with him? ?

    And I kind of got the feeling she might possibly be reincarnated?? Idk, I’m just speculating lol.

    Thanks for the chapter ???

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