Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter #20

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Chapter # 20

Quan Shi tilted his head to look at her. Her eyes carried a trace of a smile.

This smile was different from the sneer before; gentle and warm, yet carrying a hint of sadness. As if she was carrying the world’s deepest affection.

The smile, inexplicably, gains the trust of people and move their hearts.

Quan Shi couldn’t believe that such a smile could arise from this woman’s face. But yet, at the same time, he felt that only this face could bring upon such a smile.

He too, lifted the corner of his lips as his eyes lit with a fire and slowly said, “Looking at how you were so obedient, even feeding me… On behalf of tasting such fine wine, shouldn’t I satisfy you for a bit?”

“It’s not Master satisfying me…”, Shen Shenxue shook her head. She latched onto him and whispered thickly into his ear, “It was my scheme that worked.”

Her lips glazed across his cheeks before landing onto his lips.

Quan Shi did not reject her. Instead, he used his hand to support Shen Shenxue’s head, allowing them to further intertwine. 

The two of them neglected the fact that there are many other spectators in the room— Wang Jun Sheng cursed in hate, the female servants gave shots of jealousy, and Quan Shi’s subordinates had dumbfounded and embarrassed expressions. 

The two on the throne continued to tangle, their breath mingling under their noses and trespassing into each other’s domains.

 Unwilling to separate.

As if their battle got caught up in a stalemate, neither were willing to retreat nor admit defeat.

To them, this was a battle. But to outsiders, this was clearly an act of desire that burned with passion.

Wang Jun Sheng felt the blood rushing up to his mouth and ears. His ears were buzzing as everything before his eyes started to become a blur.

Blurrily making out the pair of intertwining silhouettes, the burning lust and desire in his chest turned into hatred and abruptly burst free of its binds. Picking up a decorative gold statue from the neighboring table, he swings with all his might at Quan Shi’s head—


This time, before Quan Shi could even react, Shen Shenxue had already shifted her body to block him.

With a muffled “thump”, the statue had slammed into her right temple.

Quan Shi could only feel his breathing gradually becoming sluggish as a wave of blunt pain washed over him, as if his heart was seized by a pair of hands that aimed to violently tear it apart.

Red blood starts to ooze from Shen Shenxue’s wound, following down her face to her cheeks. Her white porcelain skin, now accented with scarlet, in fact causes her to seem even more seductive.

Yet she herself appeared to be unaware of it and proceeded to support herself with the throne’s armrest, allowing that scarlet, red, blood to drip down onto the exquisite, black, suit of Quan Shi’s.

The sound of dripping was clear and distinct, so much to the point that Quan Shi could not even hear the loud curses that poured from Wang Jun Sheng’s mouth as his subordinates continued to beat him up.

He watches Shen Shen Xue; those eyes of hers that were as clear as crystal, those eyes of hers that revealed all of her emotions— were now gone without a trace.

He heard Shen Shenxue’s distinct yet powerful voice 

“I love you. Do you dare to believe?” 

Quan Shi felt a tug at his heart, as if something had suddenly made his once dead heart, still with loneliness, alive once again. It throbs intensely, melting away the ice in his heart, allowing warm blood to flow throughout his body.


The throbbing sounds could be heard by Quan Shi. Even so, he did not dare to confirm that it was the sound of his own heartbeat.\

A loud voice hollers at him in his mind: Don’t believe her! This woman is playing tricks again! She’s making use of her injury to make you softhearted! 

Softhearted. But from when was it, that this word could be used to describe him again?

Seeing signs of fear and lost in Quan Shi’s eyes, Shen Shen Xue revealed something seemingly close to a sly smile and finally, unable to hold on to her conscious any longer, she fainted.

Quan Shi hurriedly went up to catch her, holding her in his embrace as the warm body temperature made his heart trembled. 

He looked towards Wang Jun Shen with eyes that carried the coldness of the depths of hell. And with an icy tone that carried not a trace of emotions, “Cut that thing into pieces and feed it to the dogs!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Just as the subordinates were about to carry Wang Jun Sheng out, Quan Shi stopped them. His eyes were filled with a viciousness that could not be concealed.

“Don’t let him die easily. I still have many good things waiting for him.”


Once his subordinate responded and had Wang Jun Sheng dragged out, the room and hallway reverberated with Wang Jun Sheng’s terrified voice: “No, no

“Li Chuan!” Quan Shi called out as he watched Li Chuan enter. Even he himself did not notice that his voice was shaking. 

“Call for the doctor! Quick!”

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