Young Master Quan, How Have You Been? Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

“Scheme?” Xiao Wu was stunned and suspiciously looked at Shen Shenxue.

Xiao Wu was hesitant. She was unsure if Shen Shenxue was lying.

However, considering Sir’s special attitude towards her, she dared not to neglect it. To prevent Sir from getting interrupted from his work(?), she could only let Shen Shenxue wait there while she went to report it first.

In the spacious hall, Quan Shi reclined on the throne.

The reflection on the gold sculpture beside him, showed a cold and harsh face, much like a god which could not be offended.

A slight smile emerged from the corner of his mouth, as he glanced lazily into the middle of the hall. A slight hint of disdain could be seen in his serene eyes.

Wang Jun Sheng laid on the floor, panting heavily while his legs trembled, desperately pleading: “Quan Shi, let me go…please give me a woman..let me go…”

Ten minutes ago, the drug that was used on Quan Shi before was forced down his throat continuously.

At that moment, his eyes burned with desire, as though a flaming heat was flowing through his blood, almost bursting out with nowhere to go. However, he could not be relieved of the sensation.

What made the feeling more unbearable was the fact that he was surrounded by more than a dozen alluring maids, who came up from time to time to seducingly touch him.
Just as he was about to grab one of them to satisfy his lust, he was shoved back again by two powerful hands.

At that moment, Wang Jun Sheng had realized he would rather choose death over life. However, much like a stranded fish, stranded he could only struggle in vain.

After Xiao Wu walked in, she dared not take another look at Wang Jun Sheng but went straight to Quan Shi and repeated exactly what Shen Shenxue said.

Quan Shi eye’s gleamed with coldness. Did she finally decided to confess or does she have any malicious intentions?

Whichever it was, he had no reason to refuse her request to meet.

Quan Shi laid his hands on the armrest of the throne and tapped on it slightly. With a playful curvature in the corner of his mouth, Quan Shi said in a deep voice, “Bring her here.”

Xiao Wu breathed a sigh of relief and quickly brought Shen Shenxue to the door.

Throughout the conversation, Wang Junsheng was still struggling with his breathing. The maids were still teasing him, their flaunty voice echoing throughout the room.

Shen Shenxue briefly glanced at the ground, then looked at Quan Shi in the eyes and walked towards him without averting her gaze, as though they were alone in the room.

Since she appeared at the doorstep, Quan Shi’s eyes had locked onto her, not missing even the slightest change in expressions on her face.

Seeing her indifferent expression, it seemed that such scenes were common to her. Quan Shi’s smile faded away and his eyes became deep.

“Woman……Quan Shi, give me a woman….” Wang Jun Sheng uncontrollably rubbed against the floor and repeated his words countlessly

The white skirt drifted past, bringing with it a fragrant wind.

Wang Jun Sheng lifted his head in a rush. The spark in his eyes seemed to have been ignited and burst into flames.

Magnificent! Perfect beauty!

Having lost all reasoning, the lust that was almost bursting out gave him the strength to break away from his shackles and rush towards Shen Shenxue

Everything happened so fast. Wang Junsheng was about to catch her, as if he was planning to tear her apart and eat her…..


Shen Shenxue only felt a dark shadow passing in front of her, bringing forth a gust of wind.
Right after, Wang Junsheng was flown back and fell heavily on the ground. He clutched his chest and groaned in pain.

Shen Shenxue was shocked and realized what had just transpired, but she quickly calmed down and continued towards Quan Shi, welcoming his observing gaze.

“Thank you, Sir…” Shen Shenxue said in a compliant way while she walked to Quan Shi.

“Shh.” Quan Shi stretched out his long arms and held her in them. Whispering in her ear,

“Don’t talk, do you hear me?”

Shen Shenxue was taken aback.


“Here…” Quan Shi’s hand slowly touched her chest and covered her heart. “It’s beating for me.”

The gentle tone, sounded much like a lover’s honeyed words.

Shen Shenxue knew that this seemingly flirtatious way of talking implied a cold warning.

Shen Shenxue nodded slightly. Looking at Quan Shi, “Yes, let it beat for you for a long time.

Quan Shi looked at her with astonishment, he was not convinced with her sudden obedience. However, her unpredictableness that was hidden behind her obedient facade made him more interested.

Turning back and sitting on the throne, Quan Shi lifted his chin. “Pour the wine.”

“ Yes, Sir…” Shen Shenxue meekly responded. She poured a glass of wine and handed it to him.

Quan Shi, however, did not receive it. Half lying on the throne, he pulled her in front of him and stroked her hair. “Little kitty, call me Master.”

Shen Shenxue took a glance at him and lowered her head. Covering the slight smirk at the corner of her mouth.

“Yes, Master.”

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