Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

This call of “Master” resembled a cat’s way of acting coquettishly, making Quan Shi’s heart skipped a beat. Only when he continued to look into her eyes, then he realized that she had yet to recall the mockery in her eyes. This gave him a familiar sense of danger.

Sure enough, a wild cat is still a wild one indeed.

The sudden change in becoming more obedient and clingy was only for the sake of revealing one’s claw.

“Good little kitty~”

Quan Shi extended his hand, pulling Shen Shenxue closer to him. Deep eyes firmly fixed onto hers, hoping to see her lose her calm and reveal her true self.

Shen Shenxue calmly met his gaze.

Her eyes were jet black yet bright, reflecting the glow of the stars in the silent night.

Quan Shi couldn’t help but be dazzled.

“Slut! You’re actually under Quan Shi!” At this moment, a loud outburst rang out.

Wang Jun Sheng sobered from Quan Shi’s kick. He was looking at Shen Shenxue’s face, trying to endure the pain that was screaming out from his whole body.

Could it be that they knew each other?
Quan Shi looked towards Shen Shenxue, yet he saw that her gaze did not have a single trace of familiarity. Her eyes were dangerously cold as she spoke: “So what if I am? So what if I am not?”

“You slut, you dare to betray me?! And I even treated you so well!”

“I intentionally brought you out to see the world, introduced you to prestigious people, and yet you treated my affection as nothing…..Did you also fall for him?”

Wang Jun Sheng flushed red, evidently to have reached his bottom line. He could only curse in rage in order to divert his mind somewhere else. “Did you think he is a good person? That year, he…..”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Wang Jun Sheng was kicked by the mouth. Immediately, he choked fiercely on his teeth and blood.

As he coughed, he indignantly pointed at Shen Shenxue and asked: “Was it you that gave him the intel? Was it? Otherwise, he would have already….”

Shen Shenxue looked at Wang Jun Sheng emotionlessly.

Phrasing in such a pleasant way, bringing her out to see the world? He was merely using his family background to pressure her into attending the banquet as his partner.

Nevertheless, it was fortunate that it was only that one time. It was because he was under the influence of the alcohol that he leaked out his plans to plot against Quan Shi, thus allowing her to rush in at the crucial moment.

Hearing until this point, Quan Shi’s eyes seemed to have a trace of astonishment.

So it turned out that she had found out about it accidentally and rescued him.

It’s just that, Quan Shi was even more bewildered. Why would she do that?

He slightly narrowed his eyes, sizing up the woman in front of him.

Was it due to admiration? No, that proud and taunting look shouldn’t come from it. It would be more accurate to say that she had ulterior motives. But what would it be?

As before, Quan Shi did not take the wine glass. Shen Shenxue who still held on to it was already starting to feel her hands turn sore.

Quan Shi’s gaze gave off a sharp intention, as if a knife was about to penetrate her head and see through her thoughts.

Shen Shenxue understood what Quan Shi was thinking about. However, she did not mind and once again, tried to hand him the wine glass.

Quan Shi stared into her eyes and suddenly chuckled out,

“Feed me.”

“Yes, my master.”

Despite her response, Shen Shenxue did not try to pass him the glass anymore. Instead, she downed the glass in one gulp.

Under the frightened looks of everyone, she walked up and cupped Quan Shi’s face, before kissing him.

The place where both lips touched, the cold liquid slowly flowed into Quan Shi’s mouth. His eyes flickered, this woman unexpectedly used her mouth to pass me the wine.

Once no more wine was left to pass, Shen Shenxue restrained herself from licking Quan Shi’s lips before moving close to his ears. She gave out a warm breath by his ear, and the faint scent of alcohol brought up heat from his abdomen.

“You asked what motive do I have……” An irresistible voice rang out.

“Master, my goal, is you.”

The voice was as mild as spring drizzles, yet it was undoubtedly straightforward and undeniably determined as though it was from one from a god above.

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